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Demon Passing The Market" (14th Dec 22 at 7:13am UTC)
Demon Passing The Market"
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The two largest sections of the official website are the air system and the sea area system. It is said that the air system is still under further research and development, and there may be air cities and air BOSS wars in the past. The biggest change in the sea area system is undoubtedly the task of hunting the sea area BOSS. Lip fish, 120 ice BOSS, most of the main skills are group attack, as well as an automatic blood return skill and all the benign state skills to clear the player. The introduction is very simple, and the fish is not difficult to catch. Yang Weile thought, but the trouble is the skill that can clear all the benign States of the player. The screen changes back to the game again, they have reached the deep sea area, because of her absence, the two people do not seem to speak much. The potion on the dawn body changed a position, the picture flashed, three people entered a picture darker deep sea area. [Team] Blood-stained: Let's fight here. [Team] Li Zhishuguang: Are you crazy? Blood-stained clothes did not answer Li Zhishuguang's words, because he had changed into his own thunder staff, and a falling thunder hit Li Zhishuguang. Dawn of the mouse a shake,outdoor hot tub, lifted the following state, Li's dawn because of the distance in the attack range, was hit, but the blood-stained attack only hurt Li's dawn one sixth of the blood, think of when he hit in the twilight flying body,hot tub manufacturers, obviously lost two fifths of others. [Team] Li Zhishuguang: You can't kill me. [Team] Blood-stained Clothes: I haven't seen you for a few years. You are very bold. [Team] Li Zhishuguang: Oh, thank you for your praise. [Team] Breaking Dawn:-_-Are you going to fight here? At the same time as she spoke, the blood-stained clothes had quickly drifted away from Li's dawn. Because of the same player's relationship, the speed was equal, so there was no problem of speed difference. But Li's dawn is not a magic warrior, the attack range is not long, in the aspect of causing damage to blood-stained clothes, there are some deficiencies. [Team] Blood-stained Clothes: The little guy came so fast. Speaking at the same time, Li Zhishuguang was cut by a knife, blood-stained clothes busy use of instant body, endless swimming pool ,jacuzzi manufacturers, away from the attack range of Li Zhishuguang. [Team] Li Zhishuguang: Hey, how long are you going to fight with me. Call your brother to practice. [Team] Blood-stained Clothes: Oh, who told me not to bully him before? [Team] Li Zhishuguang: Is it me? I'm talking about Qiao Xueyu. [Team] Blood-stained clothes:.. [Team] Breaking Dawn:-_-Uh, Ali, you know a real killer? [Team] Li Zhishuguang: Yes. [Team] Breaking Dawn: 0 _ 0, what do you mean by knowing? [Team] Blood-stained Clothes: Little guy, do you want to see me in reality? Blood-stained clothes put away the wand, the battle mode untied, the body of the blood evil spirit also suddenly disappeared. It's just that the red and black name really makes people shudder. [Team] Li Zhishuguang:.. Xiaowei, do you really have no impression of what happened when you were a child? [Team] Blood-stained Clothes: The little guy is heartless. [Team] Breaking Dawn:.. Yang Weile blinked inexplicably. About when you were a kid? When I was a child, there were many things, the most profound memory is that when I was a child, she was more naughty than she is now, and not as clever as she is now. But that's just a vague idea. [Team] Breaking Dawn:-_-I'm in my 20s, how can I remember when I was a kid.. She doesn't even remember what she used to look like, let alone anyone else. [Team] Blood-stained clothes:.. That's right. The meaning of the blood-stained clothes is not clear, but Yang Weile does not know why he can feel that the blood-stained clothes must be laughing. [Team] Li Zhishuguang: Do you remember what happened in kindergarten? [Team] Breaking Dawn: Ah.. This Sitting in front of the computer, Yang Weile smiled bitterly. She didn't even remember whether her primary school deskmate was round or flat, let alone what happened before. [Team] Blood-stained Clothes: Very good, Gu Li, this is a good result.
[Team] Li Zhishuguang:.. [Team] Li Zhishuguang: You still don't think about him? [Team] Blood-stained Clothes: I'll think about it for him, but he has to erase it! [Team] Li Zhishuguang:.. [Team] Blood-stained Clothes: Free for a few years, it's time to go home. [Team] Li Zhishuguang: I don't care about your family. [Team] Blood-stained Clothes: Don't you have your own purpose? Heh. [Team] Li Zhishuguang: You're right. Two men unscrupulously in the team said she did not understand the words, Yang Weile scratched his head, uncomfortable to drink a mouthful of cold water. [Team] Breaking Dawn: What are you talking about? [Team] Li Zhishuguang: It's nothing. It's just a discussion. [Team] Breaking Dawn: Oh, yeah? Explore a problem? [Team] Li Zhishuguang: Yes, madam.. [Team] Breaking Dawn: I think I need to join in and discuss it together. [Team] Bloody Clothes: Little guy, do you really want to discuss with us? [Team] Breaking Dawn:.. The man's almost flirtatious tone made Yang Weile tremble all over. Is it her illusion? Why do you feel that it seems colder around this immortal? [System] Your friend'Sunset Like Blood 'is online! The author has something to say: -V-.. Chapter 48 misunderstanding [Alliance] Li Zhi Shuguang: Sunset, do you want to come to the sea? [Alliance] Sunset Like Blood:.. [Alliance] Bad temper: 0 _ 0, the eldest brother took the wrong medicine and took the initiative to invite his rival in love! [Alliance] Twilight Flying: Are you in the sea? [Alliance] Li Zhishuguang: En. [Alliance] Sunset Like Blood: No, I'll take Hachi to catch the baby. [Alliance] Yaegaku: > _ < ~ ~ En En, Brother Sunset, I've been waiting for you for a long time … … [Alliance] Twilight Flying:.. Shota,whirlpool bathtub, don't talk like that. [Alliance] Bad temper: It turns out that Brother Sunset has a new direction … … Sitting in front of the computer, Gu Li smiled faintly, but he could feel the cold breath of the eldest brother of the Qiao family coming from his side. He won't come himself. Gu Li smiled. I think you'd rather he didn't come. Qiao Yihui pursed his lips.
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