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The crazy guest of the five mountains (11th Jan 23 at 1:07am UTC)Quote Reply
It's just a powder head to accompany the wine. He doesn't mind being watched. If you want to know the enemy, you must keep in touch with the enemy. He wanted to know the security situation inside and outside the Zhongxian Puhui Temple, and how many masters and celebrities had been set up nearby? If the stooges How can he get the right information by ignoring him? The hope of success is very small. It is estimated that the diners in the left and right compartments are by no means simple. He was able to leave Yiyuan safely because the two banshees had already said hello to the governor's office and had proved that the two banshees were from Dongchang. The minions of some people, or the running dogs of Eunuch Li of the Weaving Department, could hold down the accomplices of Governor Mao. Do you know those secret agents in the East Factory? Power is supreme in Suzhou. Then, the left and right sides of those who follow, will not be the governor's accomplices, should be the companions of the two banshees. Of course, he did not know whether the estimate was correct, and he did not know the minions of the East Factory spy. Two years after his debut, he knew The number of masters and celebrities is limited, so he must investigate carefully. It is very dangerous to know oneself and not know the enemy. When the shopkeeper introduced Han Suying, the flower demon in the mirror, into the compartment, he couldn't help blurting out an exclamation. The fairy who came down to earth went to the wrong place. He was genuinely complimentary, though his tone was a little slick: "I'm three." Life is lucky. "Glib, humph!" The flower demon in the mirror gave him a charming white look, and his voice was greasy to arouse human desire: "I am a demon, am I not?" Fairy Ordinary people like me don't believe in heaven, earth, ghosts and gods, so there are no demons or fairies in my mind. I only know that you are so beautiful. Beautiful,uns s31803 sheet, lovely girl, that's enough. He affectionately took the mirror flower demon to sit in a row and waved to the shopkeeper to serve the food and wine: Where is Miss Yang? She.. "She has something to do and can't come." The flower in the mirror smiled and looked down at him. "Do you like her, too?" "Do you think I have a bad idea about Ehuang Nvying?"? Forget it "Why not say something vulgar?"? Everyone knows how to kill two birds with one stone, but few people know how to kill two birds with one stone. Seriously, she treats you. She has a good impression and a high opinion. If she didn't have something to hold her, she would easily let go of the chance to be close to you? Another day, she'll look for it. A chance to get together with you. The two banshees often travel together in Jianghu. They love each other like sisters, even closer than sisters. They share happiness and hardship, including sharing Beloved lover. Mirror flower demon dressed up very well tonight,x52 line pipe, people are born beautiful, although the actual youth should be called Xu Niang, charm not only Still exists, Yan Ye is even too much. With thin makeup, it is more charming and moving under the light. Pearl green full head, moon white one-piece dress, plus beads String tassel round flower waistcoat, appears luxurious and refined, the whole body exudes an intoxicating fragrance, compared with the ladies of rich families She has all the charm that a mature and beautiful woman should have. How about hiring a painting boat to visit Taihu Lake another day? I'm the host. He handed over a cup of tea and gazed at the beauty of the banshee. Face, tightly sucked that pair of watery bright eyes: "Suying, do not waste life in the bloody sword all day, we are in life and death." People who go in and out of the door should also have a spiritual level of life. In my hometown, there are towering mountains everywhere, mysterious, 347 stainless steel ,x60 line pipe, Cold, awe-inspiring, even frightening. It is hard for people to live in the mountains. To the south of the Yangtze River, like to another world, a Completely strange, but so lovely world. So I'm going to enjoy it, and I look forward to sharing it with you. The flower demon in the mirror stared at him in a daze, deeply exploring his eyes, as if he wanted to enter his body and his soul. Place, however, deep eyes are visible at a loss. In his eyes, there was a glow of joy in realizing the meaning of heart to heart. Yue. He thought that the flower demon in the mirror understood his mind, and even had the same view of the secular spiritual side as he did. Reason should be the beautiful expression of the two hearts, and the two hearts will be closer, even blend and possess each other. You Your words are so strange.
"The flower demon in the mirror broke the silence of this moment, and the deep eyes were there again." Change: "I have been living very well, you do not envy everything around us?"? We have enough ability to enjoy life, Jin. Clothes, food, sound and color. "Oh!"! Yes, we have enough ability to enjoy the beautiful life of sensual pleasures. A look of joy on his face. Disappeared, put on another happy look, but full of mockery: "Life geometry?"? Carpe diem. Look, food and wine. Come on, Jiangnanchun's food and wine are famous far and near, enough to enjoy the appetite. This trip to the south of the Yangtze River is to satisfy my desire. Yes. The three shopkeepers carried the food boxes, tidied up the tables in an orderly manner, arranged the dishes on the cups and plates, and retreated in silence. Oh! What is your desire? The interest of the flower demon in the mirror came, and the previously confused look disappeared. Debauchery and wealth. He is host, free and easy ground pours wine to smile: "This is the man's simplest, most fervent desire." He Raise your glass: "To you, Miss Han, for you and me meet by chance, congenial cheers." Drinking a cup of Huadiao in one gulp, he poured the wine again with a laugh. After three rounds of drinking, his heroic spirit gradually emerged. Wine is a hero, wealth is courage, he can drink, money, here and now, there is good wine and good food, there is With the beauty, it's time to show the hero. There are three glasses of wine to boost the courage. It's a good time to show the heroic spirit. People who pursue to satisfy the desire of debauchery and wealth must live very comfortably. The flower demon in the mirror picked up the flagon and poured the wine for him. The corner of the eye ripples with the spring sentiment: "Of course!"! The first condition is to have the ability to pursue, and talent and money are the most basic conditions. Pieces. Like you.. "I have a lot of money, a lot of talent, plenty of leisure time, and.." "What do you lack?" The flower demon in the mirror grabbed the interface. Am I deficient? He asked in a strange voice, patting his chest half true and half false. Pretty good "Just kidding, I.." "At first,316 stainless steel plate, you have no powerful people to support you; at last, you have no one to support and serve you.". Brother Ji, what can a loner do? Things? "I have friends!" You have friends? You said you were alone. 。
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