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The imperial concubine often passes through: it is - Posted By Brooks (brooks14) on 11th Jan 23 at 1:07am
"Princess, it's no use for you to worry any more. He's already in Dayue's barracks and can't be heard!" The sound of banter came from behind the raised curtain. No trace quietly standing there, eyes laughing at the night scene Lan, just smile with a strange! "Who said I was because of him? What are you doing here?" She gave a blank look. "It's strange that you didn't go with him. You should always stand with him at such an important moment!" "He won't let me. I won't stay here if he doesn't let me. It's hard for me to see that the princess doesn't like me!" He could not help but press his heart and look injured. "No?"? You will be so obedient! In my opinion, your traceless childe is the one who can influence Qing Chen! Without the traceless in Xuanyuan Qingchen's side, Dayue was afraid that there was a crisis step by step. Thinking of this, the night scene Lan could not help sighing again. "He let me stay because he was afraid of the princess's health." "I'm fine. You don't have to watch. If you want to go, you can go. You don't have to talk about me all the time." After listening to the traceless words, the night scene Lan's trembling heart was filled with a trace of palpitations. This guy, who wants him to worry so much. She couldn't help chuckling. "Well, since the princess has nothing to do, then there is no trace to go there immediately.". Princess, would you be interested in going with me? He suddenly asked softly. "Me?" Night scene Lan does not understand why traceless at this time will be so asked, but she really want to see Lin Zongyue. Will you let me go? "Well, as long as you don't say I called you when you see Qing Chen, otherwise I will be guilty!" Without a trace, I narrowed my eyes with a bad smile. Eyes inadvertently swept the abdomen of the night scene, suddenly,x60 line pipe, skillfully and quickly turned away the line of sight. "All right, I'll go with you!" Night scene Lan promised, no matter what Xuanyuan Qingchen would say, she must do what she wanted to do. "Is there really no problem with the princess's body?" Once again, he was sure. "Really, let's go!" She put down the heater in her hand, although it was still a little uncomfortable,316 stainless steel plate, but it should be able to hold up! [Provide! ~! Chapter 301 of the main text After some pleasantries, Lin Zongyue asked him to stay in the army. Xuanyuan Qingchen looked at everything Lin Zongyue had prepared for him. He thought he was going to stay with him for a while. Century Chinese The more dangerous the moment is, the more stable Xuanyuan Qingchen is. In the silence of the night, what appeared in his mind at the moment was the figure of the night scene Lan, and at the last glance, her eyes were as bright as stars. The yearning took his heart and pressed the palm of his hand on his heart, suppressing his yearning like a spring. Jing Lan, what are you doing now? With a smile on his lips, Xuanyuan Qingchen relaxed all over, just immersed in his thoughts. Outside the tent, although the hurried footsteps were light, they still entered the ears of Xuanyuan Qingchen. "Brother ~ ~ ~" voice with an incredible tremor, softly shouted, uns s32750 sheet ,x52 line pipe, the voice has not yet fallen, has been running toward Xuanyuan Qingchen. Purr Crouching on his lap, Qiushui cried pitifully, and tears rolled down his face. "Qiushui!" He looked at the man lying on his knees, and finally let go of his momentary worries. "Well, well, don't we meet again? You're sad." He pulled up Qiushui to wipe away her unstoppable tears and said softly. "I, I thought." She kept sobbing, unable to speak, looked up with tears in her eyes and saw the concerned eyes of Xuanyuan Qingchen. She couldn't help smiling again. "Why are you still crying and laughing like a child? There is no qualitative analysis." Seeing her changeable expression, Xuanyuan Qingchen couldn't help joking.
"Don't you blame me, brother?" She wiped away the tears on her face, pure eyes staring at Xuanyuan Qingchen, she has not found the opportunity to explain to him, in fact, there are a lot of things, she inadvertently provoked. The last time the dead were seriously injured, she felt guilty for a long time as she watched them fall into the river! Xuanyuan Qingchen shook his head and said in a low voice, "What do you blame?"? When it comes to blaming anyone, I'm the one who deserves the most death. He stroked Qiushui's long hair in a tone of disappointment. His obsession, has hurt the most beloved person, what is more painful than such a punishment to his heart. "Brother.." It's better that you don't blame me than anything else! She listens to the words of Xuan yuan Qing Chen, the heart that mentions for a long time is put down finally. She knew that, in any case, he was still many years ago, no matter what he did, he would stand in front of her without any complaints, covering everything for her. He grabbed his sleeve and said, "I know you've done a lot for me. You never told me, but now I know everything. My brother and I promise we'll be obedient in the future." Her expression is sincere and firm, take the initiative to hold Xuanyuan Qingchen's hand, big palm with her familiar warmth, she clung her palm to his palm, slender fingers intertwined between his fingers. Brother, it's good to see you. Her slight voice came, she looked up close to Xuanyuan Qingchen's cheek, arm can not help but take the initiative to hook his neck. On her red face, her eyes half closed, she bit her lower lip shyly and raised her face. "It's getting late. Let's talk about it tomorrow." Xuanyuan Qingchen moved her arm away from her neck, intentionally pushed her away, and said lightly. "Brother,316ti stainless steel, I, I am serious." Her voice was small but very serious. She knew very early that there would be such a day. She would always be with him for a lifetime. She didn't care if there was a wedding night. All she wanted was him. Continuing, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and refused to let go. 。