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Wife's men. (12th Jan 23 at 12:40am UTC)Quote Reply
But do not see also know, dare to be so presumptuous besides Lei Xiao who else? His hand slowly slid into her inner thigh, pinched her leg, and circled her private parts through her jeans. Xin Boqi frowned and glared at Lei Xiao. This fellow is too bold! Lei Xiao seemed to notice the strong resentment, and he turned to look at her as if nothing had happened. "What's wrong with Qiqi?"? Is the food not delicious? Chun Yu, what does your wife like to eat? Ask the kitchen to do it. The first half of the sentence was addressed to Xin Boqi, and the second half turned to Teng Chun. Teng Chun language is obviously not heard, he is drinking with Helian Zijia, not to fight, drinking is always OK. It's a pleasure to be able to solve each other at the wine table. So the two men, from the initial one east and one west, became in the north at the same time, each holding a bottle of white wine, glaring at each other, looking up and drinking. This posture has the momentum of Wu Song's three bowls. Lei Xiao shook his head helplessly, spoiling his good wine in vain, but the effect seems to be achieved, you continue to fight, he watched the good play. The tablecloth of the dining table is all on the ground, the crimson tablecloth covers down,smart interactive whiteboard, what has been done under the table can not be seen at all, and then people who have ghosts in their hearts know. Lei Xiao's hand is still on her lap, to no further violation, he is left hand, right hand is still on the table, very common. Xin Boqi used her left hand to stop him, but he was as dexterous as a snake,electronic board for classroom, and her strength was no match for him. She was so annoyed that she simply put down her chopsticks and used both hands to resist aggression. Finally holding Lei Xiao's hand and stopping his behavior, Xin Boqi turned her head and showed Lei Xiao the joy of victory. Lei Xiao laughed and whispered to her ear, "Do you believe I dare to take off your pants?" Xin Boqi stared at him, "how dare you!" She also did not believe, this fellow is so bold, this is in front of her husband, although that is a listed husband, but also has a marriage certificate. Lei Xiao raised his eyebrows and really got rid of her hand. I don't know if his eyes are on his hands. Why did he find her zipper so smoothly and unzip it? "Do you believe it?" Lei Xiao hooked his lips and smiled, evil and enchanting. Xin Boqi bit her lip, embarrassed, wanted to run away, but her pants were not good, wanted to get rid of, but her movements were too big, smart board for conference room ,interactive panel board, it would certainly attract attention. She looked anxiously at Lei Xiao, and there was even fog in her eyes. Lei Xiao heart a tremor, if put in the usual, where he is willing to tease her like this, but now the extraordinary period, he also has to be cruel. Lei Xiao whispered in her ear again, "Don't go tonight, or I'll really take off your pants." Xin Boqi nods hurriedly, she is afraid in the heart, the madman is mad that is not a common thing. She didn't dare to bite her ears any more. People with ghosts in their hearts always felt that her every move was being watched. She felt that many pairs of eyes had seen it. Just now she and Lei Xiao bit their ears. She even thought that maybe someone's chopsticks had fallen to the ground and just bent down to pick them up. Would she have seen the two of them doing things under the tablecloth? Volume 3 Infighting Chapter 24 Stealing Incense and Jade is very fascinating. Midnight came and the show ended magnificently. The party ended with a group of drunken men, delirious, sprawled in a private room. There are only two people who are sober, Yao Xia and Chi Su. Yao Xia helplessly took a look at more than a dozen men, resolutely hugged Chi Su away, he was too lazy to care about them. Helian Zijia and Teng Chunyu are also among them. They drink together until everyone is together, and then they are drunk together. The man who watched the party from the other side of the river has now reaped the benefits. He took Xin Boqi away with coaxing and threats. You can sleep in the car for a while, and I'll call you when you get there. Lei Xiao adjusted the position of the car seat and let her lie back comfortably. Xin Boqi nestled in the car seat like a cat. Lei Xiao's car had a low chassis and drove fast and smoothly. She soon began to fight with her eyelids and asked him in a daze, "Where are you going?" You'll know when you get there. All in all a good place. "Oh." She answered in a daze and soon fell into a deep sleep. She was so tired that she was really hurt by being run over by a wheel. Her body was as horrible as the scene of the accident.
She didn't need to look at it to know that two love affairs in one day had already ruined her. When she came to the party, she wanted to crawl over. Her waist was so sore that she even felt shaking when she walked. Lei Xiao drove very fast and arrived in about half an hour. The guard in the community did not automatically let him go because it was a brand-name sports car. He came forward to say hello. Lei Xiao pressed the window. The security guard took one look, nodded and said with a smile, "Mr. and Mrs. Lei, it's so late." Lei Xiao glanced at the sleeping little woman, Mrs. Lei? It was obvious that Lei Xiao liked the name very much. He smiled at the guard and said triumphantly, "Yes, my wife and I just came back from the banquet." This area is a high-grade area, where the guards must recognize every householder, their safety factor is better, which is why Lei Xiao chose to buy a house in this area. Lei Xiao parked the car in a fixed parking space and added her seat belt. He wanted to wake her up, but seeing her sleeping so sweetly, Lei Xiao was reluctant to give up, so he hugged her upstairs. Where is this? She suddenly opened her eyes and stared at Lei Xiao in confusion. Elevator Xin Boqi rolled her eyes. In this narrow space, she naturally knew it was an elevator. What she wanted to know was where the elevator was. She did not have time to ask, the elevator opened, Lei Xiao wanted to hold her out, Xin Boqi jumped down from his body, frowned, looked left and right, "public places, you are not afraid to be seen!" Lei Xiao stuck to her back and surrounded her waist. "What can I do if I see it?" He grinned and kissed her on the neck. Xin Boqi wriggled uneasily. This guy is addicted to cheating, isn't he! "Lei Xiao, don't make trouble!" She pulled down her face, and Lei Xiao let her go. "Come with me." He wanted to hold her hand, but when he saw her scared to death, he finally gave up. Lei Xiao walked in front,interactive boards for classrooms, and Xin Boqi followed him step by step, a pair of dexterous eyes, scattered everywhere.
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