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Enter the full moon of the Qin Palace by mistake (4th Jan 23 at 5:38am UTC)Quote Reply
I said, "Prince, Empress Mu asked me to wait for the prince's reply." "Thank you for the message, but I'm afraid Dan can't do what Empress Mu asked for." Prince Dan spoke without any trace, but he was extremely polite but distant. Before Mu said Dan would not refuse, I did not expect him to say this, for a while, I do not know how to say again. I think slightly: "The prince can write a letter, clarify the reason, I bring to Mu Niangniang or hand over." Prince Dan was still silent, obviously with the intention of driving away the guests. Annoyed, I reminded him, "Did the prince forget to give me a jade hairpin somewhere a few months ago?" The prince looked at me coldly and said, "Miss, please pay attention to your identity." Identity? I laugh: "I anyhow also am open and aboveboard next to the good man of the state of Qin is to match Gong E, the prince at this time is only the proton of the state of Qin.". In terms of identity, one is the master and the other is the prisoner. Prince Danbai blushed and said, "Although I am a hostage now, I will be the king of Yan in the future.". You are just a slave of the Qin Palace. How can you compare with me? I know a smile, "I'm afraid that before the prince ascended the throne, Yan will not be a country." Prince Dan Jun's face was twisted and his demeanor was completely lost. "You dare to say such crazy words. How can I allow you to go back alive today?" "How can killing one person guarantee the safety of a country?" I sneered. He was so angry that his fingers trembled at me. "Come on,empty cosmetic tubes, come on …" The man came for a long time, but he couldn't say any more. Then a house slave came to report, "Prince, Tian Guang is back." When the prince heard this, he looked slightly straight and said, "Invite him in." Pointing to me again: "Get this woman out of here." As soon as I heard the word Tian Guang, two stout warriors came and tried to take me away. Disuse I left them behind and walked ahead. It was not until I left the mansion that I turned my head to take a closer look. My legs were weak and I wanted to fall down. I will never forget the face of the warrior who sent me out. When Guiguzi was assassinated, he cut his younger brother with a ferocious face,tube lip gloss, which was full of killing intent under the sword. I was frightened, as if I had accidentally bumped into a big secret of life and death, and turned around and left in a hurry. Zhengwen jade is verdant When I returned to the Qing'an Hall, I saw that my face was pale and I knew that things were not going smoothly. She frowned and said, "I tried my best to help Prince Dan and Lu Xiang get along well. I didn't expect that Prince Tang of the State of Yan was such a person who burned bridges." Awakening alone, Guiguzi, sorcery, and the world master, I carefully linked these, and, when Guiguzi said that the younger brother was poisoned by the sword wound, the name was drunk alone. In a flash in the heart, I am busy ask Mu: "You say to be able to match the superior of the world that wakes alone, what to call?" Mu accident I will mention this matter: "Gao Ren's name is Guiguzi, who has lived in seclusion in Yunmeng Mountain for many years.". Will you know? That's right. Prince Dan's unique medicine is not made by your sister, custom cosmetic packing ,polyfoil tube, but by Guiguzi. Mu nodded, "Prince Dan told me last time. He said he had a good friendship with Guiguzi, so he sent him from Guiguzi to prove his friendship.". How do you know all this? Nonsense. If so, how could Prince Dan send someone to kill Guiguzi? Mu, Prince Dan's words are false, Prince Dan and Guiguzi will only have enmity, there can be no friendship. Mu was surprised for a long time: "I asked Prince Dan this time to ask him to pass a message to the old man of Guigu, asking about the whereabouts of the treasure of my family." No wonder Prince Dan excused himself. He couldn't finish the task at all. Mu added, "There are strange rocks and paths in Yunmeng Mountain. Ordinary people can't find Guiguzi's residence at all.". That's why I thought of borrowing Prince Dan's friendship with him, but I didn't expect him to be so cruel. Ying Ying, do you know Mr. Guigu? I nodded. When Mr. Guigu left, he asked me and my younger brother not to disclose his address to others, so I couldn't tell Mu. What is the treasure of your clan? Mu hesitated a little, looked around, and then said in a low voice: "It is called jade verdant, which is the guardian of the Miao witches through the ages.". Then it was lost, and three generations of us were looking for it. I heard that Mr. Guigu knew where it was. Jade verdant, Reese once asked Guiguzi, Lv Buwei is also looking for this thing. What's the use of it? Since it is a treasure, there is something magical. For us witches, we get it to protect it.
"Mu is as reverent as mentioning sacred objects," but there is a folk prophecy, Yingying, haven't you heard it? " She whispered in my ear: "Those who get the jade of the He family will establish the country; those who get the verdant jade will live forever." I sniffed, and now in the hands of the prince of Zhao, finally Zhao is not taken away by the tyrant in the Xianyang palace. I thought to myself that since it was the property of the Mu family, if I had the chance to help Mu ask Mr. Guigu to return it, he would not refuse. I sent a letter to my younger brother to remind him that the assassination of Guiguzi was related to Prince Dan, so that he could be on his guard. The younger brother is not too worried, promised to investigate the matter, but said that Prince Dan still needs to rely on the help of Lu Buwei, will not make things to him. So after a long time, I put it behind me. It is said that blessings never come in pairs and misfortunes never come singly. Mu and I, who were not favored, lived in a very low-key way in Xianyang Palace, but we always ran into crabs walking sideways. When Youmei is pregnant with the dragon vein, it seems that in order to raise the fetus, or to accumulate virtue for the child, she has changed from a lioness with teeth and claws to a crab. This result can make us celebrate more than the reason itself. But something happened, and the balance between us was broken again. The chief culprit of the incident was the Lv's fox fur coat. The sunshine at the end of spring and the beginning of summer is the most refreshing, so I miss my white fox fur, which is still lying dirty in the wardrobe. Escaped from the Colored Glass Palace that night, I stuffed the fox fur in the dirt, and when I got it back, it was too horrible to look at. The evidence of this crime could not be easily seen, and I could not bear to part with the good fox fur, so I hid it in the depths of the cabinet. But today,cosmetic tube packaging, the bright sunshine on the smooth white jade wall reminds me of the silvery light of the fox fur. I took it out but didn't dare to let the palace people handle it. I took the clear water of the Jade Pool to wash away the dust and mud on the fox fur, and then hung it high on the rockery beside the pool, so that its color shone with the sunshine.
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