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The sea dragon stopped the shadow with his eyes and said, "Don't say anything. Let's go.". Baby Princess, if I have time in the future, I will definitely play chess with you again. The baby smiled, stood up and said, "Hailong, why are you in such a hurry to go?"? I can see that you have no malice in coming to our Bibo Pool. If you have any request, you can say it now. The sea dragon smiled and said, "I have already lost to the princess on the chessboard. What else can I ask for?"? Princess, take your leave. With these words, he took the three women to go out. Just then, the guard who had left earlier came back, followed by a handsome man. The man looked about thirty years old, dressed in a brilliant silver robe, carrying a crescent halberd in his hand, on which a layer of silvery brilliance appeared, as if a layer of frost and fog had condensed on the halberd. The sea dragon easily recognized that it was not produced by the injection of mana, but by the original material. At first glance, his first impression was that he was solid. The sea dragon knew that this was his goal this time. As soon as the man saw the four sea dragons, he held a crescent halberd in his hand and said in a deep voice, "Is the Dragon Palace in Bibotan a place where you can come and go whenever you want?"? Make the purpose clear first, otherwise, you can't leave. Feeling the evil spirit of the handsome man in front of him, the sea dragon smiled, "Your Excellency must be the nine-headed son-in-law of the Dragon Palace in Bibotan.". In my impression,316l stainless steel pipe, you should be a very sinister person, how can you be so impatient? Is my judgment wrong? With a flash of cold light in his eyes, the nine-headed emperor's son-in-law pointed to the crescent halberd and said in a deep voice, "What did you say?" The sea dragon smiled and said, "You should know very well what I said."! If you are not insidious, how can you rob someone else's wife? Originally, I was going to grab the crescent halberd in your hand this time, but for the sake of the doll princess, let it go today. If we are destined to meet in the future, we will meet again. "Well, do you want to go?" Surrounded by a sudden surge of silver light, the nine-headed emperor's son-in-law stepped forward, and the silver light rising around his body wrapped the body of the sea dragon. In the flickering light, uns s32760 plate ,321 stainless steel sheet, it seemed that there were countless rays of light shooting towards the body of the sea dragon. When he heard the sea dragon mention that he had robbed someone else's wife, he had the idea of killing in his heart and decided to leave the four of them here regardless of everything. Yes, you have a strong cultivation, but unfortunately, you met me. The red light flashed away, and the sea dragon's body was already behind the nine-headed emperor's son-in-law. He stopped and said indifferently, "I said, for the sake of the baby princess, I won't embarrass you today. I hope you can take care of yourself." The red light reappeared, wrapped in the bodies of the sea dragon and the three misty women, and disappeared in the eyes of the Dragon Palace in Bibotan in an instant. With a strange look in her eyes, Princess Doll murmured to herself, "I didn't expect that the person I've been looking for would appear under such circumstances.". It seems that I can no longer live a quiet life. The Dragon King of Bibotan walked up to his nine-headed son-in-law and asked with concern, "Good son-in-law, are you all right?" The nine-headed emperor's son-in-law sat down like a deflated rubber ball. The crescent halberd in his hand fell to one side. His eyes were empty and he said, "My father-in-law, I'm really useless. The man just now was really too strong. He was too strong for me to imagine.". Since they are willing to go, let them go quickly. Otherwise, as long as he wants, he can absolutely destroy our Bibotan Dragon Palace in an instant. The Dragon King of Bibo Pool felt a shock all over his body. "Is it that powerful?" He asked. The nine-headed emperor's son-in-law said with a wry smile, "I'm afraid he's already strong enough to have the cultivation of a great God.". That's legendary. 1. …… Out of the Bibotan Dragon Palace, the sea dragon directly controlled the golden cloud, he was somewhat melancholy to control the direction of the golden cloud, always lowered his head and did not say a word, as if thinking about something. Piaomiao walked up to the sea dragon and asked, "What's wrong with you today?"? The nine-headed emperor's son-in-law has already appeared, and the crescent halberd is right in front of you. Why don't you want it? Did you really lose that chess game? The sea dragon nodded and said, "Yes, it was because I lost that game of chess.".
” The shadow chuckled and said, "No, isn't it just a game of chess?"? Piaomiao sister said, your chess skills are very poor! He thought he had met his match. The sea dragon shook his head and said, "What you don't understand is that we are not playing chess at all, but competing for magic power." Three female heart at the same time a surprised, "test magic?"? Can the magic power of the doll princess compete with yours? The sea dragon said with a wry smile, "If that were not the case, do you think I would give up my purpose easily?"? At first, I didn't notice anything unusual, but when the doll princess took my hand, I clearly felt that her magic power was so powerful. Moreover, the most terrible thing is that the magic power she used,a333 grade 6 pipe, like me, is also the gas of chaos. Ethereal eyes reveal the color of horror, "what?"? Is also the gas of chaos? How is this possible? Isn't it said that you are the only one in the world who can use the gas of chaos? 。
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