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Tibetan Code 1-8 (15th Dec 22 at 3:30am UTC)
Tibetan Code 1-8
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Professor Fang Xin recorded all this in his computer, claiming that it was the only art palace he had ever seen decorated with skeletons. They walked for a long time and saw many large and small statues of skeletons. This floor was even bigger than they had imagined. Professor Fang Xin's computer recorded: "The Hall of Death is undoubtedly the most magnificent and luxurious hall in the whole underground palace. I never dared to imagine that such impressive palace art (missing) could be built with skeletons. There are several places here that are impressive." I'll list them below (missing), strange giant creature skeletons (or stone carvings?) — — burial pit — — starry sky — — (unrecognizable). They were so far apart that I thought the exit should be one of these places, and perhaps there were places on this floor that I could not find, because I ran down with excitement, ran through many rooms before I remembered the way up, but I could not find the place to come down. Zhuo Muqiang secretly said in his heart, "This senior Pieri is not making fun of us. Every time he arrives at a key place, he either suddenly falls down or doesn't remember." Professor Fang Xin switched the picture to the place they had passed, only to see the computer draw a flat two-dimensional figure. Professor Fang Xin said: "See, the whole side wall is in the same straight line. We are like walking in a huge room, unable to measure its length and width. The Mayans divided it into small rooms, and each room is about tens of meters high and hundreds of meters long." And we haven't seen any of the places Pieri mentioned. What I admire is the imagination of the Mayans, who can create so many skeletons with the same shape and different styles. Zhuo Muqiang carried Master Yala on his back and nodded. Tang Min put down Master Yala's hand and said, "Breathing, body temperature,stainless steel tile edge trim, and pulse are all normal. It won't be a big problem for the time being." When the three of them passed through another house, they finally found a unique room. The surrounding decoration of this room was no different from that of the other rooms, but the huge statue in the middle of the room was amazing. It was not strange to modern people at all. It was a skeleton of a dinosaur, standing four to five meters high and more than ten meters long. But the appearance of this fossil in the underground palace of the Mayans has to be surprising. Zhuo Muqiang looked at the dinosaur fossil and said, "This is.." Tyrannosaurus Rex? He saw it in the museum. Professor Fang Xin said after a close study: "It is indeed a fossil. It is not clear what kind it is. It is very strange. How could the Mayans dig such a thing out of the ground? You see, although there are traces of damage everywhere,stainless steel tile edging, it is still very complete in general.". They deliberately dug out and assembled the fossil skeleton completely, which.. "This must be the skeleton of the strange creature that Pieri saw," he said. "Because he doesn't know about fossils, he can't tell whether it's a stone carving or a skeleton." "It's a dinosaur. Pierre doesn't even know that." Zhuo Muqiang knows that the explorers of the last few centuries were all knowledgeable people. In his opinion, the common sense problem of dinosaurs is now known even to primary school students. Professor Fang Xin looked up the information and said, "It's not surprising. You see, the word dinosaur was only put forward in 1841, when Pieri was already dead.". According to him, the next place is far away from here. We will look carefully all the way to see if it is possible to find the way up. Zhuo Muqiang moved Master Yala up so that he could better carry Master Yala on his back. As soon as he was ready to go, he heard a "click". He turned his head carefully and stared nervously and suspiciously at the huge dinosaur fossil beside him. After a few steps, he looked back and made sure that there would be no change in the fossil. Then he began to look around the hall for a way to go up. Three people exhausted, almost digging three feet, aluminium edge trim ,china tile trim, every skeleton carving, every rib corner searched, did not find any access to go up, the mechanism is touched a lot, once Tang Min touched the mechanism at her feet, the skeleton sculpture in front of her suddenly opened the chest, almost dragged Tang Min into the body, scared Tang Min screamed.
After that, Tang Min leaned close to Zhuo Muqiang to search, which naturally wasted some human resources. Finally, Professor Fang Xin said, "It doesn't seem to be here. Let's go to the next place. But we have to look carefully on the way. Maybe it's by the side of the road.". The content recorded by the predecessors is really strange, starry sky? Do you know what else the starry sky means in English? On the same floor, in another place, a dozen guerrillas were watching the huge white inkstone that Soares had just seen. The inkstone, which was more than one person high, was like a huge coffin cover. There was a lot of earthy brown powder in the inkstone, which looked like dried blood. The guerrillas shook their heads at it, but no one could tell what it was used for. With a scream, Veto's heart tightened. He didn't know which unlucky person had run into the trap again. He suddenly turned around and cursed, "Aren't they lined up?"? How did you come across the organ? Behind him, a guerrilla looked pale and green and said, "It's not a trap, Booker, Booker.." He was dragged away by rats! Big, big, big rat! I've never seen a rat that big! Veto slapped him in the face and said angrily, "How big can a mouse be?"? Can you drag people away? Holding his swollen face in his hands, the guerrilla pleaded in a low voice, "It's a rat. It's really a rat. I've never seen such a big rat before.". It's a mouse, it's really a mouse. Veto cursed and smoked a cigar to ease his mood. Before he could take two steps, a python jumped out from the front with a "sniff". Veto was so frightened that his smoke fell to the ground. Four of his men shot at the same time and finally killed the snake. At the same time, the figure in the corner flashed, as if another big snake had entered the darkness. Basaka warned, "Captain, it seems that there are not only mechanisms on this floor, but also many large creatures. That's the forest. That's the forest.". Moreover,metal trim manufacturers, some people walk into the fork road, and they haven't found it yet, most of them have already. 。
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