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Mortal Xiuxian Biography (11th Jan 23 at 12:55am UTC)Quote Reply
"Well, you can convince the others to come to me first." The big fellow Wen Yan moved in the heart, but the other side is really notorious, still said his condition without thinking. Ok, as long as you have the words of Taoist friend. The others were handed over to Zheng. Zheng Wei patted his chest and promised. Then in the big fellow's surprised eyes, he flew to an old man with purple light in the distance. This Taoist friend, do you want to go inside and explore? I've already discussed with the Taoist friends over there. I'm going to find three more Taoist friends to go with me. I wonder if you would like to join us? Before the old man showed his surprise in the face of the uninvited guest, Zheng Wei first showed a smiling look. The old man frowned, looked at Zheng Wei coldly, and then looked up at the big fellow on the other side, just in time to meet the curious eyes of the big fellow. After a slight contact with his eyes, the old man's face suddenly appeared, and a faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Soon after, five yuan Ying level casual practitioners, who had never met before, also entered the magic array together. In this way, the senior monks who stayed outside suddenly disappeared. At the same time that many yuan Ying monks entered the magic array, Han Li kept looking around with a flash of blue in his eyes. Now he was alone in a dreamlike space, surrounded by all kinds of clouds, no sky above, no earth below, but suspended in the air. This ghost place is too evil, how to fly also can not fly out,bottle blowing machine, neither forbidden to appear, nor like an illusion! Do you really want to be trapped and die here? Han Li murmured to himself, looking very depressed. Since a few days ago, three people accidentally found a rock next to the stairs, there is a very rare spirit grass, the rich old man immediately eager to go to pick. As a result, the old man pulled out the spirit grass, but immediately touched what ban, Han Li only felt a flower in front of his eyes,Edible oil filling machine, unexpectedly appeared here alone. Bai Yaoyi and the old man surnamed Fu were nowhere to be seen. In the face of the law array ban, although Han Li is not a master of array, but some of the ancient odd array also has a lot of research, at the beginning of nature will not be afraid of anything. But before long, Han Li felt bad. Because he could not even be sure whether everything here was an illusion, only that no matter how long he had flown, what appeared in front of him was exactly the same. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the supernatural power of the spirit was used long ago, and the result was that no abnormality was found. As for attacks with flying swords and magic weapons, they have all been tried one by one. As a result, after a hit, it hit far away unimpeded, and then collapsed and disappeared, which could not be achieved at all. In this way, no matter how sharp his attack is, it is useless. After drifting around in this space for so long, water bottle packaging machine ,water filling machine, Han Li, who still had nothing to gain, finally stopped. His eyes narrowed and hesitated for a moment, then he suddenly sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes gently. In his mind, he began to think carefully about all kinds of ancient strange formations that he had practiced in his life, to see if he could find similar prohibitions so that he could break out of the array. Time passed slowly, and Han Li's body was motionless, like a wood carving. I do not know how long after, Han Li finally looked like a movement, slowly opened his eyes, eyes at the same time looking at the clouds around. Tut! So that's it. So it is. Han Li's eyes with a trace of strange, gently said to himself. Volume VI Tongtian Lingbao Chapter One Thousand and Two Unexpected Encounters Han Li stood up slowly and grabbed a red cloud nearby with one hand. Suddenly, a big blue hand came out of thin air and grasped the cloud in his hand. A low incantation sounded! Han Li stared at the big hand, two hands formed a strange handprint, muttering in his mouth. After the big hand trembled, he suddenly closed his fingers and held the red cloud in the palm of his hand. The blue light shines, and the big hand turns into a dazzling ball of light in a moment, dazzling. But Han Li immediately opened his mouth, a bent blue baby fire spurted out of the mouth, a light fluttering wrapped around the ball of light, then the fierce flames quickly submerged the ball of light, wrapped the ball in it. At this time, Han Licai scattered the formula in his hand and looked at the ball of light with an expressionless face without saying a word. I do not know how long after, Han Li mouth after a twitch, suddenly sleeve robe toward the air flame a shake, a glow swept away.
The flame immediately went out, revealing a pale red bead. It seems that it is really right! As expected, only the ancient monks had such a brilliant means of hiding objects and transforming them. But even in ancient times, there were few monks who knew this kind of formation, right? This is also thanks to a similar prohibition in the classics presented by Xin Ruyin in the past year. Otherwise, I really don't know how to break the array. It seems that the power of the spirit eye will be strengthened in the future. If we can continue to use the spirit liquid of Ming and Qing Dynasties for more than a hundred years, we should also be able to see through this top-ranking illusion. Han Li sighed, unable to see through this kind of law array now to his spirit eye, quite some depressed appearance. He ignored the red beads floating in the air. Eyes looked around again, and then stared at a blue cloud, the same big hand to grasp, and then a wisp of baby fire in the past. This time, the clouds vanished in the flames in a twinkling of an eye. Han Li had no different color on his face, and immediately grabbed another blue cloud. After two failures in a row, a blue bead was finally refined. In this way, after spending half a day, three beads of yellow, green and gold were refined. Then Han Li began to wave solemnly at a few beads, and the beads that had been floating nearby immediately flew in. Then ten fingers flicked a burst of traction, the beads slowly rotated around him, and faster and faster, gradually turned into a five-color ring, the ring of light points, appears mysterious and unusual. Go Han Li raised his eyebrows and gave a low drink. As soon as the movement of the ten fingers stopped, the five-color rings collapsed and scattered, and the beads suddenly flew around in a mysterious trajectory. In a twinkling of an eye, the beads flew to five seemingly unrelated places nearby,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, turning and turning, and at the same time, they also changed eerily.
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