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A gallant girl (14th Dec 22 at 8:00am UTC)
A gallant girl
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Li Fengjiao knew that the old hero Li had completely understood her mind, so she took the opportunity to ask, "What did she say to the old hero?" Li old hero is a kind of round word, really because there is another very important thing and do not want to let the iron ox know, I do not know whether to say, now forced by the situation, have to let the iron ox know. Seeing Li Fengjiao asking questions, she suddenly said, "Oh, not long after you three left the martial arts school, Aunt Du arrived in a hurry.." The Iron Ox immediately said, "I happened to meet her just now at the gate of the small shop on West Street.." Old Hero Li immediately sighed, "Didn't she wait there on orders from Chen San Shao to persuade you not to go? But you didn't listen to her and turned away!" One side of Mao Fengwa was moved to say: "Even so, regardless of her own danger, she secretly told us that there was an ambush in front of the street." The old hero Li was also somewhat moved and said, "That's why she hurried to the martial arts school to find me and asked me to save the Iron Ox immediately." Li Fengjiao felt that when the old hero Li arrived at the Chen family, she had already let go of the'Guai Tan Shuang Jue 'and killed the'Kongtong Wuzi.' A long time had passed, so she was puzzled and asked, "She only asked the old hero to save the Iron Ox?" Old Hero Li said with a straight face, "No, after I told her that TieNiu was accompanied by you two girls and could never make a mistake, she talked to me about something that the outside world seldom knew.." Li Fengjiao immediately asked, "But is there a big iron cage in the gate tower of Chen Zhai?" The old hero Li knew that Li Fengjiao might be dissatisfied with him about this matter, so he said with a straight face,ceramic bobbin heater core, "No, she doesn't know about this either. According to the old man's guess, it may have been done in the dark at night after the arrival of the Five Sons of Kongtong. The girl has been in Jianghu for a long time. She should know that with the skill of the Five Sons of Kongtong, she can go in and out of a village like Xinzhuang. It can be said that no one can know." Not to mention the old man's hidden stakes buried in the Chen family, which had already been monitored by Chen San. Li Fengjiao, of course, paid attention to this and asked with concern, "What did she say to the old hero?" Old Hero Li looked at the Iron Ox, who was listening to him attentively,ceramic welding tape, with a look of embarrassment on his face. Then he said resolutely, "It's about the golden phoenix hanging itself from a beam.." Li Fengjiao immediately said indifferently, "As a result, they were discovered early and saved, weren't they?" Old Hero Li nodded forcefully without hesitation and said, "Not bad.". But at that time, the whole village did not know. Especially on the day of the funeral, Jinfeng's father was in tears, and Jinfeng's mother was crying her eyes out. At this point, the listening iron ox could not help but take a look at the smaller brick grave in front of him and the tombstone stone carved with'Golden Phoenix 'on the ground in front of his feet. Li Fengjiao said lightly, "Only the old hero knows that Jinfeng is not dead." Old Hero Li shook his head with a straight face and said, "No, the old man didn't know at first.." But Li Fengjiao said, "But the little girl went into the village." She concluded that Miss Jinfeng was still alive! The old hero Li was surprised and looked at Li Fengjiao, "Oh!" There was a sound! Li Fengjiao continued, "Because when the Iron Ox talked about Miss Jinfeng, the martial artist Zhu Azai said impatiently, alumina c799 ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, 'Why are you still talking about her?'" ……。” Old Hero Li immediately said, "Yes, I'm afraid he's still looking down on the angry Jinfeng girl. To be honest, everyone, including the old man, is wrong about her." Mao Fengwa suddenly blushed and said, "But because she's going to be a mother!" As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the Iron Ox and the Little Dog said, "The two pillars were so surprised that they stared and froze!"! But Old Hero Li asked in amazement, "Did you hear that from Aunt Du?" As soon as she was asked, Mao Fengwa's dimple turned even redder, but she shook her head and said, "No, it was the younger generation who thought of her when they saw her running out of the room and the waist of her clothes was wider." Old Hero Li nodded sadly and said, "Yes, that was the third time I failed to commit suicide. Later, I was found to be pregnant after the doctor's treatment.". Li Fengjiao and Mao Fengwa heard that Jin Feng had attempted suicide three times. In addition to being surprised, they also deeply sympathized with her fate.
Puppy and two pillars originally sympathize with Jinfeng, then heard that she committed suicide three times without success, the heart is even more sad! TieNiu was the victim. Of course, he was very sad to hear this. His eyes were filled with tears again. At the same time, he said, "She has a child now, but Chen San died instead. She became a widow at a young age. Won't it be even more pitiful in the future?" As soon as the words fell, the old hero Li suddenly looked cold and said in a deep voice, "You don't have to worry about this. The huge property of the Chen family is taken care of by Jinfeng's parents and elder brothers. As long as Jinfeng takes good care of her children, she can live a comfortable life as the mother and grandmother of the Chen family!" After saying this, he solemnly said, "I once told you, 'a good horse doesn't deserve two saddles, and a strong woman doesn't deserve two husbands.' Although Jinfeng has feelings for you, she loves her parents more. In the future, she will have her life, and you will have your world. If Jinfeng dies for you, you have the obligation to avenge her. Now she will live well, and you don't have to worry about her any more.." From the exit, a faint cry suddenly came from the direction of Xinzhuang! Tiezhong and Mao Fengwa, as well as the puppy, the two pillars, looked startled at the same time, one after another turned to look. As soon as the old hero Li's expression changed, he immediately stopped talking. He turned around and looked at Li Fengjiao, who had a sneer on her bright red lips. He folded his fists and said with a straight face, "Miss Feng, the old man is here to solemnly ask you. In the future, the Iron Ox will ask you." When Li Fengjiao heard this, the sneer on her bright red lips suddenly turned into a sad smile and said, "Even if his heart is willing to accommodate me, I'm afraid some people will worry that we can't live a stable life together." Despite the tense moment here, the old hero Li's old face was still red. But he said with a straight face, "In the four seas of the world, there are no famous mountains and fairy islands. In the southwest and east, there are more places of idylls. Why should we live in the hustle and bustle of the earthly world?" When Li Fengjiao heard this,Alumina Ceramic C795, she stretched her eyebrows and folded her fists with a smile. "What the old hero has seen is exactly the same as what the younger generation has in mind," she said. "As soon as the Iron Ox has finished its work, he will follow the younger generation to the Holy Land of the First Teacher. I'm afraid it will be ten or twenty years before he goes to the Central Plains again." 。
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