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In this case Liu Ke will not ask It's just something that has nothing to do with you It's meaningless to know it There's no need to make it difficult for friends Downstairs Liu Ke remembered that he had forgotten to take the cup and asked Chen Yu to wait She went back to the studio by herself Liu Ke passed the fourth studio faintly heard the voice inside originally did not intend to stop until her name floated into her ears she stopped outside the door Separated by a door Pan Linlin put her feet on the stool beside her "Do you know who I met last night" Pretending to be mysterious "Liu Ke's father I met Liu Ke's father" The three girls present had different reactions and two of them were not interested What's wrong with that It's so mysterious that I thought it was a big explosion that's all Forget it Let's go eat I'm starving "Oh don't interrupt will you" The head schoolgirl that wants to listen to gossip very much asks Pan Linlin "Do you know Liu Ke her father" Pan Linlin was very happy that someone wanted to listen to her She grinned and said "Yes have you forgotten" Me Chen Yu and her we three are in the same school my classroom is next to them a corridor "I've seen Liu Ke's father come to school to give her an umbrella several times" The Office & School Supplies head schoolgirl does not let other two schoolgirls chirp she has the patience very much as if sniffed out this inside fierce material flavor "The topic" "I saw her father pulling and pulling with a woman in the street" Pan Linlin recalled "It was more than one o'clock in the morning I stayed up all night in the Internet bar and had nothing to eat I wanted to come out to see if there were any stalls I happened to bump into that scene" As he spoke he grabbed the girl's head and reproduced the pulling scene at that time I can't hear what's being said but I'm pulling more than we are Pan Linlin's words successfully attracted the attention of the other two girls and they chattered *** can it be said "Don't say that the woman may be Liu Ke's mother The couple quarreled" "Noisy in the street" "You're ignorant My parents are always like that" "You two are bored to death" The heart of gossip of head schoolgirl is firm "Pan Linlin you say" Pan Linlin threw out a heavy bomb "I have also seen Liu Ke's mother a very simple person not the flirtatious style last night" As soon as the words came out the atmosphere in the room changed How sexy is it "Come on don't keep me in suspense My stomach won't last long" "The woman was dressed in a very fashionable way with a close-fitting slit dress Here it is" Pan Linlin made a gesture at the root of her thigh While the girl on the side was not paying attention she put her hand into her bag and grabbed a handful of peanuts to eat "Big wavy curls flaming red lips almost 36 E small waist You can imagine that kind of modern girl" The door suddenly opened When Pan Linlin saw the figure at the door she was so frightened that she swallowed the frosted peanuts directly She pinched her throat and coughed until she blushed The other three girls saw Liu Ke and stood up Liu Ke folded his arms and leaned against the door "So concerned about my family's affairs" Several people were too embarrassed to look at her China Suppliers Especially Pan Linlin this will be pulling braids and clasping fingers regret to want to beat themselves Finished completely offended Liu Ke Liu Ke's eyes swept over the four people inside smiling all over his face "Why don't you go to my house" Several people "… …" "No no" "Right right right no no" "Yes you are so curious I'm afraid you can't control yourself and then you will be distracted by my family's affairs which will delay your painting" “……” "It's better to hit the sun than to choose the day Now" The radian of Liu Ke's mouth remains unchanged "Go" The three girls looked at each other in a panic and all ran away Pan Linlin took a slow step and became a frightened bird in an instant Liu Ke does not speak looks at her on the face is smiling in the eye does not have the temperature Pan Linlin was almost scared to cry She clung to the door frame on the other side with trepidation and rubbed out step by step I'm sorry Drop a sentence and run away
Chen Yu leaned on the bicycle to think about things When Packaging & Printing she saw Liu Ke coming down her face was much worse than before She was stunned and asked "What's wrong" Liu Ke said nothing Chen Yu remembered that several girls in the studio were not quite right when they went downstairs with Pan Linlin but also glanced at her here and could not help wondering Is there a conflict Because of what Chen Yu on the way back the brain has been circulating some things did not open the mouth Liu Ke did not speak Their homes are not far away but they are not next to each other and they have to be separated at an intersection In the past Liu Ke would say hello and leave This time when she was approaching the intersection she began to slow down and ride very slowly Chen Yu's heart gave birth to a strange guess tentatively asked "Xiao Ke go to my house to eat at noon" Liu Ke pursed together the corners of the mouth appeared briefly soft It's obviously a relaxed even wishful little expression Chen Yu surprised really like that Xiao Ke now do not want to go home she quickly collected the mood smiled "I show you my copy of the painting you help me analyze" "My mother always misses you too" Liu Ke hung his head and looked at the handlebar of the bicycle "But" "Well I'm starving" Chen Yu patted her on the back "Let's go quickly" Liu Ke hum step on the pedal to keep up with her The vehicle speed returns to normal Chen Yu's family has the habit of eating leftovers that is a lot of everything big bowls and big pots If you can't finish this meal you can eat the next one when it's hot Chen Yu had opposed it before feeling that if the food was too hot it would not be nutritious and Chen's father had also made a small suggestion They were all rejected by the phrase "burn yourself" According to Chen's mother she had suffered from famine and hunger when she was a child She could not forget the terrible feeling She ate more and had a sense of security This time the family temporarily added a pair of bowls and chopsticks and the food was enough to eat Mother Chen likes Liu Ke very much
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