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Movie King and Demon Traitor (12th Jan 23 at 2:59am UTC)Quote Reply
Xia Quan's eyes were gradually infatuated. He was completely fascinated by the scene in the mirror. He looked at himself in the mirror and got closer and closer. "My.." he said. Everything 。” There was a fluttering laughter in my ears, far and near, and I couldn't tell where the owner of the laughter was. The demon who hid the jade card got the promise he wanted. "Deal," he said with a sly smile. As soon as the voice fell, the shadow jumped out of the jade card, escaped into the ground, crossed the wall, and rushed to the target. Squatting in front of the screen to watch the live broadcast of the black cat gradually can not bear to watch, he felt that this acting is too hot eyes. He turned around and asked Lou Jing, "What are you doing here?"? You don't fight Jiang Hua with me, saying that you want to retaliate slowly, but now you start acting as a human on the show. "You've done nothing but shoot commercials and play with your mobile phone these days." After pondering for a while, he added an idiom he had seen in a TV play and forcefully accused him of "not doing proper work!" Lou Jing sat on the sofa,ceramic igniter electrodes, crossed his legs, and glanced down at the black cat on the ground. His thoughts were interrupted by the mountain leopard. He was a little impatient: "I have my own disputes.." His voice suddenly paused and he gazed at his side. The black cat also stood up, his body slightly lowered, his pupils contracted into vertical lines, and he also noticed that there was a cold evil spirit approaching. Chapter 108 The shadow escaped through the crack of the door into the backstage lounge, and the lights went out at the same moment. The dark shadow with a big hairy tail jumped up from the ground and rushed to Lou Jing sitting on the sofa. It opened its fanged beak and let out a black breath at the defenseless human. As expected,Ozone generator ceramic plate, the human body tilted and fainted on the sofa. It didn't take care of the black cat next to it, just a beast that didn't become a sperm. The shadow turned to leave, but suddenly he noticed two terrible smells. This is The evil spirit of the great demon ... How is that possible ! So huge.. Almost dozens of times their own. ! The shadow hesitated in the same place, and the darkness it had created with its illusions suddenly lost control, and the darkness became so thick that it could not even see in it. In front of it appeared a pair of huge green eyes and the heavy panting of the beast. Its body began to tremble instinctively, and it sensed the fatal danger. A huge force came from its side, and it seemed to be slapped by the invisible beast, and its body rolled several times in the air and hit the wall. When the lights were turned back on, the unconscious man folded his arms and looked at himself in the corner, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, while the huge beast disappeared without a trace, leaving only a black cat squatting on the ground, wagging its tail. But this unlucky fox did not dare to despise each other at all. Obviously, just now this person and cat had no evil spirit all over their bodies. They were all ordinary people and cats. Now it is full of evil spirit, and the power of the demon can even congeal out of the demon realm. Demon king level! It suddenly realized that the illusion it had just created had not succeeded at all, and that from the moment it entered the room, it had fallen into the illusion woven by another monster. This one person and one cat are all big demons of the demon king level! Damn it! Isn't there only one demon king in the world? Is that demon king a stone lion? Where did these two demon kings jump out? The fox trembled and thought. The black cat licked its paws and said disdainfully, "Show off one's skill before an expert!"! Put out the lights in front of me and want to die! His fingernails popped out of the pads, and he wanted to send the little demon straight on his way. There is no rule that the demon clan can't hurt the same clan at will. The law of the jungle, powerful monsters can kill the weak wantonly. What's more, the little demon took the initiative to offend. But Lou Jing stopped him. "Who sent you?" He asked the shivering fox. He was puzzled. How could any other monster find them? The fox trembled and told the truth: "I am a fox spirit.." "I can see that!" The black cat patted the ground with its paw and said ferociously, "Get to the point." The fox shrank his ears, put his tail in front of him, and continued, "I hide on the Guanyin jade tablet to help people realize their wishes. In exchange, I absorb their Yang Qi or..". Soul 。 ” "Jade Card?" Lou Jing suddenly remembered that he had seen a jade card on Xia Quan. Could it be said that.. The fox's next words proved his guess: "The owner of the jade card is the human named Xia Quan, whose wish is to win the game and become a big star, so.." So you came to him? Because he's in your way? The black cat took one look at Lou Jing and concluded, "It's all your fault! It's all wrong!"! How nice it would be to do something crisp with me! Lou Jing ignored him and asked himself, "How did you hide your evil spirit?" As a demon king, he was completely unaware of the little demon. The Guanyin jade tablet has a long history and has a little spirituality, but it was accidentally broken by human beings and lacked a head, so I replaced it, and because I was not infected with evil, the spirit covered the evil spirit on my body, so no one noticed it. The black cat walked up to the fox and stepped on the fox's big tail. The fox was frightened and shook again. The black cat bared his teeth and threatened, "Lie!"! You just said you'd suck the souls out of people! The fox hugged his tail and quibbled, "That's an exchange.." "Oh." Lou Jing gave a sudden laugh. The fox's quibbling voice immediately disappeared, and he was far more afraid of the human-looking monster than of the black cat. Lou Jing slowly approached the shrinking fox. "You don't understand the rules of the demon clan. We'll kill you. You shouldn't complain." "Whoo.." The fox shrank in the corner and began to cry. He regretted that he had kicked the two iron plates. His tail was trampled by the black cat, and he knew that he had no hope of escaping, so he closed his eyes. Then Lou Jing changed the subject: "I can also give you a chance to live." The fox's ears trembled, the black cat's ears trembled,cordierite c520, and he looked back at Lou Jing inexplicably. With a smile on his face, Lou Jing wanted to see a good show. He pointed to the screen: "You go to find this man." The fox and the black cat looked at Jiang Hua on the screen at the same time. If you want to do something to me, do something to him. 。
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