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Good Death _ Infinite Fiction Network _ (12th Jan 23 at 2:47am UTC)Quote Reply
The four elders sat on the right hand side. Dumb four people sat opposite them, and then Tia sat on the main seat. She clapped her hands lightly, and two maids came in from the back of the hall with trays, apparently prepared. They put a teacup beside each of them. After seven days in a coma, the four of them were already hungry and thirsty, and they were not polite. They picked up the teacup in their hands and opened the lid. A fragrant smell came from it. The familiar smell surprised Dumb to find that it was the amber dew that he had drunk in Jinyulou before. "This is the amber dew produced in Jinyulou," said Tia. "It has the function of nourishing the vitality. You have been wronged these days. Please feel free to use it. It will be good for your health. A cup of amber dew, moistened by the warm heat, Dumb and others suddenly felt much more comfortable. It was the first time Keanu had drunk such a delicious thing, and his eyes could not help showing a look of surprise. Xuanyue put down her teacup and looked at Elder Tianluo. "If you have anything to say," she said. Elder Tianluo nodded slightly and winked at Tia. Tia took a deep breath. She was very surprised when she learned the identity of Dumb and others from Elder Tianluo. Until now, her mood was still a little agitated. She bowed slightly and said, "I apologize to you again. I was too capricious before. Please forgive me." "It's all over," said Xuanyue. "For the sake of the Puyan Prophet Pulin, we won't care any more. Besides, you've shown mercy by not killing us. Tia looked at Xuanyue,Magnesium Oxide MgO, beautiful eyes flashed a trace of strange, Tianluo elder did not tell her Xuanyue is a woman, until now, she still Xuanyue as a handsome church sacrifice. The great strength that Xuanyue had shown in the previous confrontation with the four elders left deep traces in her heart, especially the strength that she was still unwilling to yield to the end, which made Tia admire her. She smiled and said, "Please come here mainly because you have something to discuss.". I think you also know that the rise of our Yajin people is very short. A thousand years ago,Magnesium Oxide powder, my ancestors were nobles of the Tianjin Empire. Later, for various reasons, they came to the land of the Yajin people. After generations of continuous efforts, the Yajin people finally have today's scale. I was shocked to hear Elder Tianluo say that in the near future, the mainland will face a catastrophe that will affect the whole human race. As a member of the human race, we Yajin are very willing to do our part to save the disaster. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, we will support you unreservedly. I hope you can accept it. That's all I want to say. Xuanyue frowned slightly, although Tia said lightly, but from the other side's words to distinguish, things are not so simple. "Is this unconditional help?" He asked. Tia nodded and said, "Yes, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Oxide price, unconditional help.". We also know something about the Puyan Clan. I feel very sympathetic for their tragic experience. I have discussed with the four elders. We will support you like the Puyan Clan. Tianyuan Mainland is our human home. As long as there is a trace of blood, we will not want to see it baptized by the disaster. I not only hope that the Yajin Clan can reproduce smoothly, We also hope that the whole human society will remain prosperous and stable. Please accept our sincerity. Dumb looked at Tia's sincere eyes, a surge in his heart, although he never regarded himself as a savior, but at this time there is a feeling of blood boiling, "Tia patriarch, the prophet Prin once said that the millennium disaster of the mainland is inevitable, since you are so sincere, how can we not accept it?"? Although our strength is low, if something really happens, we will go all out. Elder Tianluo said, "Dumb, our meaning is very clear. I hope you can remember that we Yajin will always be your allies. That's enough.". Don't belittle yourself too much. The strength of the four of you together is enough to confront anyone. The four of us had a close call that day. If you hold on a little longer, we will be the ones who collapse. You are still young, and you still have a lot of growth. If you have time in the future, you must pay more attention to spiritual cultivation. I know that behind the four of you are the Holy See, the Tiangang Sword Sect, the Mainland Magician Union, and the Tianjin Magician Union. I want to remind you that when you encounter problems that you can't solve, the power behind you will be the greatest help. You must be good at using it, so that you can gather a powerful force to help mankind through the disaster. All right, that's all we have to say. You have spent a lot of time in the Yakin. Now you can leave. No one will stop you. Xuanyue stood up and carefully recalled the words of the elder Tianluo in her heart. Until now, she finally felt the horror of the millennium catastrophe. From childhood to adulthood, she had no interest in the political affairs of the Holy See. Even if the prophet Prin said that she and Dumb would be the savior of the mainland, she didn't care too much. But at the moment, she suddenly realized that her life with Dumb was not so simple. Maybe they are really destined to save the human beings on the continent. Waiting in front of them, as the prophet Prin said, will be a lot of barriers, oneself and Dumb really can successfully cross it? The four elders and Tia personally sent them to the door. Elder Tianluo said, "At parting, I will give you a word to let nature take its course and promote your cultivation.". God's will cannot be disobeyed. No one can stop what will happen. Only by constantly improving yourself can you have the strength to fight when disaster comes. Don't be complacent. The road you have to go is still over. Xuanri, if you see the Pope, please say hello to him for our four old guys, and say that the four souls are still thinking about him. We are old, and I'm afraid we won't have a chance to see him again. Xuanyue looked at the four mysterious old people in front of her, and her heart rose and fell. They not only knew the Prophet Prin, but also knew their grandfather,dap diammonium phosphate, the Pope. It seemed that they must have been the most powerful people on the mainland before. She could not help asking, "Elder, how did you recognize us as the people of whom the prophet Prin spoke?"? Is it only because I am a sacrifice? 。
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