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Journey to Heaven (15th Dec 22 at 3:17am UTC)
Journey to Heaven
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Nowadays, there are many masters in the world of immortals, and many masters above the celestial immortals have already known that the old people who occasionally appear in the Jade Emperor's Heaven are all masters at the level of hermits. These masters, according to the words of Emperor Jing, are some of the top masters who have lived in seclusion for a long time in the fairy world. No one knows how many of these masters there are, but Li Yan has seen at least four. With the addition of Emperor Jing, the Jade Emperor already had at least five masters of the hermit level, and the news made most of the immortals excited. The five hermits have exceeded the number of hermits in the fairy world during the war between immortals and demons over the years. They did not know that when Emperor Yan and Master Gutong were killed, there were seven hermits present. Emperor Jing sat on the Huangji Peak of the Jade Emperor, but in front of him sat eight old people. Yi Lao, who escaped from the Xinghui God Array in a mess, and another hermit of Tianwaitian were among them. No need to ask, these are all masters from the sky. And out of the pattern that Tianwaitian has always been hidden in the fairy world, these old guys do not want other masters in the fairy world to know Tianwaitian. So Emperor Jing can only say that these old guys are masters of the immortal world. In fact, how can there be so many masters in the fairy world. Tianwaitian also came out in full force this time. Qi Yu's inference in the past is correct. There are exactly ten hermits outside the sky and inside the sky. Because of the death of two hermits, and heard that Qiyu had their own high-quality artifacts, these old guys quickly made a decision to send out all their hands. But since the seven hermits had failed in front of them, the old guys knew that with eight of them. I'm afraid I still can't change the outcome of the failure. But at that time, Emperor Jing went to Tianwaitian. In the past,Dissolved Gas Flotation, they shut Emperor Jing out, but now, the two sides just have the same purpose, and naturally hit it off. Jing Di and Yi Lao, as well as another hermit, knew very well that all the masters on the other side of Qi Yu had strong fighting capacity. Even if they had gathered nine hermits. As well as two immortal emperor late master, but if really fight,Belt Filter Press, these people may not be able to win. Therefore, after the occupation of the Jade Emperor, these hermits are extremely low-key. But lets the immortal world master see several people, also is under the scene emperor's suggestion, exposes intentionally. Jing Di's little trick is very simple, but very effective. Because the number of hermits is very small. Tianwaitian had lost two hermits last time, and he expected Qiyu to be suspicious. I wouldn't have thought there were nine hermits gathered here. More importantly, he can only lead Qiyu to shake the Jade Emperor. Even though the original energy of the inheritance of the fairy world has fallen into the hands of Qiyu. But Emperor Jing knew better than anyone that there was no time for hundreds of years. It is impossible to fuse that huge energy with the original energy of the whole fairy world. Jing Di is naturally looking for masters in many ways, but among all walks of life, even the few hermits left in the fairy world can not live in seclusion, and the masters of other realms are naturally even more impossible. Those old guys in the Demon World all have a good relationship with Qiyu now. The remaining demon emperors in the demon world did not have much affection for Emperor Jing, once an ally of the demon emperor. Emperor Jing even found the Venerable Godot. But as soon as the guy heard that he was dealing with Qiyu, his face immediately changed. Quickly sent Emperor Jing out. Against Qi Yu? But he saw the super existence in the ancient God Tibet to maintain the prayer. Even the powerful gods were seriously injured in an instant, rotary vacuum disc filters ,lamella clarifer, let alone them. And the Jade Emperor Heaven, as the lair of the Lord of the Immortal World, has many prohibitions in its territory. Not only the successive immortal emperors have arranged all kinds of prohibitions, immortal array, many important places, but also the ancient gods prohibition left at the beginning of the opening up of the immortal world. Emperor Jing had been in the Jade Emperor's Heaven for many years, so he was naturally familiar with these prohibitions. The last time Qiyu lost four of the seven hermits by virtue of the divine array, this time, he took it for granted that he was ready to use the Jade Emperor's Heaven and Earth Ban to deal with Qiyu. Jing Di, it has been several months since the last fight, and the immortal has never appeared. Are you sure he will come to the Jade Emperor in the near future? Yi Lao's position in Tianwaitian is obviously not low. Although he is also a hermit, his excellent research on forbidden array makes other hermits respect him a little more. Because, this time they all came here, the whole Tianwaitian can be said that there is no master in charge. Therefore, for example, the defense of today's Outer Heaven is entirely dependent on the prohibition of the land left behind in the past and the formation recently arranged by Yi Lao.
It's not that they don't want to leave some people waiting, but in the face of a terrible opponent who can defeat the seven hermits and kill four of them without hurting any of their own, they can only have eight people together. When Yi Lao and another old guy fled back to Tianwaitian, the rest of the old guys were all shocked. Qiyu defeated Gutong and Tianyin alone, which made them deeply afraid. And the two old guys had no power to fight back in the hands of the Thick Earth Tyrant God Beast, so they all made a new estimate of the fighting power of those masters around Qiyu. Yi Lao, who had fought with Xuanwu and Hongluan, and the old guy had more doubts about the strength of these monsters and holy beasts. The eight old guys, all ancient immortals who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, had a wide range of knowledge, and soon made guesses about the thick earth tyrant God beast and the red Luan. Hongluan was quickly guessed, but they never had a clue about the thick earth tyrant God beast. Therefore, now even with Emperor Jing having nine hermits, they are still a little afraid of the terrible strength of Qiyu. A few Venerable Masters, you may not believe it if you say it. In more than a thousand years, the cultivation of the land of prayer has jumped from the celestial being to the present level. Jing Di did not answer Yi Lao, but spoke solemnly about the cultivation of Qi Yu. More than a thousand years? A group of old guys are all shocked. These ancient immortals, when they practiced in the past, were all called geniuses, otherwise they could not have today's achievements. But it took them at least a hundred thousand to hundreds of thousands of years to reach this state. What is the concept of practicing from a celestial being to a hermit for more than a thousand years? If all this is true, this guy may still be an immortal today, after hundreds of years or even decades, it is possible to directly cross the divine plunder and soar. Jing Di, what do you mean? Tianwaitian, another leading hermit, the ancient immortal known as Mr. Cui, frowned and asked. Get along with Emperor Jing He had already understood that Emperor Jing was extremely careful in doing things, and that the love he took out would not be false. Therefore,rapid sand filters, after the shock, he did not question the authenticity of what Emperor Jing said, but asked about the meaning of Emperor Jing.
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