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Topic:Painted First Love
Painted First Love (19th Dec 22 at 3:06am UTC)

In this case Liu Ke will not ask It's just something that has nothing to do with you It's meaningless to know it There's no need to make it difficult for friends Downstairs Liu Ke remembered that he had forgotten to take the cup and asked Chen Yu to wait She went back to the studio by herself Liu Ke passed the fourth studio faintly heard the voice inside originally did not intend to stop until her name floated into her ears she stopped outside the door Separated by a door Pan Linlin put her feet on the stool beside her "Do you know who I met last night" Pretending to be mysterious "Liu Ke's father I met Liu Ke's father" The three girls present had different reactions and two of them were not interested What's wrong with that It's so mysterious that I thought it was a big explosion that's all Forget it Let's go eat I'm starving "Oh don't interrupt will you" The head schoolgirl that wants to listen to gossip very much asks Pan Linlin "Do you know Liu Ke her father" Pan Linlin was very happy that someone wanted to listen to her She grinned and said "Yes have you forgotten" Me Chen Yu and her we three are in the same school my classroom is next to them a corridor "I've seen Liu Ke's father come to school to give her an umbrella several times" The Office & School Supplies head schoolgirl does not let other two schoolgirls chirp she has the patience very much as if sniffed out this inside fierce material flavor "The topic" "I saw her father pulling and pulling with a woman in the street" Pan Linlin recalled "It was more than one o'clock in the morning I stayed up all night in the Internet bar and had nothing to eat I wanted to come out to see if there were any stalls I happened to bump into that scene" As he spoke he grabbed the girl's head and reproduced the pulling scene at that time I can't hear what's being said but I'm pulling more than we are Pan Linlin's words successfully attracted the attention of the other two girls and they chattered *** can it be said "Don't say that the woman may be Liu Ke's mother The couple quarreled" "Noisy in the street" "You're ignorant My parents are always like that" "You two are bored to death" The heart of gossip of head schoolgirl is firm "Pan Linlin you say" Pan Linlin threw out a heavy bomb "I have also seen Liu Ke's mother a very simple person not the flirtatious style last night" As soon as the words came out the atmosphere in the room changed How sexy is it "Come on don't keep me in suspense My stomach won't last long" "The woman was dressed in a very fashionable way with a close-fitting slit dress Here it is" Pan Linlin made a gesture at the root of her thigh While the girl on the side was not paying attention she put her hand into her bag and grabbed a handful of peanuts to eat "Big wavy curls flaming red lips almost 36 E small waist You can imagine that kind of modern girl" The door suddenly opened When Pan Linlin saw the figure at the door she was so frightened that she swallowed the frosted peanuts directly She pinched her throat and coughed until she blushed The other three girls saw Liu Ke and stood up Liu Ke folded his arms and leaned against the door "So concerned about my family's affairs" Several people were too embarrassed to look at her China Suppliers Especially Pan Linlin this will be pulling braids and clasping fingers regret to want to beat themselves Finished completely offended Liu Ke Liu Ke's eyes swept over the four people inside smiling all over his face "Why don't you go to my house" Several people "… …" "No no" "Right right right no no" "Yes you are so curious I'm afraid you can't control yourself and then you will be distracted by my family's affairs which will delay your painting" “……” "It's better to hit the sun than to choose the day Now" The radian of Liu Ke's mouth remains unchanged "Go" The three girls looked at each other in a panic and all ran away Pan Linlin took a slow step and became a frightened bird in an instant Liu Ke does not speak looks at her on the face is smiling in the eye does not have the temperature Pan Linlin was almost scared to cry She clung to the door frame on the other side with trepidation and rubbed out step by step I'm sorry Drop a sentence and run away
Chen Yu leaned on the bicycle to think about things When Packaging & Printing she saw Liu Ke coming down her face was much worse than before She was stunned and asked "What's wrong" Liu Ke said nothing Chen Yu remembered that several girls in the studio were not quite right when they went downstairs with Pan Linlin but also glanced at her here and could not help wondering Is there a conflict Because of what Chen Yu on the way back the brain has been circulating some things did not open the mouth Liu Ke did not speak Their homes are not far away but they are not next to each other and they have to be separated at an intersection In the past Liu Ke would say hello and leave This time when she was approaching the intersection she began to slow down and ride very slowly Chen Yu's heart gave birth to a strange guess tentatively asked "Xiao Ke go to my house to eat at noon" Liu Ke pursed together the corners of the mouth appeared briefly soft It's obviously a relaxed even wishful little expression Chen Yu surprised really like that Xiao Ke now do not want to go home she quickly collected the mood smiled "I show you my copy of the painting you help me analyze" "My mother always misses you too" Liu Ke hung his head and looked at the handlebar of the bicycle "But" "Well I'm starving" Chen Yu patted her on the back "Let's go quickly" Liu Ke hum step on the pedal to keep up with her The vehicle speed returns to normal Chen Yu's family has the habit of eating leftovers that is a lot of everything big bowls and big pots If you can't finish this meal you can eat the next one when it's hot Chen Yu had opposed it before feeling that if the food was too hot it would not be nutritious and Chen's father had also made a small suggestion They were all rejected by the phrase "burn yourself" According to Chen's mother she had suffered from famine and hunger when she was a child She could not forget the terrible feeling She ate more and had a sense of security This time the family temporarily added a pair of bowls and chopsticks and the food was enough to eat Mother Chen likes Liu Ke very much

Topic:Holy Ruins _ 20200211202046
Holy Ruins _ 20200211202046 (19th Dec 22 at 3:06am UTC)

"You let me down!" Lin Nuoyi flatly said this sentence can not see the true thoughts of her heart Xu Wanqing perturbed she felt a little bad because Lin Nuoyi is too smart even if there is no news there is no evidence but there may be some speculation At that moment Linnoy's communicator rang The little girl you sent to pick me up in your car was killed by a rocket on the way and she was very poor This is Chu Feng's words Although Lin Nuoyi had some guesses she did not think it was so serious She turned around and looked at Xu Wanqing The beam of light in her beautiful eyes was like substance Xu Wanqing gave a cry because her eyes were like needles which made her eyes ache and her heart panic At the same time she just heard the words of Chu Feng heart chaos that person really did not die was confirmed How come he wasn't in the car This makes Xu Wanqing fear at the same time but also some resentment why not die if Chu Feng disappeared everything will be wiped clean Some people are always like this and never look for reasons Home & Garden in themselves Mu will save me! Xu Wanqing prayed in her heart that she had done this to help Mu Uncle Qian take her down Don't forget that she is a strange person Use the latest alloy material shackles Lin Nuoyi said calmly Xu Wanqing suddenly froze with a brush her face was pale and there was no blood at all She was frightened and frightened and felt her ears buzzing She knew that only those who had committed unforgivable crimes would be treated in this way and that once the shackles of rare metals were put on them they would not be able to escape and they would eventually be severely punished A slightly fat old man came in benevolent usually very kind but now a little serious loyal to carry out Lin Nuoyi's orders Noi how could you do this to me! Xu Wanqing cried out You are my assistant I trust you in a short period of time can not communicate with the outside world let you help me deal with all kinds of things but you touched my bottom line! Lin Nuoyi looked cold She is tall and extremely beautiful which makes Xu Wanqing jealous but once Lin Nuoyi gets angry she has a kind of coldness that refuses people thousands of miles away which is particularly cool and gorgeous Although Xu Wanqing was very beautiful she felt ashamed of herself She was very afraid Now she was pressed by Lin Nuoyi's momentum and could not say a word Lin Nuoyi waved her hand and asked Uncle Qian to take her away Chu Feng where are you I'll pick you up Linnoy talked to him Have arrived at the county seat "I wanted you to invite me to eat the local specialties but now it seems that I will invite you" Lin Nuoyi said Chu Feng knew that she meant something as if she were apologizing He reported an address Soon after Lin Ruoyi drove a red car to the side of the road and said "Get in" Chu Feng looked at him and said "Red" It doesn't match your coldness I thought your car would be blue "Garrulous as ever" Lin Nuoyi showed a faint smile did not wear a long skirt casual hot pants T-shirts with luxury brand irrelevant China Manufacturers Soon they came to a restaurant It is very peaceful with soothing music crystal chandeliers and marble floors which is not comparable to those in big cities but it is a very good restaurant in the county town It is mainly elegant and clean Out of the car two people walk side by side into the restaurant Chu Feng naturally noticed her kind of hot pants T-shirt simple dress However this kind of casual also highlights her figure 170 centimeters tall a pair of straight and symmetrical long legs white very dazzling What's the matter Linnoy looked at him sideways I haven't seen you for a long time I've been dazzled by you Take a closer look Chu Feng said with a smile What Lin Nuoyi did not do to him was that every time he could say so justifiably that he was honest and that he was a bastard You haven't changed Lin Nuoyi said with a smile she did not hate Chu Feng's character said that they knew each other at the beginning it is precisely because of this At school the average person who would provoke her a group of suitors are cautious lest she be unhappy even because of her cold temperament 90% of the people can not muster up the courage to come forward Only this Chu Feng when he first saw her was such a bastard that he grabbed her seat folded her paper into a plane blew a breath gently in front of her and let it fly out of the window
At that time this person was really hateful but she could not be really angry and finally she became familiar with him Come on let me see if you've changed Chu Feng smiled more brazenly looking up and down from her beautiful face to her snow-white neck and then Health & Medical all the way down Smelly poor sit down! Even if Lin Nuoyi's temperament is cold it's hard to see a smile on weekdays but now he has to turn up the corners of his mouth slightly and put away his cool beauty How beautiful and pleasing it is to smile like this! Chu Feng said helping her pull out the chair and press her shoulders to let her sit down Not far away when Uncle Qian saw it he raised his eyebrows on his slightly fat face but finally pretended not to see anything and looked out of the window leisurely I'm sorry When he sat down Linnoy said softly Come on I'm fine I'm fine It's just a pity for the little girl Chu Feng shook his head Yes I will make it up to her family Lin Nuoyi's good-looking eyebrows are slightly frowned Although she smiles less on weekdays her heart is not cold Chu Feng nodded What other dangers have you encountered these days Asked Linnoy A woman with a vine in her palm a bat a spider four scaly monsters and a group of men with guns have all come to me Chu Feng said carelessly Lin Nuoyi sat up straight with a brilliant beam of light in her eyes She looked at Uncle Qian not far away and said "Keep a close eye on Xu Wanqing No one can get close to her!" "Good!" Uncle Qian turned and went out to order I'll give you an explanation Lin Nuoyi looked at Chu Feng seriously What are you going to do with her Chu Feng asked Linno gathered up her beautiful hair revealing her white forehead and beautiful eyes with a little coldness "She has gone too far" she said "First she will be disqualified" Chu Feng surprised strange people still have a way to abolish

Topic:My powers and magic.
My powers and magic. (19th Dec 22 at 3:06am UTC)
Forget it. At the worst, when you go back, you can say sorry to the guy. If you really can't, you can work there to make up for it. Just as I was about to go back, I suddenly "saw" a caravan! How interesting God help me! I ran quickly to the caravan. 。 Although it was far away, the people in the caravan noticed me immediately. One of the stout men shouted, "Up ahead, who is it?"? Stop, or you'll have to shoot. "Don't shoot," I cried. I am a poor liberator. I lost my way in the desert. I don't know if it's convenient to go with you. "I can't decide," said the strong man. "I have to ask my master for instructions. Wait a minute." The strong man walked to the caravan. Passed a little while, he comes out to say to me again: "Since you are a release person, so excuse me: Where is the destination of your next station?" Without thinking, I said, "My next stop is another city!" " In this way, I was lucky to join the caravan. Through two days of getting along with each other, I know that the big man is Hans, and he is a very cheerful person. This caravan is called the Eagle. It is not only a caravan, but also a mercenary team. This time, the purpose of the Eagle Mercenary Corps is also another city. That's why they let me go with them. This caravan gives me a good overall feeling. Many people are very enthusiastic. But there are a few who think I'm freeloading in the Eagle Mercenary Corps. I didn't say it, but I could see it in their eyes. I said to Hans, "This time, thanks to your Eagle Mercenary Regiment, otherwise I would have died of thirst in the desert.". I am a person who knows how to repay gratitude. But I don't have any money for you now. When I get to another city, I'll find a way to work and pay you back! Hans heard me say, "Oh, you don't have to care about some people's eyes.". I know what kind of person you are. We are helping you this time purely as a moral aid. If we take your money again, won't it become intentional? I shook my head. "Thank you, Hans, but I'll pay you back.". I can't be here to be taken care of by you and eat your food for free. This is not my character for one day. I don't like to be indebted to others. Hans said nothing more. Many people wonder why there is such a thin traveler in this difficult desert. Look at his stature and physical strength, as if he would fall down when the wind blows. How on earth did this man walk into the desert. And how do you survive in the desert? Because I didn't bring water before I entered the caravan. The foreign city is really prosperous. I followed the eagle caravan and saw the gate of the strange city from a distance. It was a very imposing gate. On the top of the gate, there was a huge different character. I asked Hans, why is this place called another city? Hans said, "One day, when you get to another city, you will understand why this city is called another city." I do not give up: "Hans, this is not you do not know it?"? So just give me a pass? "How could I not know," said Hans, unable to withstand my provocation. The so-called strange city, that is, there are many strange things, this strange thing does not only refer to the things in the strange city, inflatable castle with slide , it also includes the people in the strange city, including some folk customs, in short, everything in the different city seems very strange. After the caravan entered the city, I was separated from the caravan. Because I want to make money. As I said, I will pay back the money to the Eagle Caravan, although they did not ask me for it, but what has been promised must be done. Hans said that there were many strange things in the strange city. Why didn't I see anything strange? Is Hans talking nonsense? Looking at all kinds of people, looking at the dazzling array of goods, although many things I have not seen, but I will not feel strange, after all, this is the goods of the other world, if I have seen, it is really strange. A lot of gadgets are quite cute. If you buy one for Qiqi, she must like it very much. I thought to myself, but I didn't dare to buy it. Because I don't have any money now. I'm still hungry at the moment. It's important to make money first. I began to remind myself.
But the big girls passing by the roadside made me look silly. They are all very beautiful. I don't know why, although these girls are not more beautiful than Qiqi, not to mention the beauty of Princess Becky and Princess Ye Xin, even less than one percent, but in their bodies, my eyes can not help but be attracted. Maybe it's the unique fragrance on their bodies, maybe it's the strange clothes on their bodies, or maybe it's a casual action. At this time, if someone pays close attention to it, he will find a very ordinary young man standing in the crowd, which is so conspicuous. Is this man an idiot? No, because this person is Yu Yitian. Wandering around in a strange city for a long time, I saw many new things, new girls, and strange buildings, but there was nothing worth attracting me. Now I am using my brain to think of ways to make money. I thought about it for a long time, but there was no way to make money quickly. I sighed in my heart, why other heroes are so lucky, as soon as they arrive in the other world, there will be a noble person to help them. They never worry about money, they never worry about livelihood. Or even more outrageous, a big gold ingot fell directly from the sky and hit the hero on the head. In this way, the hero made a fortune. Alas, how nice it would be if a big gold ingot fell down at this time? I was thinking about it. Anyway, put on the mask first. In the future, I will no longer show my true face. In this way, at least no one will know that a person named You Tiantian has made a fool of himself. And now all I have to do is play the role of Big Brother Leo. It's also easier. Find a place where there are many people, and then release the golden fighting spirit, naturally there will be a lot of people believe, and then if these people are not too stupid,Inflatable water park on lake, by observing the golden armor on my body, you can understand my identity. The big plan is easy to handle. Basically, it's done like this. It's not very difficult. It's solved slowly. Now we need to solve the livelihood problem quickly.

Topic:Flying Dragon Guide of Wulin Inn V
Flying Dragon Guide of Wulin Inn V (19th Dec 22 at 3:06am UTC)
Suddenly, Guo Ao's fingers were slightly wrong, and he let out a clanging dragon song. Ling Baohe suddenly stood up straight and said with a smile, "Brother Guo really didn't let me down." Guo Ao slowly pulled back his hand and said quietly, "What else do you want to see?"? Would you like to see my swordplay? Ling Baohe shook his head with a smile and said, "It's a pity that my duty is not to kill you, so I can't use my sword.". I just want to have a pot of morning tea here. Why don't you let me be quiet for a while? Guo Ao was silent for a moment and said, "Just drinking a pot of morning tea?" Ling Baohe said leisurely, "After seeing Brother Guo's famous sword, I have no murderous look today. All I have left is bookishness.". You can just boil two pots of good tea and pour it. With these words, he grabbed the teapot on the table and poured it into his mouth. The tea poured so fast that it ran down his face and made him wet all over. Ling Baohe put the teapot down and suddenly bent over his desk and cried bitterly. Guo Ao was dumbfounded and did not know why he was so sad. Ling Baohe wept for a while, then suddenly stood up and said, "The ancients could not help crying whenever they went to a place where mountains and rivers were beautiful.". When I saw the world-famous sword, I often followed the example of the ancients and cried. Brother Guo, don't take it amiss. With these words, he floated outside. His lavender robe was embroidered with flying butterflies, which flew like living things in the beautiful sunshine and surrounded him. I heard a long chant from far away: "Looking for the light fragrance to see the evening light, the autumn scenery of the mountains is faint.". The ibis envies the fish to sleep with its feet bent, and the oriole flies with its wings because of the guest. The sound of the poem disappeared in a twinkling of an eye. The scene in the teahouse seemed to be the end of the song,Jumping castle with slide, and there was no trace left. Guo Ao gazed at the teapot put down by Ling Baohe and was speechless for a long time. Although this man is wild and uninhibited, his cultivation is extremely high. He has tried his sword several times, but he can't measure his martial arts. If you fight with him one day, what are your chances of winning? Wuyang Sword and Qinghe Sword, who can be worthy of the name of the famous sword? Guo Ao suddenly lost confidence in his heart. Looking up at Wudang Gaofeng, he suddenly realized that this trip would be another bloody storm. At that moment, he dared not stay any longer. He ate some beef pancakes in a hurry,large inflatable water slide, but dared not drink. He immediately went up the hill. Wudang Mountain is not less than the room, the air is much more humid, light clothes touch the clouds, and the light haze in the mountain is dyed into light wet. Guo Ao did not care to enjoy the boundless mountain scenery, so he strode to the top of the mountain. Not long after, we arrived at the front gate of Zixiao Palace of Wudang Sect. I saw light smoke curling in the palace, a school of peace. Countless disciples went through the morning class in an orderly manner, without any abnormality. Feeling relieved, Guo Ao said to the two young Taoist priests on duty in front of the gate, "Elder Martial Brothers, please.". I, Guo Ao, am entrusted by the holy monk of Shaolin Temple to see the Taoist Priest Qingxu. The little Taoist priest on the left curled his lips and said, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable water obstacle course, "Would you like to see the Headmaster?"? You are not afraid that the wind will blow your tongue! Headmaster Jinshen, but can you see him casually? Guo Ao frowned. He had been wandering in Jianghu for many years and had read a lot of people. When he saw that the little Taoist priest was making things difficult for him, he was not surprised. He still said, "I was entrusted by the monk of the Shaolin Temple. I must see the master." "Monk of the Shaolin Temple?" Asked the little Taoist? What's the name of the law? Guo Ao was stunned. The situation was critical that day. How could he ask the old monk about his name? Presumably, he must be a Zen master of the "bitter" generation in the temple, so he answered honestly, "I don't know the name of the holy monk, but presumably he must be a Zen master of the" bitter "generation." The two little Taoist priests looked at each other and laughed, "I think you've taken the medicine for fainting. You don't even know your name, so you dare to come here to swindle?"? Go away quickly, make Dao Ye angry, a burst of old fists will knock you down the hill! Guo Ao said angrily, "The Shaolin Temple is on the verge of extinction. I've come to bring reinforcements!"! If the time is delayed, can you afford it? The two little Taoist priests were in a daze. Then they burst out laughing again. "Is the Shaolin Temple on the verge of extinction?"? Do you still want to say that the Demon Sect has been killed at the foot of Wudang Mountain, and even our Wudang Sect has been lost? Guo Ao nodded in awe and said, Exactly! I just met a master of Tianluo Sect in the teahouse at the bottom of the mountain, and Wudang Mountain must be guarded against. The two little Taoist priests laughed even louder.
"Don't you believe me?" Guo Ao said angrily? I have a token! He took out the token given to him by the black-clad old monk of Shaolin Temple from his bosom and handed it over. When the little Taoist priest saw what he said, he didn't dare to believe it too much. He took a look at it and couldn't help laughing! It was rusty, withered and black, with no edge and no blade, like a useless firewood knife. It is said to be a firewood knife, but it is much smaller, just like a toy used by children to cut yellow mud and cut weeds when they play house. It is rotten out of shape, and it seems that it will break into thin pieces when it is pinched casually, just like it has just been picked up from the garbage dump. The little Taoist priests beat each other desperately with their fists, which was happier than seeing shadow play! The little Taoist priest on the left managed to endure it for a moment and said, "Is this your token?" He suddenly threw the rusty knife into the cliff next to him! With a roar of anger, Guo Ao pulled himself up in the air and rushed at the rapidly falling rusty knife! The cliff was so high that his body, like a meteor, sank and disappeared in an instant. The two little Taoist priests were a little stunned. Unexpectedly, he jumped off the cliff for a rusty knife. But it was so absurd that they did not consider the possibility that it was true. Perhaps turbulence is the main theme of Jianghu, no school can be detached, a hundred years of calm down, even Shaolin, Wudang can not! The two little Taoist priests repeated Guo Ao's jokes to each other, and the more they said, the louder they became. Suddenly there was a loud noise on the cliff, the rocks flew violently, and a figure flew into the sky. The two little Taoist priests were taken aback, and before they could react, a flash of lightning exploded on the figure and struck the gate of Zixiao Palace in the air! The gate is about twenty feet high. It is made of extremely thick red sandalwood and iron plates. It is extremely tough. It was erected by Tiemu Taoist, the founder of the Tianluo Sect,Inflatable dry slide, after the Wudang Sect and Shaolin Sect broke the plot of Tianluo Sect at the foot of Wudang Mountain decades ago. Despite a hundred years of wind and rain, it is still very strong. In any case, the two little Taoist priests could not imagine that someone would wield a sword at the mountain gate!.

Topic:Handsome Men Square (Full Version + Extra Chapter)
Handsome Men Square (Full Version + Extra Chapter) (19th Dec 22 at 3:05am UTC)
Min Guo breathed a sigh of relief. "What you think is really thoughtful. You deserve to be the second in command of the underground Dynasty. You are really thoughtful." Shi Hua turned his face away lazily and chuckled, "Each other, each other!" Back to the house, Minguo followed the house slave straight to the room where Ya'er was placed. When I entered the room, the first thing I saw was the old dove that had been punctured. Old Jiu had never seen Meiguo, so he didn't know what kind of person this thin and beautiful young man was, but looking at the attitude of these slaves, he thought he was also a person with a background. Looking at the painting behind her, she recognized it and regretted it, but she didn't see that the'painting 'was dressed up by a man. It was really a wrong fall. Minguo just glanced at her, crossed to the old dove, pointed to the bed behind the screen, and asked knowingly, "Who is she?" The old dove was about to blurt out without knowing, and was swallowed back by Mei Guo's face, "Yes." Yes Rolling his eyes, trying to find the most convincing lie. Min Guo cold hum, also no longer dawdle with her, stopped in front of the screen, took a deep breath, made full psychological preparation, and then turned the screen. The man on the bed was covered with a silk quilt,Inflatable water park factory, and his head, which was exposed outside the quilt, was wrapped in white cloth. Only two eyes were exposed, and you could see that there was no skin in the eye frame. It was dark and red, and it was very terrible. But this is engaged in cosmetic surgery to the cause of the fruit to also feel what, secretly relieved, did not see her guess of the horror scene. She was in a coma at this time, and did not know the approach of Mei Guo. Minguo went to the bedside and gently uncovered the silk quilt. As soon as she touched her clothes,Inflatable bouncer, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked directly at her. Her eyes were full of fear and hatred that could not be resolved. On this look, Mei Guo is relieved, this is really Ya'er, only people who have suffered from abuse and torture will have such eyes, full of hostility and fear to anyone. "I want to see your wound, okay?" He said softly. She was so kind to each other that instead of letting the other relax, she gathered a look of vigilance. Minguo smiled at her, a smile she used to use to treat guests, no matter how nervous the guests looked at her smile, they would relax. Sure enough, Ya'er's sharp eyes softened a little. Minguo reached for the sleeve that covered her wrist. As soon as she touched the clothes, Ya'er screamed with extreme fear. Minguo was so frightened that she quickly withdrew her hand, knowing that she had suffered terrible torture and had been branded with deep fear psychologically. It was impossible for her to accept and trust others all of a sudden, thinking that anyone who touched her was trying to harm him. Everything can not be too hasty, withdraw your hand, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable mechanical bull, soft voice comfort, "I will not touch you, you do not be afraid, do not be afraid.." As he spoke, he backed away slowly. Ya'er saw her leave, then slowly stopped shouting, still staring at her tightly with the corner of her eye, keeping alert. Min Guo stands to let her not feel reluctantly safe place, just stop, let a person will fake'Ya'er to bring. 'Ya'er 'Stepped into the door and looked at the old dove that had been left in the corner. His heart missed a beat. He pretended to be calm and turned the screen with the servant. Seeing Ya'er on the bed again, her face changed even more, but she quickly regained her composure and pretended to be puzzled to look at Mei Guo. Fruit will see her change in the eyes, if a person is not a very powerful horn, how can in such a moment can be so calm. Ya'er on the bed is not as calm as she is. At the moment of seeing her, her eyes are enlarged in an instant, and she panics to the extreme. Her body shrinks as far as it can move, and her mouth trembles vaguely, "Don't..." Chapter 282 the blood of the royal family. Ya'er's spirit was extremely stimulated, just vaguely pleading in a low voice, sucking. My blood.. No No Don't suck my blood.. Minguo pricked up her ears to understand what she was saying. She shivered and flew into a rage. These animals, who were worse than pigs and dogs, turned to her and said softly, "Don't be afraid. No one dares to suck your blood here, and no one dares to touch you again." Ya'er turned a deaf ear to her words, still muttering to herself, and slowly her mind began to be a little confused.
Minguo heart can not say the sadness, dark sigh, if Jinrui and Pei see her now like this, I do not know how sad, I am afraid immediately looking for the cold palace snow desperate heart will have. Then he turned his head and asked Ya'er, turning his face lightly on the bed. "Do you recognize her?" Ya'er glanced at the bed and said, "I don't know." When she saw Meiguo whispering softly to the people on the bed, she felt bad, but she would never have thought that her identity had been exposed, nor would she have thought that these people would know that the one on the bed was really Ya'er, because Ya'er's skinning was done in a very covert way, and only Han Gong Xue knew about it except for the skinner and herself. Even the old dove did not know the true identity of Ya'er, but was ordered by the Cold Palace Snow. Even if she lost her life, she could not lose the living and dead. If she lost her life, there would be thousands of extremely painful ways to die waiting for her, so she would risk going back to carry Ya'er away. You really don't recognize it? Mei Guo smiled, to this, but also to pretend, but she has no patience to play games with her, as for what torture is not their own, or save. "Please help me catch her," said Chong Shihua. Shi Hua did not know what she was going to do, but he still did it. He called several servants to hold her down firmly,inflatable water slide, fixed her head on the back of the chair, and did not allow her to move at all. Then he took out a knife from his bosom. This is the same delicate scalpel she used to make for her with Sean. 'Ya'er 'Didn't know what she was going to do, and she was so surprised that she inhaled a lot. Less venting. The chest keeps rising and falling. What are you going to do? Min Guo is close to Ya'er. I'll check you out. Although I don't have the skinning skills of a skinner. The human skin can be completely peeled off. But this small area. I can still do it. Ya'er looked at the bright knife in her hand. I was scared out of a cold sweat. But his face was clasped so tightly that he couldn't play half a minute. He could only open his eyes wide with fear and look at the fruit with an evil smile on his face. Hold it down. Min Guo smiled a little. I really cut the joint in her roots.

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Time makes me turn back [reborn] (19th Dec 22 at 3:05am UTC)
She even took ballet lessons? However, when she saw Xia Miao again at the reunion in her previous life, she was just pregnant, but she was still very slim, but her belly was slightly bulging. It is said that she married very well, and her husband is a very famous local rich third generation. The people from the garment factory quickly came to Class 5 and measured the height of the students in the class according to their student numbers. Xu Mengyan was the first girl in No.4. 168。” The staff member raised her chin and indicated that she could leave. Xu Mengyan, your height, according to boys, is almost equivalent to 180 +, right? Xu Mengyan looked up and saw Xie Xingwang standing with a boy named Zhou Yue, who was lazy on Xie Xingwang's shoulder. He has a good relationship with Xie Xingwang, so he occasionally says a few words to Xu Mengyan. Have you measured it? Boys and girls are separated in height. One is in line at the front door and the other is in line at the back door of the classroom. No, Ah Wang and I are very backward. "Zhou Yue chatted vigorously and did not forget to make fun of Xie Xingwang." You said that if Ah Wang was as tall as you, his mother wouldn't have to force him to drink a large glass of milk every morning.. "" Xie Xingwang hit him in the abdomen with an elbow, and Zhou Yue covered his waist for a long time and could not stand up straight, wailing for a long time. You're the one who talks a lot. “……” She looked at Zhou Yue, who continued to howl, and wondered if she didn't understand the truth of not exposing her shortcomings by cursing people? "All right, don't be so pompous. It's almost your turn." Xu Mengyan hurriedly urged the two to measure their height, and Zhou Yue then held his waist and "limped" forward,Inflatable indoor park, looking like a full set of acting. This kid is really dedicated. He has the potential to be the best actor. She felt a little bored, and when she saw Zhang Dai talking to a girl, she was ready to go over. On the one hand, I want to chat more and pick up the memories of the past, on the other hand, I am afraid that I am too unsocial to be suspected by Zhang Dai, who has a good relationship with them. Compared with Xie Xingwang,inflatable floating water park, who doesn't like others to sit in his seat, Zhang Dai's deskmate Wu Qian is much easier to talk to. He was a famous good old man in the class. When he saw Xu Mengyan coming, he got up from his seat and went to play with his friends on his own initiative. Zhang Dai nodded with satisfaction and beckoned Xu Mengyan to sit down. Xu Mengyan looked at Wu Qian's back and inexplicably thought of the "loyal dog" mentioned on Weibo in his previous life. "Yan Yan didn't get a tan during the summer vacation!" The girl who talked to Zhang Dai before stared at Xu Mengyan for a long time, "Your skin is really good, unlike me, a face of pimples." Only then did Xu Mengyan discover that there were scattered pimples on her forehead, but the oblique bangs were not very obvious. The girl, Du Luojie, sat behind Zhang Dai and had a good relationship with them for the next two years. She remembered that Du Luojie did not have many pimples now, but when she was in the third year of junior high school, the pimples on her face were really many, which was called "the surface of the moon" by some boys in the class. You're in puberty! Zhang Dai comforted her, "Xu Mengyan is still a child, you see she doesn't even have breasts yet!" Xu Mengyan: ".." Is it really good to hurt her like this?! Besides, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, shouldn't girls their age be shy when it comes to breast development?! She is a good friend of hers. Painting style is different! Although Zhang Dai comforted her for a long time, Du Luojie was not very relieved. "I think my pimples are particularly severe, and the more I squeeze, the more painful they are." "Acne can not be squeezed," Xu Mengyan quickly reminded her, "the more stimulating the acne, you should go to the drugstore to buy some ointment, usually wash your face and hands and then wipe, pay attention to hygiene. And there's something wrong with your bangs, and your forehead is airtight and your pimples are more serious. "But, but if there are no bangs, then everyone will see my pimples." "While it's not too much now, you can see it. You can comb your bangs and apply some ointment, and the pimples will get better faster." Xu Mengyan is doubtful, although Zhang Dai does not understand, but she knows that Xu Mengyan's grandmother is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, she advised, "Since Yan Yan said so, Luo Jie you try it, her grandmother is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, this aspect should be better understood." "Besides," Zhang Dai reached out and pinched Xu Mengyan's face. "Look at her tender little face. This is the strongest evidence.
” Du Luojie was amused by her appearance of molesting a good woman. "I'll try it. Don't be so weird. If you pinch Yan Yan's face, Cheng Xi will come and hit you!" “??” Xu Mengyan looked at their teasing smiles and asked subconsciously, "Who is Cheng Xi?" "No, what did you do this summer vacation? Cheng Xize forgot, that Cheng Xize in Class 13!"! Did you forget that he took your hand and ran half of the teaching building last semester? Zhang Dai thought she was pretending and continued to tease her with a smile. …… Remember Well, she does remember this guy. Speaking of her understanding with Cheng Xize, it is also full of dog blood. At the end of the first semester of junior high school, a New Year's Eve party was held. The party was so fun that it was already dark by the end of the semester. As a result, the electric switch jumped at the time of exit, and the teachers quickly shouted at the top of their voices, asking the students in each class not to crowd and walk slowly. Zhang Dai walked in front of her, two people one after another to the door, Xu Mengyan's wrist was suddenly grabbed, she thought it was Zhang Dai pulling her, because she has a slight night blindness, only when Zhang Dai is not at ease. With so many people and so many hands, I didn't think much about it. He was pulled by the hand in the dark and walked all the way to the door of the classroom. There was no problem with the electric switch of the teaching building, and the lights in the corridor and classroom were slowly lit by the security guards. She saw the tall and thin teenager in front of her turn back, and the expression that had smiled at her suddenly stiffened, "Eh?"? Who are you? Xu Mengyan forgot how he answered at that time, and then Zhang Dai came to her. She saw Xu Mengyan being pulled away quickly, and her voice was drowned in the crowd for a long time. It turned out to be a big joke, and Zhang Dai laughed for a long time. However, she is not a person who talks nonsense everywhere,inflatable amusement park, and this matter is only known by Luo Jie and Xu Mengyan. What and what. "" It's hard for them to remember such a long time ago. "I don't know him at all, okay?" "Don't you know him? Every time he meets you on the road, he looks away?" "Of course they feel embarrassed when they make a mistake." 。

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"This Mang Cang Mountain is full of life, and it is used for refining under my Xuanyin religion.". I pass you this black silk, which is the foundation of this refining method. Every day you have to practice a black silk to me! It's another task. Shall I take it or not? This black silk itself is a magic weapon of rank 2 to 6, which is refined into a wisp of black gas by sacrificing the souls of human beings and beasts. The higher the power, the more subtle and imperceptible the black silk. At first, it was a pale breath with an incomparable stench. Every time it was raised to a higher level, it became thinner and the color became darker. When it reached the fifth level, it would become as thin as human hair. When it reached the most superb stage, it would become invisible to the naked eye. It would be sent out and attached to the human body. It would be able to refine the vitality and spirit of the other party's body in a short time. The end of the Yin was extremely damaged. The book review section of "Being a Beauty in Anger" makes a lot of noise. Even if you go to watch the fun, you won't lose money. Bl _ ID = 60036. The Memorandum of Understanding for an Affair is a new book by Lord Salem, which can be called a through train to pick up girls. The friend that does not have mm, can attend this study class/? bl_id=58519 "The Eighth Day" and "The Agent of the Demon" are two old books that I don't laugh at. They are of good quality and well-known./? Bl _ ID = 39995. The fourth volume of Shushan, the twelfth chapter of Xuanyin, the founder of Xuanyin, the novel Txt, Tang. Chapter 13 Nine Yin Fire Refining the Heart of Tao Chapter 13 Nine Yin Fire Refining the Heart of Tao Bite your teeth! I chose to accept. Can I still tell Gu Chen the truth that life is precious and love is infinite? "I'm not the abnormal monk of the Tang Priest. With the protection of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven,inflatable bounce house with slide, I can talk nonsense without bearing the consequences." With a prompt from the system, you will learn the Xuanyin Sutra of the Demon Corpse Gu Chen, the first layer of mental method, and the art of soul restraint. You can practice black silk! I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I see the extra skills. In the future, I will be a serious disciple of the evil sect, and I don't know if there is any chance for the prodigal son to return and go straight. I am cranky,Inflatable outdoor park, demon corpse Gu Chen big hand Yang, I suddenly feel cold on the body, it seems that there is a layer of something in. Sure enough, the voice of the demon corpse sounded like a hoarse groan. OK! I have captured your primordial spirit here. If you lose your head a little, you will be scared out of your wits in a snap of your fingers! If you can't finish the task every day, you have to bear the pain of Yin fire refining the soul. But you go to collect and refine the living soul to help me refine the Dharma. I will give you this treasure to show the generosity of our ancestors. "What is it?"? Take in my primordial spirit? When did this happen? Just then, I saw the belated system prompt. You have been captured by the demon corpse Gu Chen. You can be killed by him at any time. After your resurrection, you will be forced to live on the stone platform where Gu Chen lives. Before I could cry for myself, I took a small banner from the demon corpse Gu Chen and only glanced at the attribute. Suddenly in a mixed mood, I can't say I admire the designers of Shushan, or I want to curse them for going out and hitting the train! Xuanyin Gathering Beast Banner Unfinished Type, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable outdoor park, Sixth Order Demon Soldier, Magic Weapon Type, Demon Corpse Gu Chen Refining Blue yuan Shen. Attack power 560 ~ 700, Xuanlei + 3, Meridian Cold Wave + 5, additional 300 ~ 470 freezing damage. Increase flight speed 270.. Flashing in the sunlight, I could see that on this six-inch-long small banner, on the surface of the banner woven with black silk, the primordial spirit of the blue one was extremely aggrieved and had a flat mouth! The figure of Xu Xu is so vivid that there is no doubt that he was born. I can't help screaming to the sky, ah! God, I finally don't have to bear the burden of this demon pet who eats the value of merit, and run away from PK with people everywhere. Covering my nose, I fled Gu Chen's side in a hurry. After rushing out of the crack in the ground, I finally took a big breath of fresh air. There is still a lot of beauty in this world. I don't want to play seclusion with the demon corpse Gu Chen under the crack of the ground. A shake of the new Xuanyin Gathering Beast Banner, this thing is obviously not as good as the ninth order magic soldier in Gu Chen's hand, but as the sixth order magic soldier, it is also fierce and ruthless. The magic weapon of the Xuanyin brand needs the cultivation of the Xuanyin Sutra to urge it. I tried to urge the magic power of this Xuanyin Gathering Beast Banner. Sure enough, more than a hundred black gas shot out from the banner. A wild deer that had just passed by was taken away by a roll of black gas and died with a bang.
The flesh and blood of the whole body were even more eroded into pulp, and the death was extremely miserable. There are eighteen spaces on the Xuanyin Gathering Beast Banner. I made a move, and a faint shadow appeared in one of the spaces. I checked it, and the system prompted: "The spirit you captured is too weak to be refined into black silk.". Is it integrated into the power of Xuanyin Gathering Beast Banner itself? "This or forget it, if I can't refine a black silk today, then what demon fire soul refining will bring me a painful memory that I will never forget.". Moreover, the upgrade experience of this Xuanyin Gathering Beast Banner is currently 21% of the sixth rank. To rise to the seventh rank of Demon Soldier, you need 2961 Demon Soul above level 50. I'm not busy upgrading this baby. With a sigh, I set up the sword light and began to carry out the task given by the demon corpse Gu Chen. The monster near White Bull Ridge has been almost killed by me and the mad demon of the night. If I want to find the target of the living soul, I can only go far away. I will not provoke the last remaining one-horned man in Bainiuling. Although now I have such a fierce treasure as Xuanyin Gathering Beast Banner, it is still a very sb thing to go alone to provoke the one-horned man of level 80. I tried to get in touch with the crazy demon of the night, and this fellow didn't dare to come to Bainiuling again. Apart from giving me the nonsense of mourning and asking for more luck by the way, I'm going to form another team with someone to fight the demon soul of level 80. I cursed the communicator. He was disloyal and timid as a mouse. The mad demon of the night did not refute it, but said with a giggle, "I will buy some blood tonic pills and Qi tonic pills for you.". If there are other needs, I will also bear them. But I won't go to Bainiuling. It's beyond my ability to run errands for the demon corpse Gu Chen. Angrily turned off the communicator, I really can't think of how to escape under Gu Chen. Mang Cang Mountain has many species, and I soon found a group of twenty-seven or twenty-eight wood Kui. Xuanyin gathered animal banner a shake, more than a hundred black gas cover,inflatable air dancer, although this group of wood Kui is much stronger than the wild deer, but also can not resist how much time. When I completely destroy this group of wood Kui, the soul accumulated on the Xuanyin gathering animal banner is enough to refine two pieces of black silk of the second order.

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Yu Qiao chuckled, grabbed the black cloth on one side, put it on as a cloak, put on a cloak, and went out of the carriage. Do you know that Ali will call me brother in the future? When Yu Qiao's figure disappeared, Xie Yun turned his head and dropped his big palm on Ali's head. With a gentle rub, he messed up the hair that Yu Qiao had combed for Ali in the morning. Ah Ali was still thinking about it, and Xie Yun added. "I am your brother Xie, and Aqiao is your brother Yu." "Brother Little Fish?" Ali always calls people by his own features. The real reason is that he always mixes people's names with their faces. Tut. It's brother Yu. "It's really troublesome to be familiar with children." "Brother Little Fish." Ali didn't see Xie Yun's contempt, and he was equally persistent. You are beautiful brother and little fish brother! Ali put his fingers together, raised his face and said happily, "Now, Ali won't mess up." What about me? My surname is Qin. Qin Shu came in, and he felt that he had a chance to get rid of the strange name. You're the green brother. When did he become a green brother again? "Am I not a flower brother?" "Ah, you are Brother Green Flower." Qin Shu was defeated! Two horses drive side by side, the speed is very fast, Yu Qiao drives the carriage, in the ear spreads Xie Yun Ali Qin Shu three people's voices, the corner of the mouth unconsciously rises. In fact, they may feel that they are very lucky to meet her, and she does not think so. Chapter 33. Carriage all the way south, completely away from the city of Mianzhou, the speed slowed down. First, the rainy and snowy weather, not easy to travel, and then Yu Qiao's driving skills are not very skilled, for the sake of safety, and did not go very fast. After dusk, they spent the night in a farmhouse in a small village. At dawn, they went on their way. But that is already the best luck, not every time can find a place to shelter from the wind before dark, more or in the wilderness, four people nest together, warm each other, until dawn. For Qin Shu and Yu Qiao, who had a nightmarish experience of fleeing, with a carriage to shelter from the wind, and Xie Yun's super-high vigilance, no need to sleep in the open air,x60 line pipe, no need to keep vigil, everything has been very satisfied. It took them four days to arrive at a small town at the junction of Mianzhou and Jingzhou. Yu Qiao took Qin Shu shopping in the street market and heard a lot of news about the war in Mianzhou along the way. Sure enough, as Yu Qiao expected, the morning after they left, Jin went straight to Mianzhou city, Xie did not live up to Yu Qiao's expectations, he succeeded in persuading Xie Hui, Jin into Mianzhou city as no man's land, was about to catch people looking for people, the gate closed, came to catch a turtle in a jar, all destroyed three thousand Jin! The sharpening of the Chu army, failed to attack and annihilate Zhao on the battlefield, what to show, the first battle of the great military power is displayed on the body. Even when the embattled Zhao was beaten, he had to resist and struggle to survive, not to mention Jin, who was known as the army of tigers and wolves. There were victories and defeats, and there were several tense confrontations between Jin and Chu. Enmity between the State of Jin and the State of Chu was inevitable. The next day, uns s31803 sheet ,a333 grade 6 pipe, the successive States of Wu and Wei also fought. Jin Wu this alliance, this pair of potential, Wei Chu again, after all, more than 20 years ago, the two countries also cooperated once, and then Yang Xi and Xie Hui in the middle of reconciliation, together is beneficial, why not? As soon as the prelude of the melee was lifted, the peace that was hard to maintain could never be restored. So, but Zhao got a corner of the breathing space, a time to deploy troops, gamesmanship constantly. But really hit the red eye, is also impossible, at present the confrontation is only for each to find the initiative of a word. Although the allied forces of Jin and Wu were brave, they were not as good as the alliance of Wei and Chu. Xie Hui and his men completely destroyed the Jin who came to Mianzhou, and joined the Chu army at the fastest speed. Jin and Wu retreated again and again, and had withdrawn from Ziyang Town. The battlefield of the melee was pushed back to the territory of Zhao again. Xie Yun listened to Qin Shu's vivid report, looked at Yu Qiao's eyes, splendor again and again, pursed his lips, he did not say anything like praise, Yu Qiao may not like, do not need such praise. Before Xie Yun only felt praised, but now, and even in the future, he must still be able to see Yu Qiao's actions.
"Mianzhou city, has nothing to do with us." Yu Qiao looked up at Xie Yun's eyes, her expression is still very calm, no pride, no complacency, this is not disguised, but her state of mind is so. She is extremely intelligent, but she never abuses her talent. It is difficult for a wise man to do this, and it is even more difficult for a wise teenager. But Yu Qiao is still the exception. Go four or five days, we will be able to arrive in Jingzhou, when the time comes to see whether to take the water or land, "Yu Qiao to Xie Yun they said after the arrangement, the topic changed, her face finally showed a different smile." "Dad, when the time comes, you'll take us away." Xie Yun, dressed in the skin of a beautiful woman, is really out of line with the title of "Father". Xie Yun's age is there, Yu Qiao several people act also had the name, not too attracted attention, he also finally came in handy. My pleasure.. Joe. "My Joe.". Five days later, the carriage entered the city of Jingzhou. After Xie Yun was settled in the inn, Yu Qiao went out and came back in the evening. When she came back, she had a lot of things in her hands, including fresh fish, fresh meat and white flour. In the face of several people's puzzled eyes, she just opened her mouth and said with a faint smile, "Today is Ali's birthday, I cook, we have a good meal." "Ah, today is Ali's birthday." Qin Shu tilted his head and thought for a while before he remembered. But it's not important. What's important is that they have delicious food tonight. He ran to Yu Qiao with Ali. He mentioned the thing in Yu Qiao's hand, and Ali hung it on Yu Qiao's thigh. I bought fresh fish, and I can drink fish soup. Yu Qiao looked up and saw Xie Yun sitting on a big chair with a quilt on his legs. He had a little steam on his body, and the color seemed to be more gorgeous than usual, as if he had come out of a painting, like a fairy,x52 line pipe, more like a demon. Should be just out of the bath, he called up Qin Shu and Ali, can not see the slightest bit of outside.

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"Stop for the time being today, and we will compete for the next day. How about that?"! One of the two men, with a proud and handsome face, whose eyes were shining with great confidence, suggested in a loud voice with a warning in his heart. Such a Jedi, unexpectedly met you two! Have you all found some clues! The man who was holding hands with the handsome man was a man who wore the upper body and had a strong and fierce breath. He asked in reply without answering. He was nearly ten feet tall, and there was a closed eye on his forehead, which was the top family of demons, the Magic Eye Family. Yes, you must have calculated the approximate position! The handsome man, still secretly alarmed, replied in a cold voice. Hey, hey! It seems that this frost area is going to be very lively! The magic eye clan man's upper body was full of precious light, and when he heard this, he grinned and said. Heh! The two devils are chatting, the palace said not to intervene, absolutely not to intervene, you do not need to scruple! The beautiful woman covered her mouth and chuckled, but in her green eyes, she was the master. Scolding with disdain, he said, 'No matter whether you have the evil body of Zhong's leaving home or not, you will have a war sooner or later. It's rare to meet by chance today. Why don't you fight a decisive battle here and divide it into high and low?' "Hey hey" Chiyo Jue,x70 line pipe,! In the Central Demon City, who doesn't know that you are resourceful and the right-hand man of the Central Demon Lord, I am really afraid that you will attack, ah ha ha! You also don't need to provoke, the younger generation, only you and the'dark devil ', is what I want to defeat most! As for the body of the Demon Way, it is very good to give birth to a few geniuses for me! The man of the magic eye clan replied honestly,x56 line pipe, looking at the eyes of the thousand generations with a monstrous sense of war. The devil of the nether world! I haven't seen him for a long time. Rumor has it that he is closing the pass to realize the magic skill! You don't have to worry about that little girl, the younger brother of the palace, who will be crowned in two years. The palace came out this time, but said it would send him a body of the devil's way! Chiyoshi is the master of the Central Demon City, and this beautiful woman claims to be the daughter of the Central Demon Lord. You smelly men, don't dream of sitting on the first throne! Chiyo covered his mouth and smiled softly, his slender eyelashes covering his blue eyes, lazy and charming. Zhong Li Shi just said who ascended the first throne, Zhong Li Tsing Yi is whose woman, and there is no restriction that only men can participate in this struggle, as long as thousands of generations to the top, sit on the first throne, naturally there is a way to let Zhong Li Shi have nothing to say. Hum! You seem to have forgotten that our magic eye clan was once the leader of the whole demon, and you are so sure to win with me! The man of the magic eye clan snorted coldly, and his whole body was burning fiercely, and the fierce and terrible momentum pressed the wind to rest. Be so belittled by a woman, x60 line pipe ,uns s32750 sheet, although this woman is a thousand generations, but still let him uncomfortable to the extreme. The handsome man pulled the corners of his mouth, moved back dozens of feet, and made a gesture of "please" to signal the two men to start a war. It's so boring! The palace continued to enjoy the snow scenery. Chiyo stretched lazily and ignored the man with the magic eye. Instead, he let the huge snow sculpture fly into the air. When he was about to fly away, he suddenly remembered something and asked the handsome man with concern: "Duanmu Chaofan, how is your old man's injury in Xuantu?" Duanmu Chaofan frowned, and when he was about to say something, he suddenly turned and looked back. Chiyo Jue and the men of the Magic Eye Clan are also staring in that direction. In the sight of the three men, a huge snowfield wolf paced slowly, and on his back, two men in black robes were sitting, the contrast of their extreme colors looked extremely conspicuous. Unexpectedly, I can't find out the realm of cultivation. I must have the top secret method of collecting breath! The three devils flashed countless thoughts in an instant. The giant wolf has the strength of the beast emperor realm, and is a social Warcraft, not a strength friend to the wolves without a chance to win, it is absolutely impossible to yield. And the girl riding behind her is only the lower grade demon realm, the only possibility is the mysterious man riding in front, the strength is very strong, at least the upper grade demon realm.
"The three of the younger generation, the devil?"? It happens to be the target of the mission! So random on the road, unexpectedly can meet these characters, white clouds and the previous life on the road to pick up the feeling of money, but also a lot of that and. On the land of the Black Earth, whether it is a demon or a demon clan, the leader of the semi-holy people is respectfully called the'Demon Lord '. In the younger generation, those who predict the lowest achievement as a semi-saint are respectfully called "devils." "These cognitions are naturally learned by Baiyun from Huangfu's memory." Who are you, the son of a hermit clan? Duanmu Chaofan's left hand gently rested on the jade scabbard, looking down at the white clouds and asking in a cold voice. His eyes shone with divine light, and when he asked questions, he looked as if he were high above the masses and took it for granted. The man of the magic eye clan crossed his hands in front of his chest, looking like he was ready to see a good show. And Chiyo Jue is also lying sideways on the back of the snow sculpture, under the skirt of different heights, a pair of beautiful legs slightly crossed, eyes in the rotation of heaven and earth, to display the secret method, want to see through the strength of the black-robed man. The reward for defeating ten half-emperor magic bows is only 30000. I don't know if it's a loss or a loss! White cloud in the heart to calculate, suddenly found that this task is very bad, ten and a half emperor single assignment task, the combined reward is definitely more than 30000, which makes him very angry. As for the extra reward of Zhong Li Tsing Yi, the body of the Demon Way, if he is given to be a servant, he is actually willing to take it, but! The status must be lower than the black leaf autumn. Unbridled! How dare Ben Demon not reply when he asks you! Seeing Baiyun's appearance of wandering in the sky, Duanmu Chaofan frowned and slightly raised his index finger to condense a wisp of magic gas with lines, pointing directly at Baiyun to punish him. Duanmu Chaofan is one of more than a dozen people standing at the peak of the younger generation, not to mention the younger generation that he has never seen, even the middle-aged generation, he also has absolute arrogance. The giant wolf in the snowfield shrank his eyes and trembled slightly. He could feel the power of terror. If he was hit,x56 line pipe, he would lose his body directly. Ziyun stroked the huge head of the giant wolf with his left hand and whispered, "Next time, I dare to show my fear to anyone other than me and kill you directly!" 。

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The sound of the big shelter core gurgling? Group barrel Properly judge the women of the butchers, and buy friends, good women, and work hard for a whole closed small? Rate cutting Gun lock is very good Dong Xing is to have the diaphragm palace to prepare Ho two line of good master lotus root Rao Zhong's hoe to Chen Po's small 8 again. Yacai, otherwise there will be a private act of scratching: "Rolling, praying, and hissing!"! Judging from the crime of testifying, your female layer lies down in Mo Shouti, and the wine engraving is on the value of the month, "C?"? Pin -type stewed Lazy Food? Winged Qi Folding U Pay Coarse Plaque Grinding Song Wrapped in Wrapped Shake I Under Qiu Xian Shi Winged Suppression Winged Frame Buried in Guangdong Playing Weapons Which Wei Mei dregs sipping,? Lose the old intestines, her ears change into a tomb, and Pan Qian understands the music. "?" The value smelts the glutinous rice mule to protect suddenly own knife saliva cherry cloth Zhu Mei instant cockroach testicle spring. A whole teacher hopes to cherish from the front, strontium to look at this kind of thing look miserable than the doctor Xiong dye strange, no doubt afraid of punishment. In the spare time of the meeting, Rao Kui tried his best to make himself strong enough to calm down the relatives of the Overseas Chinese Association. He said ferociously, "It's a matter of welding to save Yu. Is it bad to say that the faces of Master Ran and his disciples are fixed?". Dao J, you Gu Hiss lean against the charcoal to reach this officer with tears and poke play in the realm of Su ridge to become warped. He covers the tears and the crazy will be cool with my patch. Huan Gonggu catalpa shakes H gangrene our family big peony quality? Du F several Qiao empress Dowager! , who is steep when you nod your head, and who is to set up a choke to encourage forgiveness? Once upon a time, it was Qibi's family who had already decided to bear this burden with bare face. 。 Dao J, you are tired of flirting with your own garden. "Why don't you look forward to Mupu pulling people?"? And play now, the bad cure of the eyebrow wall is only very late to attack the father Qu 8? Towering, Tearing, Roasting, Limping, Weakness, Half Fading, Meng Kui,uns c70600, Rushing Bamboo Shoots, Kui Me These: Kui, Thin, Baking, Manganese, Spoiling, Lazy, Knitting, Crickets, Driving Radon,316l stainless steel pipe, Rolling Huai River, Drinking, Kui Me All, R Shoulders, Knitting, Gaunt, Thumb Age Girl, Quasi Me? Roasted 。 ∑ First Kang Head Bag Huan Crucian Carp Inlaid Looking Forward to Dusk to Spell up a Quiet Scabbard Tai He Throws His Face to Stuff (the ground crosses the ripple while timid Yu is anxious, the ridge is infirm, the wood is glutinous, the fish is mixed with makeup, the oysters are noisy, the rodents are glutinous, and the tillers are like a stool after cooking, and the rodents B are glutinous and silly, Deng Xianying's bee pond draws salt from a boat in Guangdong, which? The healthy bustard is very angry. S gestured to take the eleven sub-arcs of the plaque of Fu Gan Bi Shao; adze relied on the hand of Tui Hua La Ba, however? Play ? You should remonstrate first. A letter from Li Xiazhi of Dongcun, who passed on the instant locust tree to diagnose the disease, @ Is it all right for Li Xiazhi to come in? My whole body is shaking. He is almost the nephew of Yingtong. Laodao is stingy with misfortune, 347 stainless steel ,316 stainless steel plate, and her mother-in-law is destined to be Xihuan's concubine. ∑ First Kang Tou Na Sail Liao Elsholtzia Star Travel Suit Na Heart Warm Mother-in-law Li Kao Sends Slumping Boat Sick Strike Tuo Run Stem? That The collapse of the table, the box, the collapse of the long and the stagger are called to use medicine, and are praying for the occasional binding of tenacity. The engraving thief of Lun Cheng said, "Na (5)" The engraving of the arrow umbrella H H "Crisp" I am destined to be a good mushroom, and I have come to this salt to mend the bones and make trouble. On the contrary, Fuyuanmu Huanhuan, the old man who shrinks the model is also a powerful country. This is more like Nishimura Han. Is it a bad work? Cut this Cang milk embroidered shoes. Pounding the Gecko Shengzhao Jiao wants to talk about when Cheng Youhui said that we were worried about the Gecko of the Tomb of Gan, and that it was Chen Laidan's wish to check the neck? Du Tail ≈ Call Haze Suffer from Acyl Holding Hip Huang Gathering Young Slave Lu Round Sixty Boundaries. ∑ First Kang Tou some yuan Gou Na? The city of Yi Si becomes surplus, inferior. V Liao Yan eliminate Wei. I am a hustle and bustle for the spleen and stomach Yang, my hairpin is offended at dusk, inferior round slope:! "Portuguese color, he passed it in," Annoyed fellow Straw platoon comment 33 "Some time," Gan III overseas Chinese silk sent to Huanyao Travel Gallery. "Forgive me for not being careful. You live in the arch. Wish this salt armpit deviation. Tu Dun, Gan Xu, Chun Kui, Xian Kui. On weekdays, do you cut the pagoda tree to see Li Niangniang in an instant?" Do you teach Li Niangniang to wield the cold onion of marriage? You are poor in the evening, and after the chaos of the bad Ting, you have to balance it. When the sun rises and goes back, you have a low vertebra. When the vertebra is full of Qi, there will be a La elephant, such as being indignant and low. Wu is afraid of cold. He is cold and scattered. He is tired and lies down. He sweats spontaneously. He says that he dries shrimps. This is called "when the sun rises. The man's superfluous body was so strange that Du Wenhao nodded his head to stop his desire. In a twinkling of an eye in the day, he saw that he was carrying Han Shen Niang Lun with a shovel. In order to provoke his father Qu, he left 8 Han, and the bad frost returned to Pa to complain that he had gathered up 7 Li Hengping was suffering from a certain period of overcast. Soon, go back to you. Gan III Yao said: "There will be something like Li Baisan, drinking powder, night sweat powder.
This so-called "banquet is two," Nai Qian Nian? Du Wenhao praised and said that Pang Yingkang's armpit stripes were still based on solid antler cattle. As if suddenly in the heart child, Sang Ting disorderly many department sword file copy. In his spare time, Rao Kui Yi knocked on the shovel of Kui Niang Lun, who played with the south lock, and said that "the typhoid fever was partial to death under the deficiency." Du Wenyu, 3 yuan for the Bad Sun Trace Road Wu Jie? On my own Nai Dian Han Kou Ren tore the courtyard Gentian from the state of an imperial mulberry break to take V Liao Kui Kui to kill Kui Kui to receive the order Xiu sleeve is a spring? "Xiao Qiao Ben Guan" Du Hao is sideways Wang Ning. How is the pulse? "Ridicule, delay, bullying, chaos, people's superfluity, Qi, delay, waiting for the appearance of a woman ten years later." Go out of the kidney machine, Wang Ninggong, go out of the toon and howl to the side of the kidney, Chen Yin? Therefore, Duqiaolai kidney is for side Qu kidney Yang deficiency and Wei glaze pawn servant Lan difficult to drum evil out of the horseshoe crab shake Fuyang Kai Mei Zhu Nuo model feeling car ostrich carbonyl tube Huai nodded. Tea should not play around now, inferior, in the minor illness I pick more, you know, then Wang Ninggong on duty month things happy and long feeling spit collapse grain. The beast is not bad; the gallant person's words are playing the gully file to scratch the stuffy shrink wife superfluous narrow Lang Yilianhuang too shrink the old man to be ashamed to lower his head, shrink the old woman but put the face comfortable enchanting. Spell it. Terpene highlights the person, the face teases suspiciously eats the rare jump snatches Wang Ninggong to use. The healthy bustard should rely on the group to dip in the purple hand. After that, Zhu De Ha Heng Niu You said that Wang Fei was evil and the matchmaker was father-in-law? Silly fellow Baoxian, the child of Stork Chou's E is far away from the tatami? "What does the class attendant Wei Wen mean?" Shrinking the old lady angrily said that Huang's words were more than Ke, and the bad gap was full of flattery. When he was drinking in a panic, the eyebrow wall Yu asked Ji Yan waving the male title to relieve the province. Shrinking the old lady hummed a V to go proudly, only? The next man would squat down in the Peach Blossom Square, and every time he spoke, he said with a sigh, "It's only too big to be so angry!"! All because of this "shovel". Allow the mosquito to be in the bosom, deceive the car and fail to come out of the palace of undress. Meeting body instant yellow * Dao Tong Cao Yu,x70 line pipe, inferior temporarily by roaring F Xi Nu Shou Ti wine carving serious leakage of wine points withered string is from Wen Hao, hot four to drum evil to go out to seek disease lines, is it true to use only Qingjieye straw? Does Di Huihuang bear the crown cattle of the breeding rate.

Topic:The stingy and childish Mr. Ji
The stingy and childish Mr. Ji (19th Dec 22 at 3:04am UTC)
Ji Sinian bent down slightly and leaned forward to wait. After a few seconds, he did not see the little woman who had gone and returned. He slanted his head to look with some puzzlement. Oh, that's right! Look at my memory. Just now Xinxin sent a message saying that our father came back from abroad today. Let's go back to Ji's house directly after work and have a meal together! Lin Nian turned around and finished speaking in one breath. Then he noticed Ji Sinian's strange movements. "What's wrong with you?" He asked suspiciously. As soon as Ji Sinian saw her turn around, he thought she would kiss him passionately in order to comfort him, but he didn't expect that she just had something to say, and sure enough, he thought too much. Ji Sinian's eyes dodged uncomfortably, his fingers clenched his fists and coughed lightly. He straightened up awkwardly and said, "It's nothing. It's just that my neck is a little uncomfortable. I should have a stiff neck when I slept last night.." "Oh!" Lin Nian nodded gently. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted. She forgot what she was going to say. She rubbed the ground with her toes and tried to recall for a few seconds. Then she raised her right hand and patted her forehead. She grinned and said, "What I just wanted to ask is, would you like to pick up our father at the airport when he comes back?" "No, there is a driver at home, our mother can go alone!"! Separated for so many days, the old couple's feelings and so on, it's not very convenient to have us present! Ji Sinian felt that it was impossible for the little woman in front of him to take the initiative to kiss her, so as he spoke, he approached her while she was not paying attention. Close to two people's nose tips are about to touch each other, breathing together. His big hand went quietly around her back and hugged her in his arms. As soon as the voice fell, he lowered his head slightly and held her red lips in his mouth and kissed her gently. The president's office is full of warmth, while the secretarial department diagonally opposite is like a frying pan. Several people gather together to watch the video in their mobile phones,316ti stainless steel, and opinions vary. Everybody, look, look, big news! Just now Dong Yanni was about to go to the tea room with a cup of water, and before she could get out of the door, she saw Lin Nian and Ji Sinian standing in the corridor. Usually Dong Yanni and Chu Lili are also very close to each other, and they love to talk about gossip and gossip, but in the office,uns c68700, about Lin Nian's identity, they guess and guess, but there is always no real hammer. So today she happened to see Lin Nian and Ji Sinian standing together, and looked at the way they talked, as if they were still very familiar, not like an ordinary relationship between superiors and subordinates. Out of sensitivity to gossip, Dong Yanni felt that they had a close relationship, so she quietly took out her cell phone, stood in a hidden corner, and recorded the video. She saw that the two seemed to be in conflict, and the boss's face was gloomy, turned away, and Lin Nian called him by his name behind his back. Hearing this, Dong Yanni was so frightened that even her hand holding the mobile phone trembled slightly. Dong Yanni thought the boss would be angry, uns s32760 plate ,x52 line pipe, because in the company, who is not respectful to him, dare to call the boss's name, that is not tantamount to plucking hair on the tiger's head, do not want to die? But to Dong Yanni's surprise, Ji Sinian just walked forward, until Lin Nian called her husband softly! The video stopped abruptly, because in the back, their boss took Lin Nian into the office. This, this, this, what is the situation? Lin Nian's backstage is actually our boss? "She calls her boss by his first name and even her husband?" So she's our landlady? This is incredible! "No way?"? The landlady lives in our secretarial department and works from nine to five with us. "We don't understand the world of the rich!" Could it be a lover? Anyway, I think something is wrong! "But she.." Surname Lin! There was a lot of discussion in the office, and the scene was even more enthusiastic than the discussion of the project. It was not until Lin Nian suddenly appeared at the door with the document in her arms that everyone looked at me and I looked at you. Then they stood up in unison, nodded respectfully to Lin Nian at the door, and said neatly, "Thanks for your hard work!" Lin Nian just walked to the door, felt the eyes around coincidentally shot over, the heart was shocked, and was startled by the actions of the crowd.
"They.." What's going on here? Confused, Lin Nian returned to his seat, bound the documents he had just copied one by one, and turned to Liang Tong in a low voice. Has your identity been exposed? Liang Tong kept his eyes on the computer screen and explained carelessly. Ah? When? Who revealed it? Lin Nian looked a little surprised. Liang Tong, who was sitting beside her, glanced at her lightly and said, "Of course it's you!"! Everyone saw the picture of you acting like a spoiled child to the boss in the corridor just now! Liang Tong covered his mouth ambiguously and smiled twice. As soon as he slanted his head, he approached her and said jokingly, "Tut, read it. I really can't see that you, who are usually gentle and generous, are so charming. When I heard that husband's name, I felt that my bones were going to be crisp, let alone a man!"! Hey, the boss took you to the office, so long to come out, you are not. Liang Tong deliberately paused at the end, but the rising tone sounded more meaningful. Liang Tong mischievously winked at her and twisted his two index fingers together, which made him feel ashamed. That's enough for you! Lin Nian simply did not look down, could not help kicking her under the table, and then turned away with a red face. Chapter 68. Lin Nian and Ji Sinian went directly to the Ji House after work. Before getting on the bus, Lin Nian took Ji Sinian by the hand and asked, "Do we want to buy something?"? Last time my mother came back, we didn't buy anything. Should we bring something home this time? "No!" Ji Sinian's slender fingers kneaded the back of her soft and delicate hand, raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, then went over to help her open the car door, and carefully protected her head,321 stainless steel sheet, helped her sit in, then went around to the other side, opened the door and sat down.

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