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Shangguan Ding Gu Jian (14th Dec 22 at 8:02am UTC)
Shangguan Ding Gu Jian
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Then he changed the subject and looked at Pu Yifan and asked, "How long have you been here?"? What have you been doing there for more than two months? "The younger generation has been here for three days," said Pu Yifan. Then that night in Canghai Diaolu, he was introduced to the cave dwelling by the North Monster to learn martial arts from Kou Gongqi, and passed by on his way here. After finishing the whole story, he was about to explain the reason why he couldn't find him in time. He was so happy and surprised that he rushed to say: "Are you confident that you can complete the mission for Nanqi and kill Shangguanchi?" On the one hand, he was happy that Pu Yifan had learned martial arts from Nanqi, but at the same time, he was worried about his fight against the North Monster, so he seemed to be happy and surprised, so he asked this question. Pu Yifan hesitated for a moment and replied, "The younger generation dare not assert whether the mission can be completed." Suddenly, his eyebrows were lifted and his eyes lit up. With a smile, Lang Lang resolutely answered, "Now that I have promised the elder Kou to kill the Northern Monster, I will fulfill my promise. Even if the younger generation dies because of this, I will not care!" The tone is categorical, as if decisive, a heroic spirit, overflowing with words. With a look of surprise on his face, he laughed and said,tile trim factory, "The day before yesterday, the old monk and I were still worried. Now that I hear you say that, it seems that we can rest assured of this disaster the day after tomorrow." His words were vague and ambiguous. Hearing that Pu Yifan was not clear, he was stunned and asked, "What did you say, old-timer?" "Do you know that Shangguanchi has appeared in Xiaonanhai?" "So the elder has seen Shangguanchi," said Pu Yifan. He shook his head and said, "I haven't seen it before,stainless steel tile trim, but it's absolutely true." At this point, he briefly explained how he had met Guan Yuntong and Ying Hu Diaoweng on the side of the hillside the day before yesterday. His eyes swept over the three people in front of him, and his face was filled with joy. He said, "We'll see you again the day after tomorrow. I won't bother you!" With that, he turned and stepped straight to a path leading to the lake. Xue Hanyun's heart suddenly moved and he said to himself, "He met Uncle Guan the day before yesterday. I think Uncle Guan must have told him where my master and Fang Hu Yuyin are going." Seeing him turn around and walk away, he could not help shouting, "The elder, please pause for a moment. The younger generation has something to ask for advice." By this time, she had walked more than twenty feet away, heard her cry, and immediately stopped and turned around. Xue Hanyun jumped and landed five feet in front of the incarnation. He asked in a hurry, "Since the elder met my uncle Guan, they must have told the elder where they were going." Eyes fixed, waiting for a reply. What kind of experience is scabby? I couldn't see why she didn't ask, tile profile factory ,aluminum tile edge trim, so I couldn't help feeling embarrassed. I thought to myself, "Shifu didn't let her know where she was going. Naturally, I think it's too dangerous. I'm afraid she'll go with me. If I tell you the truth, she will follow me regardless of the danger. Towering Cloud Rock is far away in southern Zhejiang. It's a long journey of thousands of miles. It's hard to avoid causing trouble.". Although she is highly skilled in martial arts, she is too young and her experience is limited. If something happens to her, she will be alone and no one will help her. If anything happens to her, won't it be my fault? But if I don't tell her, how can I answer her? His mind was full of thoughts, and he felt that it was not good to tell her, nor was it good not to tell her. He hesitated for a moment and was stunned. Although Xue Hanyun was not very old and lacked experience and experience, he was naturally intelligent and enlightened. Seeing such a look, he knew that he had scruples and was afraid that he would make a dangerous pursuit. He could not help but move in his heart. He thought to himself, "If I ask him in a hurry, he will never tell the truth. It would be better to retreat in order to advance and provoke him with words." Heart read turn, read turn Huisheng, at the moment wonderful eyes flow waves, looking at the scabby face full of difficult look, a burst of charming smile.
As soon as she smiled, she turned a long-lost man into a man who had been in Jianghu for a long time. She laughed so hard that she didn't know why. "What are you laughing at?" She asked unconsciously. Xue Hanyun shook his head deliberately and said slowly, "I'm afraid the elder is not happy to say it. It's better not to say it." As soon as he heard her say this, he was even more baffled. He rolled his eyes and said in a hurried voice, "Even if I scold you a few words, beggars will never blame you!" Xue Hanyun said, "Since the elder generation is not strange, the younger generation will speak rudely.." Suddenly he straightened his face and said, "I laugh at the old-timers who have been running in Jianghu for decades." "What do you mean by that?" He asked. Xue Hanyun said, "I've always asked the elder about Uncle Guan's whereabouts. The elder looked embarrassed, but he was afraid that I would follow him. If something happened, would the elder feel guilty?" "This daughter is very clever," she cried. "She can see through my worries at a glance.." Xue Hanyun didn't wait for the elder to answer. Then he added, "Although Shifu didn't tell me where he was going, the younger generation saw him with their own eyes when he left in a hurry with Fang Hu Yuyin. At that time, the distance between them was only one foot. If I had been in a hurry and didn't listen to my uncle's dissuasion, I would have followed him at that time. Can I wait until today to ask the elder about it and then go to the ends of the earth to look for it?" At this point, Fu chuckled again and said, "The elder can't even think of this simple truth. It's been a waste of time in Jianghu for decades." Words come naturally and logically. At this time, Pu Yifan, who was standing aside and never said a word, followed suit and said, "Since Sister Yun said that, the elder should tell her." When the beggar saw that what she had said was right, he was urged by Pu Yifan from the side. He was embarrassed not to say any more. He stared at Pu Yifan with strange eyes and said, "Boy, this is what you want me to say. If something unexpected happens, be careful that the beggar will not forgive you!" As soon as the conversation changed, he looked at Xue Hanyun and said, "Your master and his men have gone to Kuocang Mountain in the south of Chekiang to see the cloud rock." Since her master left,aluminum tile trim, Xue Hanyun has been in suspense all the time. The reason why she couldn't go after her master that day was that Guan Yuntong blamed her and didn't dare to disobey her. Now it's clear where she's going. She can hold back in her heart. So as soon as the words fell into her mouth, she immediately said: "Thank you for your advice. The younger generation wants to go.." Before he had finished speaking, the man jumped up and ran to the lake.
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