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The strongest hacker (11th Jan 23 at 1:07am UTC)Quote Reply
"Ha ha, yes, Yuxuan is right. Why are we so polite? Come on, come in and sit down." Said Zhang next to him with a guffaw. Meeting on the first day of the New Year, everyone could not avoid greeting each other. Li Yuxuan and his family spent the New Year here. Tan Yudie said hello to everyone in the room. Then she remembered something. She turned to Zhang Yang and asked, "What did you just shout?" At this moment, the people who greeted each other found that there was something wrong with Zhang Yang's state. The whole person was silly and giggled all the time. Just now Tan Yudie said Happy New Year to him, but he didn't respond. I'm going to be a father. Zhang Yang suddenly gave a loud roar, which startled all the people in the room. But when the people in the room heard what Zhang Yang said, everyone was stunned for a moment. Then Li Shufang and Sun Yixiang jumped up in surprise: "What?"? Ture Even Zhang Yang's grandfather stood up from his chair on crutches with surprise on his face and asked excitedly, "Yang Yang, is it true?"? You didn't lie to Grandpa? Li Keqing is still sleeping upstairs and hasn't woken up, so everyone doesn't know how Zhang Yang knows. Of course it's true. Have you forgotten that there are many high-tech detection facilities in this villa? Just now, the stars told me that another life beat was scanned in Keqing's body. "Wow," the whole villa after the confirmation of publicity, can not help but surprise called out. Zhang Yang is too excited, although he has not wanted to have children so early, so he and Keqing also have protective measures when they do bad things, but there are always times when people can not help, there are several times to understand that Keqing is a safe period, so Zhang Yang did not take any measures,uns c68700, did not expect to have so. Wait, if I want to be a godmother, none of you are allowed to rob me. It doesn't matter what kind of godaunt, godsister, godaunt and so on you are, but the godmother suddenly shouted out in the room in the voice of Tan Yudie. Li Yuxuan they were stupefied for a moment, and then the expression was a little strange, Tan Yudie felt that he had overreacted,uns s31803 sheet, the white cheeks were slightly red, and then in the face of Li Yuxuan their strange face, and unwilling to be outdone stared back; "What are you looking at?"? Anyway, I made a reservation first, and that's it. I'm the godmother, and you all stay back. "Can I be a godfather?" Fang Shaoyun hesitated for a moment, then weakly raised his hand and asked, Fang Shaoyun's words immediately made everyone laugh. Li Yuxuan jumped up and gave Fang Shaoyun a chestnut, "I am the child's aunt, what do you want to be?" "Uh.." Then I'll be an uncle. Fang Shaoyun immediately shrank his neck. Haha, "everyone immediately burst into laughter." What are you laughing at? So happy? Just then, Li Keqing's lazy voice came out from the stairway entrance. She had been sleeping luxuriously recently, but she was still woken up by such a loud noise. Ah, Keqing, 347 stainless steel ,x52 line pipe, you're awake. Keqing, be careful. Be careful. Without waiting for Zhang Yang to start, Sun Yixiang and Li Shufang ran over with flushed faces, so that Zhang Yang and insolence, who were ready to follow the past, stopped their steps. The father and son looked at each other and immediately shrugged their shoulders and smiled. Mom? What are you doing? Li Keqing was surprised by the movements of Sun Yixiang and Li Shufang. What's wrong with the two old people? Keqing, don't you know? You're pregnant. You're pregnant. Sun Yixiang couldn't wait to tell the news. Ah Li Keqing's whole person was directly stunned in place, and then great happiness surrounded her. Although Li Keqing has presided over the Star Group for several years, Li Keqing is a very traditional woman in her bones. Even when Zhang Yang was not married, when they just lived together, Li Keqing wanted to give birth to a child for Zhang Yang. But she also knew that it was not the right time, so although she had been thinking about it, she did not mention it. But I didn't expect happiness to come so suddenly. Mom, how do you know? Li Keqing suddenly reacted, although this month has not come, but only seven or eight days late, she herself did not feel anything, Li Shufang how they know. Zhang Yang said that there was a detection system in the starry sky, and it was detected.
” "Is my husband real?" Li Keqing looked at Zhang Yang with a happy face. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's true. You're having our baby. Zhang Yang also nodded excitedly to Li Keqing. Hee hee, Keqing is going to be a mother now. I didn't expect you to be the fastest here. Li Yuxuan, they all came together at this time. Although the life detection system installed in the villa is also the most advanced, there is no doubt that Sun Yixiang still believes in doctors. There is a small hospital in the Star Group Building, which is not open to the outside world. It specializes in seeing the staff of Star Group. Although the sparrow is small and has all the internal organs, there is no doubt that the doctor's equipment in this small hospital and so on. Is it possible for Star Group to use poor ones? So for the sake of insurance, a phone call, Sun Yixiang called the gynecological experts in the hospital to come over. The expert was an old professor in his fifties. After bringing the equipment to do a detailed examination for Li Keqing, the old professor said to Sun Yixiang with a smile: "Sister, I want to congratulate you. It's true. General Manager Li really has it." 'ah. Thank you. This is a red envelope for you. Sun Yixiang, Li Shufang and insolent heart immediately put into the stomach, Sun Yixiang directly took out a few prepared red envelopes handed over the past, thick red envelopes inside how many needless to say. The old professor, as well as several nurses who came, did not refuse and accepted with a smile. If they were ordinary people, they might refuse, but this is the only owner of Star Group. This money is for them. It's really nothing, so don't spoil the fun at this happy time. After taking the red envelope, the doctors took their leave. After a lot of tossing and turning, it was almost noon. Sun Yixiang was happy and said that he would cook for them in person. Speaking of, Zhang Yang home is also very strange, until now, there is no nanny at home and so on, the huge villa is just looking for someone to clean up regularly, as long as Sun Yixiang they are in, there is absolutely no nanny,x60 line pipe, only Sun Yixiang they are busy out, Zhang Yang will invite people to come over, but the people invited are also from the logistics department of Star Group.
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