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Mysterious recovery (19th Dec 22 at 3:00am UTC)Quote Reply
Unexpectedly, Yang Jian was really able to make use of every opportunity. At this time, he was thinking about the ghost who cheated people, but the matter had come to an end. He didn't want to bother, so he thought it would be better to allow Yang Jian to do this. Merit without reward is really difficult to convince the public, and Yang Jian's request is not excessive. Of course, the most important thing is that even if Cao Yanhua is not sure, it is estimated that the headquarters can not recover Gao Zhiqiang's ghost, who knows where Yang Jian hid the box before. In this way, after the operation of the headquarters is over, you can return to Dachang City by yourself, and the matter of Gao Zhiqiang is also approved by you. Cao Yanhua said: "But the ghost affair is not over yet. If you want to use the ghost painting incident, there are certain risks during this period. Not only you, but also other people will have to stay in J City for a period of time." "The last time Dachang City starved to death was due to lack of support. At this juncture, I hope you can think more about it. Of course,ultrasonic cutting machine, if Dachang City has a situation, I can approve you to go back." To hear him say this, we need enough ghost controllers to stay and watch for a while. So as not to be understaffed after an accident. When will the ghost incident end? Yang asked. Plan to act in three days at the latest and try to end it in seven days. Cao Yanhua said. Yang Jian thought for a moment and said, "In that case, I'll stay for another seven days. I hope everything goes well." "Of course,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, no one wants trouble." Cao Yanhua said. But I won't take part in the next operation. Yang Jian said hello in advance. Yes, I'll arrange someone else for the next operation. Cao Yanhua said, "After all, you also need to have a rest. Would you like me to give Liu Xiaoyu a few days off and let her accompany you around?" Yang Jian wondered: "I want to rest, why do you want to grant leave to Liu Xiaoyu?"? Isn't that adding to my troubles? "Er.." Cao Yanhua looked at Yang with a strange look. But when he saw Yang frowning and looking puzzled, he didn't seem to understand what he meant. He is indeed a troubled teenager, and as expected, the ghost controllers are a little abnormal. (End of this chapter) 507. No Chapter 507 the man who knows the truth. Chapter 507 the man who knows the truth. "The time has come." Half an hour passed quickly, Yang Jian paid attention to the time, and as soon as the time came, he opened his mouth. It's not that he cares about that one or two minutes. What he cares about is that the longer Wang Xiaoming studies, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, the greater his dependence on human skin paper. Once he feels that the benefits brought by human skin paper are far higher than the price he pays, maybe Wang Xiaoming will force human skin paper to stay, even if it doesn't matter. His words made Wang Xiaoming, who was sitting on the ground not far away, come to his senses. He looked up and said, "Is this the way you control the fierce ghost?" "What does it tell you?" Yang Jiandao. Everything I want to know. Wang Xiaoming slowly closed the leather paper: "It is indeed a very special thing. I have never touched a supernatural thing similar to this leather paper." "It's just that I'm not sure whether the above information is true or false, and it takes a little time to prove it." "So what do you mean?" Yang Jian asked. Wang Xiaoming stood up and folded the paper neatly into the box: "I don't need anything. I just need to wait patiently. Time will tell me the truth." Yang's eyes moved slightly, and it was not difficult to judge from his ambiguous words that this fellow had received a very large amount of information from the human skin paper. After all, the dense handwriting on the paper covered with human skin before that is the best proof. If the paper tries to convince Wang Xiaoming, it is bound to reveal enough and valuable information, which Yang Jian is very sure of. But now, my demand for it is not so strong, the direction has been there, this alone is enough, continue to follow the above information to guide, maybe I will fall into its trap, this is not allowed to happen, so here is enough. Wang Xiaoming finished and threw the box containing the human skin paper. It seems that you are also afraid of it. Yang took it indirectly and smiled softly. It's not fear, it's fear, fear of the future.
” Wang Xiaoming's face was expressionless and he hid his emotions very well. In that case, the deal is done, and I think it's getting late and I should leave. Yang Jian said. Wang Xiaoming did not speak. Cao Yanhua on one side said immediately, "You are not allowed to leave J City within a week. If you want to leave later, you have to report to the headquarters. I can allow anything else." "I see. Besides, the deputy minister should not forget my overtime pay. The things should be delivered to the Ping'an Hotel where I live within three days. As for here..". What exactly did you take from here? I will inform the deputy minister when I go back to think about it. Yang Jian said. Did not continue to stay here. He didn't like this kind of depressing and dreary environment very much, so he left immediately after finishing some things. When Cao Yanhua saw Yang Jian leaving, he immediately frowned deeply: "He wanted to give up the competition for the captain in exchange for the condition of recycling the coffin nails, which gave us a difficult problem." Although Yang Jian promised to give up becoming the captain, the conditions were harsh. There is a huge risk in taking out the coffin nails. At the previous meeting, Yang Jian did not allow Jiang Shangbai's plan, which showed that he was also worried, so putting forward such conditions seemed to be tantamount to a tacit rejection. I think it's a fair exchange. Wang Xiaoming said calmly: "He solved the S-level supernatural event, and the headquarters naturally had to come up with something corresponding to its value. However, this matter was taken advantage of by the headquarters. After all,ultrasonic spray nozzle, the coffin nail was originally discovered by him. It is understandable that he did not want things to fall into the hands of others." "Yang Jian's previous worries are normal, and if people in the circle of friends get it, it may bring very bad results." 。
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