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My powers and magic. (19th Dec 22 at 3:06am UTC)Quote Reply
Forget it. At the worst, when you go back, you can say sorry to the guy. If you really can't, you can work there to make up for it. Just as I was about to go back, I suddenly "saw" a caravan! How interesting God help me! I ran quickly to the caravan. 。 Although it was far away, the people in the caravan noticed me immediately. One of the stout men shouted, "Up ahead, who is it?"? Stop, or you'll have to shoot. "Don't shoot," I cried. I am a poor liberator. I lost my way in the desert. I don't know if it's convenient to go with you. "I can't decide," said the strong man. "I have to ask my master for instructions. Wait a minute." The strong man walked to the caravan. Passed a little while, he comes out to say to me again: "Since you are a release person, so excuse me: Where is the destination of your next station?" Without thinking, I said, "My next stop is another city!" " In this way, I was lucky to join the caravan. Through two days of getting along with each other, I know that the big man is Hans, and he is a very cheerful person. This caravan is called the Eagle. It is not only a caravan, but also a mercenary team. This time, the purpose of the Eagle Mercenary Corps is also another city. That's why they let me go with them. This caravan gives me a good overall feeling. Many people are very enthusiastic. But there are a few who think I'm freeloading in the Eagle Mercenary Corps. I didn't say it, but I could see it in their eyes. I said to Hans, "This time, thanks to your Eagle Mercenary Regiment, otherwise I would have died of thirst in the desert.". I am a person who knows how to repay gratitude. But I don't have any money for you now. When I get to another city, I'll find a way to work and pay you back! Hans heard me say, "Oh, you don't have to care about some people's eyes.". I know what kind of person you are. We are helping you this time purely as a moral aid. If we take your money again, won't it become intentional? I shook my head. "Thank you, Hans, but I'll pay you back.". I can't be here to be taken care of by you and eat your food for free. This is not my character for one day. I don't like to be indebted to others. Hans said nothing more. Many people wonder why there is such a thin traveler in this difficult desert. Look at his stature and physical strength, as if he would fall down when the wind blows. How on earth did this man walk into the desert. And how do you survive in the desert? Because I didn't bring water before I entered the caravan. The foreign city is really prosperous. I followed the eagle caravan and saw the gate of the strange city from a distance. It was a very imposing gate. On the top of the gate, there was a huge different character. I asked Hans, why is this place called another city? Hans said, "One day, when you get to another city, you will understand why this city is called another city." I do not give up: "Hans, this is not you do not know it?"? So just give me a pass? "How could I not know," said Hans, unable to withstand my provocation. The so-called strange city, that is, there are many strange things, this strange thing does not only refer to the things in the strange city, inflatable castle with slide , it also includes the people in the strange city, including some folk customs, in short, everything in the different city seems very strange. After the caravan entered the city, I was separated from the caravan. Because I want to make money. As I said, I will pay back the money to the Eagle Caravan, although they did not ask me for it, but what has been promised must be done. Hans said that there were many strange things in the strange city. Why didn't I see anything strange? Is Hans talking nonsense? Looking at all kinds of people, looking at the dazzling array of goods, although many things I have not seen, but I will not feel strange, after all, this is the goods of the other world, if I have seen, it is really strange. A lot of gadgets are quite cute. If you buy one for Qiqi, she must like it very much. I thought to myself, but I didn't dare to buy it. Because I don't have any money now. I'm still hungry at the moment. It's important to make money first. I began to remind myself.
But the big girls passing by the roadside made me look silly. They are all very beautiful. I don't know why, although these girls are not more beautiful than Qiqi, not to mention the beauty of Princess Becky and Princess Ye Xin, even less than one percent, but in their bodies, my eyes can not help but be attracted. Maybe it's the unique fragrance on their bodies, maybe it's the strange clothes on their bodies, or maybe it's a casual action. At this time, if someone pays close attention to it, he will find a very ordinary young man standing in the crowd, which is so conspicuous. Is this man an idiot? No, because this person is Yu Yitian. Wandering around in a strange city for a long time, I saw many new things, new girls, and strange buildings, but there was nothing worth attracting me. Now I am using my brain to think of ways to make money. I thought about it for a long time, but there was no way to make money quickly. I sighed in my heart, why other heroes are so lucky, as soon as they arrive in the other world, there will be a noble person to help them. They never worry about money, they never worry about livelihood. Or even more outrageous, a big gold ingot fell directly from the sky and hit the hero on the head. In this way, the hero made a fortune. Alas, how nice it would be if a big gold ingot fell down at this time? I was thinking about it. Anyway, put on the mask first. In the future, I will no longer show my true face. In this way, at least no one will know that a person named You Tiantian has made a fool of himself. And now all I have to do is play the role of Big Brother Leo. It's also easier. Find a place where there are many people, and then release the golden fighting spirit, naturally there will be a lot of people believe, and then if these people are not too stupid,Inflatable water park on lake, by observing the golden armor on my body, you can understand my identity. The big plan is easy to handle. Basically, it's done like this. It's not very difficult. It's solved slowly. Now we need to solve the livelihood problem quickly.
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