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Sword Supreme (11th Jan 23 at 1:08am UTC)Quote Reply
She shrank from three steps to two, followed closely behind Meng Lisi, and saw a huge shrine carved with thousands of strange monsters. There is an ancient and clumsy sword, which stands out. The body of the sword is carved with two big seal characters "Longyuan". The special feature is that on the dragon-shaped ring of the front armguard of the sword, there is a bright ruby as big as an egg, and the red lantern shines brightly in the room. It can be seen that this luminous ruby is invaluable, bursting out the seductive light of infinite charm, loved by everyone, in order to avoid thieves coveting, of course, locked in the house, Meng Ping thought so in her heart. However, the invisible pressure of the penetrating body is the charming light from the ruby, which really makes Meng Ping even more confused. Meng Lisi approached the sword, and the jade dimple became more beautiful and moving for the red awn of the gem. But suddenly she gave a solemn and respectful voice, and Mu Yiyi greeted her: "Hey, Uncle Jian, wake up quickly. Lisi has come to see you!" How could she speak innocently to the sword? Meng Ping was stunned on the spot! My heart was filled with a shiver. What kind of mystery is this? The blushing jewel on the sword suddenly woke up and turned over in the blink of an eye. But Meng Ping was so frightened that her hair shuddered and screamed! Jewel eyes stimulate a beam of red light, through Meng Ping eyebrows,inflatable air dancer, make her a spasmodic shiver, then the whole person stiff, also make Meng Lisi cover her mouth frightened at a loss. At first sight, Meng Ping stretched out her white jade wrist and held the "Longyuan Sword" in her hand. The egg-sized ruby on the hilt was like an eye blinking up and down, staring at Meng Lisi. From Yu Ping's stiff sandalwood lips came a cold voice that had not been spoken for a long time: "Little Alice, don't tell me!"! It's Jianbo who uses the art of soul control to speak through her body. You haven't come to me for a long time. What's the matter? When Meng Lisi heard the familiar tone of her voice, she suddenly smiled and said, "Hee hee,Inflatable 5k obstacle, Uncle Jian is very skillful!"! People thought what happened to Sister Ping? Startled! "Alas, ten years like a day, really boring unbearable ah!"! Before I left your mother, others called me'the egg of the demon world 'and regarded me as a ghost who wanted to get rid of it. Only Little Alice regarded me as'Jianbo' to chat with me. How can we give up this feeling? Yu Lisi's cheeks were flushed and she said, "I knew Uncle Jian loved her!"! I want to ask you something about my feelings tonight. Mother can't talk about it! "Hey, little Alice, is the star moving?"? Well, you are graceful and graceful, and you should find a partner. If the situation is not urgent, you will not come to me in the middle of the night, who is the object? As soon as Meng Lisi heard that the magic egg blood slave intended to help, she jumped up and down to tell Zhang Xinbao's story in detail, and told her what she was worried about, Inflatable mechanical bull ,Inflatable meltdown, and asked her to take it down. Demon Egg Blood Slave made a prompt decision and said, "Time is running out. Do you know where the'Magic Hand 'Zuo Shuairen is?"? Uncle Jian has his own plan. Manager Bai told Zuo Shuai that he was infatuated with the first prostitute in the Wanyan Pearl Pavilion in Qinqing Lane. He stayed out all night and was there! Very good! I'll send you back to your room to rest, and Jianbo will bring you good news. At the end of the conversation, Meng Ping hung the sword on her waist, but she held the hilt in one hand. She looked majestic and different. She left the "Sword Hall" with Meng Lisi as an escort. The guards patrolling along the corridor at night were all surprised to see Meng Ping, who did not know martial arts and was fragile with a sword to protect the Lord. They did not dare to ask more questions. "Uncle Jian," said Meng Lisi! When will my mother return to Luoyang? Meng Ping, a demon egg blood slave, said with a smile, "Since my master and I found the'Jiulong Jinzun Cup 'left by Wang Mang of the'Xinmang' Dynasty, my master has been studying its mystery in seclusion somewhere in'Longxi 'for the past ten years. He ordered me to protect Little Alice. There must be a great success in the near future. I'm sure I'll stay in Luoyang with you for a long time!" They went outside the boudoir.
Meng Lisi looked depressed and said, "The mother who gave birth to me doesn't seem to like others, and my father is busy with official business. It's far less harmonious and happy than ordinary people's families. Only Jianbo is the best for me!" "Alas, you are just like my daughter. If you have great difficulties, your mother and I will try our best to solve them. Don't think about them any more. Go back to your room. Uncle Jian will give you a surprise at dawn!" Of course, the demon egg blood slave could not say that she and Xiahou Ding had borrowed her mother's body by mistake in the "Sanmenxia" water of the Yellow River. Besides, a demon borrows the body of a blonde Persian beauty and has to give birth to a fetus without knowing that she is already pregnant. Xiahou Ding was originally an eminent monk of the White Horse Temple who turned to the Demon Way, but he was pregnant in October with the awkward state of mind of a man and gave birth to Meng Lisi smoothly. This demon is pregnant with Meng Lisi's maternal and paternal feelings, there is a very deep blood is thicker than water, in the complex state of mind, of course, regard her as their own, extremely care and love. Meng Lisi's mother was peerless at that time. Although she was the favorite concubine of Meng Tuo, the "Marquis of Longxi", she fell out of favor in the end because of the intervention of a demon and a man's divine consciousness. Her living habits and behavior were as strange as a man's. Taking advantage of the wealth and power of Meng Tuo, the "Marquis of Longxi", one demon and one person worked hard to find the "Jiulong Jinzun Cup" and a "Longyuan Sword" left by Wang Mang in the secret cave. The "Egg of the Demon World" is inlaid with a sword to protect the baby girl Meng Lisi from growing up! Xiahou Ding, on the other hand, hides in a secret cave and specializes in studying the mystery of the Golden Cup God's change of constitution. He wanted to avenge the hatred of being decapitated by the "Shenmo Dao" Wei Jiu, as well as to inherit the last wish of the Great Demon King's burial and seek revenge from the "Shenjian Qixia", but unexpectedly, he spent more than ten years in a blink of an eye. Qinqing Alley is a city that never sleeps, and the more it is in the middle of the night, the more it shows that the music is not slow. The fragrant swallows wear fragrant sideburns, scratching their heads and making gestures to shuttle through the neighborhood, like floating flowers and pistils attracting bees and butterflies to pick, so as to earn the last night's money tonight. By this time, the geishas who greet the door with beautiful clothes and compete for beauty and laughter are all vulgar fans of weeds and idle flowers. As long as you are willing to bid, she will sell them. On the contrary, the greedy and lustful men who pick up bargains will flock to them. Therefore, the whole street is full of men and women chasing, flirting and noisy. Embarrassed, the two down-and-out scholars, who had heard of the sudden arrival of Qin Qingxiang's fame,Jumping castle with slide, hid under the sapling, whispering to themselves about their meager money, and commenting on the geishas who were attracting bees and butterflies all over the street for two hours.
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