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The Next Human World -- Phoenix (11th Jan 23 at 1:08am UTC)Quote Reply
However, the name spread to Bugu's ears, the general did not know how to listen, ah, repeated: "What is the ball?"? Tiger ball? The general scratched the back of his head and said with a simple and honest smile, "Ha ha ha, that's a good name. It's tiger-headed and strong!"! Good, good.. The author has something to say: In the previous life, Alan was pregnant, and Bu Lianhua had to work hard. In this life, Qinglan is pregnant, but he still can't get rid of the life of hard work. Struggling on the line of life and death every day, thanks to a little eloquence, I can save myself repeatedly (the desire to survive is getting higher and higher). Thanks to today's sponsors: Cherry Cherry Peach, Pulling Sheep Liver. Hungry. Chapter 40 after pregnancy. Buxike did all the work, serving tea, dressing and cooking. Qinglan, on the other hand, became more and more picky. No, it's too sweet. "No, it's too astringent." "No, it's dazzling." Buxike: Where is the emperor's son-in-law? Do you still want it? Qinglan: No more! Very annoying General Buxike, who was invincible and never defeated,inflatable floating water park, was defeated. It was a sunny day, and Qinglan was in a good mood, so she went to the mountains on the outskirts of the city to worship the fox God. Buxike: "?" Qinglan: "I want to go." Buxike: "In that case, let's go." Mammy Yu was very critical of this. As she packed up her things, she nagged, "My son-in-law, this is no good. You can't accommodate your Highness like this." That's what she said, but she was ready for the cloak and equipment of the trip. Buxike put on a cloak for Qinglan with his own hands, tied the ribbon,Inflatable outdoor park, and put Mrs. Tang in her hand. "If you want to go, you can go," he said with a smile. "If you want to go back, you can go back. "My son-in-law!" Said Mammy Yu! You can't do that. Qinglan set off happily. At the foot of the mountain, she looked at the high mountain and the snowy path and said, "I don't want to see the fox God." Buxike was not surprised at all. "Go to the small teahouse over there and drink tea," he said. Qinglan nodded, "Well, after tea, I'll make a snowman at the foot of the mountain and worship the fox God instead of me." "This is my job," thought Buxike. He knocked on the door of the small teahouse. The air in the small teahouse was warm. The pudgy proprietress had a kind face. "Young General." "Disturbed." Buxike said hello and turned to gently stroke the ice off Qinglan's cloak. Qinglan came in and asked the landlady, "Is there any hot tea here?" The proprietress said with a smile, "As long as the princess comes, there will be good tea at any time. The general and the princess will sit down quickly, and I will go to make tea." In this season, all the shops in Yanchuan closed their doors to thank customers. Qinglan knew that she was self-willed. She followed the proprietress to the waiter with a red face. When she saw the proprietress, Inflatable water obstacle course ,Inflatable bouncer, she felt really sorry. Buxike was so careful that he came over and said, "Ah Niang, take a rest. We are not outsiders. I'll just watch the heat myself." He asked Qinglan, How is it? Do you want to drink what I cook or what Ah Niang cooks? "My son-in-law cooked it," said Qinglan. The proprietress took out the shortbread from the stove, put it in a basket and gave it to Qinglan. "Princess, taste it." Qinglan took the basket and stood at the door of the tea house, staring at the Buxi guest. He was at home these days, wearing light-colored clothes, with a loose headband tied at the end of his hair. Now when he was boiling tea, as soon as he lowered his head, his hair hung down and covered half of his face. The mist was dense, and the eyelashes of Buxike were covered with tiny drops of water. He did not look like a general at all, but like a leisurely gentleman. "Buxi guest," cried Qinglan. Buxike gave a long voice. "What do you want me to do?" Qinglan called again, "Buxi Guest!" "Yes." Buxike raised his head, looked away from the tea stove, looked at Qinglan, eyebrows and eyes curved, "what's wrong?" "Bu Lianhua." "Mmm." Buxike understood, "Oh, you're just in a hurry to call me." Qinglan was so happy that, like Jiao Jiao, she tilted her head and turned around Buxike, calling him Buxike for a while and Lianhua for a while. Then she reached out and hugged him from behind and put her face on his back. Buxike bent over to add soup to the tea stove, and as soon as Qinglan came up, he dared not move. The princess is like a cat.
” "You are the cat!" Qinglan took back her hand and stamped away, happy and angry inexplicably. Seeing her sitting back safely, Buxike clenched his fist and laughed twice secretly. The proprietress that comes to send candied fruit: "General and princess can be really good." "Sweeter than preserves." "Right?" Said Buxike. The landlady laughed. When Buxike came into the room with tea, the landlady was talking to Qinglan about the interesting things about Buxike's childhood. The general was born well in those years. He looked better than his parents. We all said that this was the little golden boy that the fox God gave us in Yanchuan. He was more beautiful than the girl. Every year during the Spring Festival, the boy of good fortune under the fox God's seat was our young general. His face did not need to be whitewashed. It was round like a full moon. He only had a red heart between his eyebrows. It was like.. Said the proprietress, picking up a few New Year pictures with ink marks that had not yet dried on the table next to her: "Princess, look, this is the New Year picture doll that my old man drew according to the appearance of the young general when he was a child!" Buxike: "Eh!"! Is it me who pastes the New Year picture boy on everyone's door every year? He was also curious to come up and see. The fat baby in the New Year picture has big eyes and red lips, wearing a small bellyband, tied up to the sky, with a round face and a smile, like a lotus root that has become fine, white. Qinglan compared the painting with the present Buxike and said, "It's still somewhat similar." Buxike generously let her contrast, Qinglan said with a smile: "So look, still some like Jiao Jiao, so big eyes, a closer look, it is full of bad ideas." "How is that possible?" Buxike raised his eyebrows. "I'm much better than her." "If you like it, you can send it to the princess," said the landlady. Qinglan: "No, I will let him draw for me this year.". Don't draw a doll, draw his present one, draw it down and paste it in my princess mansion, town house! Buxike laughed out loud and said, "I'm not bragging. My portrait must be very impressive." He sat down,inflatable castle with slide, picked up the tea, blew it carefully, and helped Qinglan warm the tea.
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