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Golden House Hatred by Liujijiang Station is the m (12th Jan 23 at 2:52am UTC)Quote Reply
"Oh," Chen Yansheng listened to laugh, "to you," she raised the wine cup, "at least at this point, we know the same." "Essentially, I am very lazy. Gold, silver and rights are enough to squander." Liu Ling took the toast, a dry, suddenly laughed again, "if you can throw the Huainan to Liu Che, let him for my living expenses, I can also domineering in Changan, and you together, why not?" A drop of cold sweat fell from Chen Yansheng's forehead. "Are you setting him up?"? Ha ha, "she giggled with a guilty conscience." Don't ask a tiger for its skin. " She found that her partners were bolder than one, and they were all happy to calculate the man who ruled the world in Weiyang Palace. In the final analysis, these people from the modern in the bottom of my heart there is no sacred and inviolable concept of monarchical power, fear, but Liu Che in the annals of fame. As long as they could understand the emperor's psychology, in their eyes, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was also compatible. She shivered, calculating from a distance that she was still interested in getting along with that person face to face, with this identity, or forget it. Ling, "Chen Yansheng called her worriedly," do you remember that you used to be- "she asked carefully," in Chang'an? " Liu Ling's face suddenly sank, "roughly know some," those past events, after years of asking people around her, roughly guess. "She is her, and I am me." She frowned, denying her original existence. "She has nothing to do with my business." "Liu Che worry, one is the Huns, the other is the governors, this time I take Jiaodong, Jiangdu, Hengshan, together with my family of Huainan four countries to him, not afraid of him." Liu Ling shook the wine cup in his hand and had a well-thought-out plan. Huainan is like chicken ribs to me. She looked at Chen Yansheng surprised expression, explained with a smile,304 Stainless Steel Bar, "with it in hand, one day, Liu Che's knife, will aim at Huainan.". When the time comes, lose face, the country is difficult to protect, it is better to be generous at this time, for the sake of credit, Liu Che will give our family well. "Even if you want to open, Huainan Wang want to open?"? Does the prince of Huainan want to open? Is your mother open-minded? Ling, "Chen Yansheng inexplicably worried," you don't want to be too naive, not to mention. " Too hard. Liu Ling was silent. She said slowly, "Gillian, do you know?"? I can't go back. She got up and pushed open the window, looked at the noisy place in the city, and pointed out, "In Jiaodong Wangfu, a banquet is going on, and my brother, Prince Liu Qian of Huainan, 304 stainless steel wire ,mirror stainless steel sheet, is going to the banquet." "It took me three years to set up this game, and I won't allow it to go wrong." "Dad and brother, they really love me very much, and because of this, I want to save them under the knife." More importantly, perhaps only in this way, I can go hand in hand with you. The third volume covers the thirty-seventh of Beijing: Bodhi in the afterlife proves sincerity. Since Huo Qubing left Chang'an, the Zhaoyang Palace has become very quiet. Although the emperor's reward continued to come down, it showed the favor of Princess Yuening, so that the palace people did not dare to neglect. But Liu Chu himself did not care, only often holding Guantao Princess sent from outside the palace, it is said that the former queen brought into the palace before leaving a pipa, sitting in front of the hall, a pair of ink-dyed smart eyes looking into the distance, as if only looking at all the wishes can be realized. Or sit alone in your room and recite sutras that no one has ever heard of. When Princess Dachang of Guantao entered the palace, she saw Liu Chu like this. She has never seen her daughter since Empress Gillian was deposed from Nagato Palace. Six years later, when Chen Yansheng stumbled into the mansion of the Marquis of Tangyi, she looked at her daughter, whose face was still the same, and suddenly had a feeling that time flies. Yeah, time flies. Even Gillian, who threw herself into her arms and shouted for her mother, is now the mother of two children. And she, after all, is old. Gillian is the best girl in the world, even in countless angry days and nights when she simply does not know how to make progress, she still thinks so, Gillian is charming, but very kind, simple, but very filial. Sometimes, she thought, if Gillian could have half of her own wisdom, what would be the outcome? She was the daughter of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, the sister of Emperor Jing, the aunt of today, the emperor's nobles, her daughter, her eyes began to be fierce and solemn, how could she lose to a humble singer? As if the heart had a feeling, Liu Chu turned around and saw her, smiling, "Grandma." "Chu'er," said Princess Guantao with a smile. Even if she had been angry with Liu Chu at the beginning, it was dispelled in this call. She took Liu Chu's hand lovingly and asked softly, "What are you looking at?" Liu Chu piled up the book in his hand and said, "It's a Buddhist sutra." She explained, "Shigong and my mother said that I was weak and needed to read some Buddhist sutras to cultivate my mind." Princess Guantao felt a great pain in her heart. "Chu'er," she asked hesitantly, "you have a jade pendant on your neck, don't you?" "Mmm." Liu Chu nodded and took out the jade pendant from his neck. "This is what my mother has been hanging on my neck since I was born, saying that it can help me solve problems." Liu Piao caressed this piece of green crystal jade pendant, the heart of infinite regret. It was this jade pendant that she passed by in the streets of Chang'an City and bumped into her daughter, which would cause Gillian's premature birth, and now she is suffering from illness. Fate is really a wonderful thing. At that time, she was missing her daughter on the palace car, but she did not know that outside the car frame, Gillian was close to her, and the birth was imminent. The first son, "Liu went whoring and hugged her petite body," what wish do you have in the future? Grandma will do her best to help you realize it. " Because I owe you this. Liu early can not see the idea of grandma, she cleverly leaning in the arms of Liu Piao, "good ah.". If Grandma has any wishes, she will help her in the end. Liu Piao laughed and answered, "good." The bottom of my heart is very warm by Liu Chu's childish words, "Chu son, I want to go to Xuanshi Palace to see your father,brushed stainless steel sheet, you.." She looked at Liu Chu's mouth in a funny way and disliked him. "Why are you so wrong with your father?" "Because he made his mother sad." Liu Chu cut off the railway, "Mother is the best, but Dad doesn't want her. Dad must have no eyes." 。
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