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Ruthless CEO's Troublesome Pet (4th Jan 23 at 5:23am UTC)Quote Reply
The first time he got the information from Lian Kai's investigation, Yan Haochen knew that things were not simple, but he did not expect things to be so complicated. After work this afternoon, Lian Kai came to tell him that he had new information and that the new discovery was far beyond their expectations. Before he could warn the other side, the other side had already made the first move. Yan Haochen returned to the calm state of the past, eyes shining at the back of Gu Kexuan back to the room. Gu Kexuan lay on the bed with Toby in her arms, recalling the passionate scene between her and Yan Haochen in the carriage. She was embarrassed to bury her face in Toby's neck, but with a sweet smile on her face. The fans of the game proved that she had fallen hopelessly in love with Yan Haochen. Yan Haochen's hand was injured, and Gu Kexuan didn't let him cook again these two days. Their meals are either eaten outside or solved by semi-finished products. Yan Haochen is indifferent, Gu Kexuan did not come before, he has been so, also did not feel how. But Gu Kexuan's Five Viscera Temple began to protest, not knowing what Yan Haochen had put in the food, which made her feel bad no matter what she ate now. In order to thank Yan Haochen, but also for themselves, Gu Kexuan today specially bought back the minced meat and noodles, ready to do her box of work-noodles with soy sauce! She must pull back her clumsy image in Yan Haochen's eyes and make him sit up and take notice. It's delicious! Like a pupil who wants to be praised by the teacher,Nail Making Machine price, Gu Kexuan can't wait to hear Yan Haochen's affirmation. The two men finished the noodles, and even Toby ate up the rice in the basin, eating a mouthful of meat sauce. After Gu Kexuan came here, Toby's eating habits changed completely. The dog food was never touched again, and he became a miscellaneous food dog. Every time they ate something, Gu Kexuan fed it something, and sometimes the big bucket of ice cream she couldn't finish was thrown to Toby. Not to mention sleeping,Nail machine supplier, I don't know whether Toby moved the doghouse to Gu Kexuan's room or Gu Kexuan moved into the doghouse. Anyway, they sleep in the same bed. At first, Yan Haochen was still in charge, but when he opened the door the next day, one person and one dog must have come out at the same time. Over time, he got used to it and turned a blind eye. Verse 62: Ruthless CEO's Troubled Pet (62) For Gu Kexuan, she doesn't feed her dog food because she feels that eating one kind of food all the time is a kind of abuse to the dog. She likes to see Toby ask her for her own food. As for sleeping with this kind of big dog, it's her greatest wish. It's much more comfortable to hold it than to hold a doll. Yan Haochen refused, so she stole the dog in the middle of the night to sleep with Toby. This is a day less sleep, who knows which day she will pack up and leave, can not leave their own regrets! "Did you really do it?" It's not that Yan Haochen doesn't trust her, but that she has no reason to be trusted. It's not like he hasn't seen her clumsy appearance. He really doesn't look like a person who can cook delicious food, Nail machine supplier ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, although it's just a bowl of noodles with soy sauce. Of course, from choosing the ingredients to cooking, I did it all by myself. Don't look down on people so much! You haven't said whether it's delicious or not! The bottoming bowl had already given Gu Kexuan the best answer, but she just wanted to listen to what came out of Yan Haochen's mouth. Not bad Although a little dissatisfied with Yan Haochen's stingy comments, Gu Kexuan was very happy to be praised by Yan Haochen. Ha ha, that is! Brother Yan likes noodles with soy sauce best, so I just. Seeing Yan Haochen's face freezing, Gu Kexuan consciously shut up and wanted to bite off her eventful tongue. I wanted to show off my talent, but I outsmarted myself. People didn't ask you why you made noodles with bean paste. What are you talking about! Gu Kexuan is indeed because of Liu Yan to learn noodles, she and Liu Yan bet, if he can make his favorite food, Liu Yan will hide for her to skip school to see the concert. Liu Yan liked her mother's noodles with soy sauce best, so Gu Kexuan pestered her mother to learn noodles with soy sauce every day, but she didn't expect to make it. Unfortunately, the loss outweighed the gain. From then on, she hated cooking. Liu Yan, right? Hum! Look at her mention of Liu Yan on the smiling face of the brilliant expression, Yan Haochen look at the heart is very uncomfortable, with a belly of anger turned away from the table.
Mingming was fine just now, but suddenly something was wrong. He wanted to tell him that he had an appointment with Yan's brother the day after tomorrow. Now he knew that he would not agree without asking. Gu Kexuan was annoyed to clean up the bowls and chopsticks on the table. The bridge to the bow was naturally straight and could only take one step at a time. 5 Don't you need to go to so much trouble to attend a party? Verse 63: Ruthless CEO's Troubled Pet (63) Gu Kexuan had attended a graduation party with Liu Yan before, but it was never as grand as this. She was pulled out by Liu Yan at noon, and now four, five, six, seven hours have passed, and Gu Kexuan's patience has been worn away. From her hair to her makeup to her clothes and shoes, she went back and forth to several stores, and she was completely transformed. Gu Kexuan looked at herself in the mirror and began to be in a trance, as if the person in the mirror was not her. Shoulder-baring dress, not deliberately revealing figure, there is a kind of lovely sexy in the looming, matching with Gu Kexuan's temperament to the extreme, Liu Yan's vision is really good. Gu Kexuan suddenly wanted to know how Yan Haochen would feel if he saw what he looked like now. Why are you cranky again? Gu Kexuan shook her head. Everything continues, two people should go to the meeting. Gu Ke-hsuan was a little timid just because of the various famous cars parked in front of her and the celebrities from all walks of life who got off the cars. Unlike the small parties she had attended in the past, this was a high-class banquet for the upper class of society. Gu Kexuan's nervous palms were sweating, and her pace began to drag. In fact, she was afraid to participate in such social activities, and the feeling of being with a bunch of strangers made her feel uncomfortable. If it weren't for her brother, she would never come to such an occasion. Don't worry! I'll be by your side all the time,High Speed Nail Making Machine, just stay inside for a while, and we'll slip away when we have a chance. Liu Yan put his arm around Gu Kexuan's shoulder and whispered in her ear. As long as you're not afraid I'll embarrass you, what am I afraid of? Liu Yan's smile is her best reassurance.
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