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Shushan Demon Road (12th Jan 23 at 12:47am UTC)Quote Reply
In fact, it is no wonder that Ling Hun is not moral. Originally, these people are not invited by them. They are all temporary allies voluntarily formed for the benefit of yuanjiang Treasure Land. They are at your disposal. But all the people did not think that, as the most important force, but also the essential side of yuanjiang treasure, Ling Hun and Yi Xiu they would run away! At the same time, from the direction of the Demon Sect, nearly a hundred streams of light flew along the river, and the momentum was no less than that of the Emei Sect. Yi Yu smiled and said in her heart, "It seems that both sides are well prepared."! Once there is a change, there is no need to say hello, and at the same time, start ahead of time. But to their surprise, they arranged the inside line Tianlingzi did not resist, nor did they hold Ling Hun and others for a moment and a half, so that the action would eventually be completely aborted. I wonder what these people will look like when they enter the camp and see that the main targets have escaped completely? I'm really looking forward to it! Just when Yi Yu was maliciously cranky here, he saw that five sword lights suddenly came out of this group of people from the other side of the yuan River and came in his direction! At first Yi Yu did not feel how, just thought it happened to pass by, but as the five people gradually pressed down the sword light, Yi Yu found that it was directed at him. Yi Yu is still leisurely leaning on the giant bamboo, without the slightest intention of retreating or smiling. Just a light look at the five escape light fell in front of us. As soon as Yi Yu saw that three of the five men were acquaintances,uns s32750 sheet, the first one was a beautiful bhiksuni in a white monk's robe, who was the Jade Luocha Yuqing Master who had met once when he rescued Zheng Bagu in the battle of Qingluo Mountain. At his side, with a solemn face, Baoxiang's graceful Qingzhuang Nvdao was Zheng Bagu, the goddess of disaster who helped Baoxiang's wife in the East China Sea last time. And two people slightly open some distance is a strong young man, but just know that chase cloud old man Bai Guyi great-great-grandson, Ling Hun's disciple Yu Yunzhong. It's just that he came here at this sensitive time,316 stainless steel plate, but he didn't know that he wanted to help master out of trouble! Or do you want to do something else? The pretty girl beside Yu Yunzhong, Yi Yu, was the first time she had seen her. She was dressed in black plain clothes and silk robes, and wore a black neon dress outside. Wearing a jingle ring under the waist and a hairpin on the forehead, the long body is beautiful on the edge of the surging yuanjiang River in the east, where the water vapor is rising and the sun is shining under the rosy clouds, just like Luo Shen leaving the water, beautiful and beautiful! But do not know who this beauty is in the end, but look at where she stands, but also faintly to hold down the line of Master Yuqing. I'm afraid the identity is not simple! At the side of this beauty, there is a young man in strong clothes, tall and handsome, with a mature and stable atmosphere in his eyes. At first, Yi Yu thought that this excellent young man and the former stunning fairy were a pair of lovers! But now to a closer look, the young man looked at the eyes of others, x56 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, although not. But it is not difficult to see the color of arrogance! But he looked at the beauty with a proud look in her eyes. On the contrary, he was very respectful, as if he were looking at his teachers and parents! Yi Yu saw five people coming down. He folded his fists and said, "It's true that life doesn't meet anywhere!"! All of you, Yi Yu, are polite here. Master Yuqing shook off the sleeve of his robe and bowed to him, saying, "You are so polite, Yi Yudao.". As soon as we left Qingluo Mountain in those years, the elegant demeanor of Taoist friends was renewed in those years, which really made people feel lucky! When I left in a hurry, I didn't thank my Taoist friends for helping me save my sister's life! Yi Yu glanced at Zheng Ba Gu, who still had no expression. He smiled and said, "It's polite for Master Yuqing to say that. You and I belong to the same way, and it's our duty to help each other.". As for thanks. You don't have to worry about it. Hearing Yi Yu's words, it was obvious that he meant something else. "So it's the little girl's fault," said Zheng Bagu. "The last time I met him in the East China Sea, I didn't help him. I returned the favor." Obviously Zheng Ba Gu's impression of Yi Yu is still not good, although two people have no enmity, but there are some favors, but Zheng Ba Gu still can not accept Yi Yu's attitude towards women.
Yi Yu smiled and stopped talking about the old story. "Look at you four," he said. "You seem to have come to me on purpose! I don't know what's going on. Although the role of the identity of the girl seems to be higher, but obviously they have already discussed, this action is all spoken by Master Yuqing. Then Master Yuqing said, "I think Yi Yu Daoyou came out from Ling Hun Daoyou just now."! I don't know why? Yi Yu smiled and said, "Oh?"? Unexpectedly, Buddhist monks like Master Yuqing are also interested in these gossip news! What a shame! Originally, my affairs were not allowed to be managed by outsiders, but since it was Yuqing you asked about it. Said Yi Yu seems to be unable to hold back, ambiguous smile, that frivolous flirtatious meaning is overflowing. Master Yuqing is an eminent Buddhist monk. She used to learn from Youtan Shenni. After entering Emei, Buddhism became more profound. If someone dared to talk to her like that, she couldn't help being furious and staring at Yi Yu ferociously. To say that this Yuqing master, although a nun, but is a very beautiful nun! Under the plain clothes and blue clothes, the waves were turbulent and exquisite, and I didn't know how those green vegetables and tofu raised this devil's body. The beauty itself is natural, and because of the perennial practice of Buddha's meditation, the quiet and solemn face is not comparable to an angel! Yi Yu looked up and down at Master Yuqing's body and swallowed a big mouthful of saliva with a "grunt". Master Yuqing couldn't stand such a molestation. He couldn't help feeling sick and angry. His willow eyebrows stood on end and his phoenix eyes were wide open. He wanted to swallow Yi Yu alive. This guy, Yi Yu, was not afraid at all. He said with a smile, "People say that the four great things of a monk are all empty. He abides by the five precepts. The master has broken the precepts of anger so easily. I'm afraid he will still practice diligently in the future!"! Otherwise, the positive fruit of Buddhism will become a flower in the mirror of the water moon, which is beyond our reach! Master Yuqing was stunned. Although he was annoyed, Yi Yu's words were not unreasonable. If he started with Yi Yu at this time, he would leave a gap in his heart. It would be very difficult to remedy it in the future. Thinking of this,x70 line pipe, Master Yuqing immediately recited the name of the Buddha, "Amitabha!" His lips moved lightly, but he did not know what scripture he was reading.
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