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Doomsday Train [Infinite Flow] --Zhao Anyu (15th Dec 22 at 3:18am UTC)
Doomsday Train [Infinite Flow] --Zhao Anyu
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Chu Yan did not object. Let's be careful not to walk into the second-class Lerner Marsh. Zheng Zekun looked ahead, "which direction did they go?" "I didn't see it clearly." Chu Yan frowned, "they have experienced more than ten missions, more experienced than us, they are sure to find Lena swamp.". Now I'm most worried about other beasts or monsters attacking people in the forest. Bai Han reminded her, "Chu Yan, we are not the way to walk like this, we have to find a place to stay." She looked at her watch. "It's five o'clock in the afternoon." The golden sun shone on the treetops from the slanting thorns, and the forest had no clear view when it came in. If you went on like this, you would have to use a flashlight or a torch to illuminate it for an hour at most. I know, I know. Although Chu Yan remained calm and left marks on trees or stones along the way from time to time, she still seemed more anxious than when she first got off the bus. It would be better to have a cave, where we could go in, seal the hole and light a bonfire, but we were afraid that the fire would attract other wild animals. This is the secret land of Penglai, but it is not an ordinary forest. Jackals, tigers and leopards will be afraid when they see the fire. What if the monsters in those materials come after them instead? Besides, there's no Medusa. Bai Han doesn't like to deal with serpents. Climb the tree. Chu Yan crossed the Rubicon and pointed to the top of her head. "The rule of forest survival is that the top of the tree is the safest." In a few minutes, Zhou Jinyang and Hong Hao and Zheng Zekun led the men in line, with the strongest one at the front. The girls followed Chu Yan around and quickly selected two relatively short trees that were not too far away. They both had a relatively spacious platform at the top of the tree, which looked like they could accommodate several people. What kind of tree is this? Ye Han poked the trunk curiously,shuttle rack system, and Bai Han looked around. The bark was rough and strong enough for two people to embrace. The trunk was straight and straight. It gradually forked at the top of the head seven or eight meters high. Although it was difficult to climb, it must be safe to stay on top. At least you won't get caught by the beast. One, two, three. "The two fattest and most powerful men leaned against the tree trunk and stood up with difficulty. Hong Hao and Shen Baifu stood beside them and hooked their arms around each other. When the four of them stood firm, Cao Zheng and Zhou Jinyang stepped on their thighs and arms to climb on them. From time to time, the forest rang out:" Ouch, be gentle. "" You don't lose weight either. ". The scene was quite funny,warehouse storage racks, and it was even uglier than the 14 new people "stacked" in the circle of Shen Tianqi's Buddha beads. Wait for six people to lean on the tree to form a ladder, the girls are also tightly around, Bai Han dry cough, "I went up!" Two steps back to climb straight up, provoked a few people in succession, "I rely on small cypress really light ah." "Xiao Bai is at most ninety catties." "Eighty-eight catties!" Bai Han, who stepped on the shoulder of Cao Zheng and Zhou Jinyang, stabbed the trunk with a dagger with one hand, and finally stabilized his body relatively. Here is about four meters from the ground, the air seems to be better, the top of the head is dense branches and leaves, looking down more than a dozen faces looking at the top. Bai Han withdrew his eyes, unloaded the rope with one arm, shook it and threw it at a strong branch overhead. Unfortunately, it missed, automated warehouse systems ,teardrop pallet racking, and the rope fell straight down, causing a sigh. Bai Han pulled the rope back with difficulty, tried again like a man on a horse, and finally wound around the branch for the fifth time, causing a burst of cheers. Done! Bai Han excitedly put a long rope, trying to catch the other end of the circle back, as long as tied together, she can climb up. Suddenly at the foot of an empty, hanging in the air Bai Han unprepared straight down, just hit the ladder, I do not know whose arm on the back of the pain of seven meat and eight vegetables. What's wrong? Ear a exclamation, rolling on the ground very embarrassed Bai Han struggled to look, the line of sight is a pair of huge black feet. The feet were as long as the floor tiles laid on the bluestone square in the center of Penglai, which belonged to the giant at first sight. Then there were two thighs as thick as a man, a skirt made of bloodstained animal skins around the waist, a strong and heavy trunk, and only one eye on the face that was not very smart. The giant looked four or five meters tall, and a new person beside him, who was obviously frightened, had just reached his knees. Titan. He lowered his head and looked at the panicked little people on the ground. He seemed very interested. His big mouth was drooling and he began to wave the mace in his hand.
At the same time, there is a swamp in the middle of the remote forest, where fallen leaves and rain, mud and animal remains accumulate over time to form a forbidden zone from which organisms can hardly escape once they get close. Neither the wise centaurs of the steppe, nor the titans of the jungle, nor the animals that are always on guard during the day, nor any of the other ferocious beasts that become active at night dare to set foot here: this is the lair of Hydra, the Hydra. At this time, someone was approaching quietly. Five men, wrapped tightly from head to toe in assault jackets, hats, boots and gloves, watched the edge of the swamp retreat quietly until the ground under their feet was relatively solid before they lay in ambush, with a man apparently unconscious lying beside them. On the edge of the swamp, a man with his hands and feet tied kept writhing and struggling, his body was cut, and blood kept seeping into the ground: "Help, help." Shouts of despair pierced the silence of the forest, and several piebald water snakes snaked close to his neck, adding to the victim's pain. He was a newcomer who got separated in a panic when he was attacked by a centaur. When he stopped, he found that he was walking with the second-class seat, but it was too late to get away. A whirlpool appeared in the center of the swamp, then slowly expanded to the edge of the muddy water, and finally something came out of the mud like a soap bubble. The newlyweds stopped struggling and were shocked by the horror. It was a monster that only appeared in mythology. The body exposed on the muddy surface was two or three meters around. Six or seven snakeheads as thick as the bodies of living people were tall and straight, competing to open their big mouths towards him. There was a blood-curdling scream at the edge of the swamp, and the five men lying in ambush gestured happily to each other. One of them is Li Lizhong. Look at the ticket. An hour has passed since the countdown to the seven-day time limit. The Hydra has eaten a stranger. According to the prior study, it can sleep for at least two days. There is another one beside it. It will be fed in two to three days. If it doesn't work on the last day,radio shuttle racking, it will be able to get away after seven days. The surroundings were quiet, and only the smell of blood filled the air. The well-fed Hydra slowly retreated into the water, leaving a few ripples on the dirty surface.
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