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Dancer Shifu (12th Jan 23 at 2:52am UTC)Quote Reply
"Uh-huh." Fan Qiuyan nodded hurriedly. Speaking of the master, brother Fan, Ji Er wants to confess one thing honestly. Jill smiled at the corners of her mouth. Ah, what is it? About your master? I'm afraid I won't be able to see him in my life, and I'll be ashamed of myself. Fan Qiuyan was ashamed. Ha ha, in fact, there is no master at all, Ji Er alone, Ji Er was lying to you at that time, ha ha. Jill told the truth. Ah Fan Qiuyan was stunned. Brother Fan won't blame Jill, will he? Jill smiled gently at him. Fan Qiuyan immediately gave a wry smile and said, "How could it be? Ji'er is already powerful enough. It doesn't matter whether this master has it or not." "Oh, Ji'er is a master, and brother Fan is equally blessed." Yan Yue said with a smile, thinking about what it would be like if he could play, but he liked the proposal and felt that he was very close to her, like her family. All right, everyone go to bed early tonight, and Jill will give you the drawings tomorrow. "Don't be too late, Jill." Fan Qiuyan said lightly, and the words revealed a warm concern for Jill. OK Jill also smiled at the gentle man, who somehow always made her feel at ease. After seeing everyone off, Jill sat down and picked up the brush on the table. What she hated most was using the brush. Although she was used to it, it took two hours to do an hour's work because of the pen. The stars looked at her in silence, and he was fascinated by her comely little face and earnest appearance. Star, I still need a long time,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, you go to bed first. Half an hour later, Jill bent her neck. I'm not sleepy yet. I'll rub it for you. The star stood up, walked behind her, and massaged her shoulders. Uh. It's so comfortable. Jill leaned against him and closed her eyes. The star smiled at the corners of his mouth. He liked this kind of life, as long as his mind did not think of his revenge for killing his mother. Stars, that's all. Jill continued to draw. Jill, are you hungry? Shall I go to buy a midnight snack? The stars love her dearly. "Well, wear more clothes. It's cold outside. It's winter. I'll buy you new clothes tomorrow." Jill suddenly found this problem, she never asked where their clothes came from,304 Stainless Steel Wire, she was too selfish. Today, when I looked at the stars, I realized that he was still in single clothes, and my heart was sour. Ha ha, I'm not cold. People who practice martial arts are not afraid of the cold. You draw quickly. I'll be right back. The stars went out with a smile. Jill suddenly shed a tear, as if she only cared about her career and forgot to take care of the people around her. Star just walked out of the inn, found Fan Qiuyan walking in front, immediately in the heart a stupefied, where did he go so late? "Brother Fan!" Cried the star. Star, why don't you sleep? Fan Qiuyan turned around. I'm going to buy a midnight snack for Jill. What are you going to do and drink again? The stars will smile, of course, only to friends. Ha ha, yes, just came to the capital, first find a familiar shop to say, so as not to have no place to drink in the evening. "Let's go together." The stars invited. OK The two men walked slowly to the east of South Street. Star, isn't Jill asleep yet? Fan Qiuyan asked. Well, she said it would take a long time, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, and she was very serious. The stars sighed. Star, how I envy you. Fan Qiuyan really envies the stars, very much. I know. "Huh?"? Do you know? "Yes, you all envy me." The stars are not fools, and he can see the way a few men look at Jill. Yeah, we all envy you. Of course, Fan Qiuyan could also see Yan Yue and Szeto Yi. Thank you. The star glanced at him and said sincerely. Thanks for what? Fan Qiuyan smiled faintly. He actually knew what the stars meant. Thank you for being so kind to Jill. If I were alone, I wouldn't be able to take care of Jill. "Oh, you are wrong, these are all voluntary, if you do not want to do things, you take a knife on my neck, I will not do it." Fan Qiuyan glanced at him and continued, "Jill is so beautiful that people can't help being attracted to her, so we are all willing, you should be jealous, not thank you." "Oh, it's not so easy to get Jill's heart, so I'm relieved." The stars smiled, too. "Anyway, I just want to stay with her. You won't kick me out, will you?" Fan Qiuyan joked. I can't get rid of it, can I? The stars asked in reply. Ha ha ha, yes, let's go and drink! Fan Qiuyan is in a happy mood. Xingchen is really a wise man. Two people found a small shop, the shop is very clean, tables and chairs are all made of bamboo, quite stylish, business is also good, so late there are many people eating midnight snack, there are all kinds of stir-fried, drinking a lot of people. "Brother Fan, I'll take the noodles back before I come out. I'm afraid Ji is hungry." After drinking several cups, the two men said to the stars. Ha ha, no need, stars, you go back, accompany Ji son, I'm all right, used to, you don't have to worry. Fan Qiuyan smiled and took a sip from his glass. I'll be right back. Star no matter what he said, since said to accompany him to drink, of course he can not see, so he hurriedly took the face back to the room, with Ji son said to accompany Fan Qiuyan to drink. Xingchen, I'm going too. Brother Fan is really addicted to alcohol. It's not good for his health. I have to persuade him. Said Jill worriedly. "Well, I think he seems to have a lot on his mind, but he never tells anyone." The stars frowned. Two people soon came to the shop, Jill looked up, this shop is called'night eight cups', no wonder the people inside are drinking and chatting. Before Ji entered the door, she saw Fan Qiuyan, who was by the window in the corner, drinking by himself, dressed in white and snow, with a lonely face. Ji's heart was immediately hurt. The stars walked ahead and came to Fan Qiuyan. Fan Qiuyan immediately smiled, and when he saw Ji behind him,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, he couldn't laugh. Jill, why are you here? It's cold. You should go to bed early. The smile turned into concern, which made Jill sad.
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