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The painting style of the male protagonist is uniq (12th Jan 23 at 3:01am UTC)Quote Reply
Rare, the opposite Ji Gefei did not taunt back this time, but showed a somewhat gloomy smile, "originally there was no, then fell in love, is the one outside, I found that I was sick, but I have been reluctant to admit, just feel that my desire to control is too much.". But just now, she broke up with me, and I almost jumped from the fourth floor. "If she hadn't stopped me, I would have jumped. Do you think I'm sick?" The doctor slowly became serious. He frowned. "Anything else?"? You go on. When I had a car accident, didn't I have a relapse of depression? In fact, I think it's not. I was not very good at that time, and I was in a coma in bed for so long. When I woke up, I had no depression. Now I think about it, it didn't disappear or recover, but because my persistence slowly turned into another disease. He closed his eyes and covered his face with a scarf, still warm, as if his lover was still there. "According to your professional terminology, it should be paranoid personality disorder." The author has something to say: There is a reason why it is so short, because this week's class is over, and the homework is concentrated on this week.. Next week's training class will be more comfortable, Mada! Chapter 47 hhh The time number on the mobile phone dissipates and starts again. Jiang Xingyao looked down at her cell phone, not knowing how many hundreds she had counted in her heart. She only knew that time was silent at the moment, as if it had been a long time, and as if it had just passed a few minutes. She only knew how flustered and distressed she was in the process of waiting. Even the smell of disinfectant on the tip of her nose was subconsciously ignored. Quiet department, only the cleaning aunt cleaning brought up the rustle, she became more and more anxious, looking down at her toes moving around. Then the door opened. She subconsciously put her cell phone in her pocket, got up,mobile racking systems, greeted the man with a smile, and held out her hand. Ji Gefei lowered his head and frowned, looking at the white and tender little hand with a sense of flesh, and with a hook at the corners of his mouth, he gently grasped it. Jiang Xingyao looked up and with her other hand arranged the crooked tie around his neck. "What did the doctor say?" She whispered. He quieted down again, but stretched out the medical record book in his hand and put it in front of Jiang Xingyao. Not a big, not a thick book, with an advertisement for the hospital on it, but this is very important. She paused, gently exhaled a foul breath, then took it, led him to sit down on the bench at the door, and opened the medical record book to check. It's just a pity that when the doctor's handwriting was too sloppy, she found herself unable to understand. Fortunately, I skipped it and looked at the diagnosis and treatment results directly. Eyes down the handwriting, and then stopped, industrial racking systems ,cantilever racking system, waiting to see the diagnosis, only to feel their hands holding the medical records are trembling slightly. Jiang Xingyao closed the medical record book, and her eyes were still at a loss. Obviously just a few simple words, but why just a few words together, suddenly do not understand it? What is a personality disorder! Ji Gefei is obviously fine. He has a successful career, looks handsome, has no bad habits, does not smoke, does not drink, does not gamble, goes home after work, likes cooking and cleaning. How can such a person be sick? She was so angry, but she still wanted to be calm. She was afraid that she would frighten Ji Gefei, so she rolled up the medical record and put it back in her pocket. She moved their hands and asked, "Have you read the medical record?" Ji Gefei shook his head. Jiang Xingyao breathed a sigh of relief. She stretched her fingers to make their hands fit better. She clenched them and put her face on them. She whispered, "He's talking nonsense. Don't listen to him. Let's go to the endocrinology department and look at my face. Then shall we go home?" Ji Gefei touched her hair and took off the little flower. After a moment's silence, he said in a hoarse voice, "Aren't you leaving?" She almost burst into tears, but she held back. She rubbed her face on the back of the man's hand and said softly, "The quilt is still confiscated at noon. The sun will set soon. How about going to the supermarket to buy something?"? Buy some meat today and make your favorite dumplings, OK? Ji Gefei has nothing special to eat, but he is very persistent in dumplings. But every time he goes to the supermarket, he only lingers at the counter and does not buy dumplings. He seldom eats dumplings himself. Listening to his description, the last time he ate dumplings was the Spring Festival when his grandfather was alive. Jiang Xingyao remembered the past and almost shed tears. It was her fault that she had induced the cause of his illness and that she had not handled it properly! She can't remember to break up this time, just want to stabilize Ji Gefei's mood first, and then check the information in this area, suit the remedy to the case. With this in mind, she got up and prepared to go to the endocrinology department to see the pimples on her face. The man with the same footsteps as her, quietly turned his head, looked at the closed door, and secretly raised the corners of his mouth. Who knows if you are sick? There are so many people who commit suicide these days, but few of them admit that they are sick, and he does not know whether he is sick or not, but now the situation is that he must be sick. So no matter how the process, as long as Jiang Xingyao believes that he is sick, this is enough. A long time ago, he once read a post about a girl who had been in love with her boyfriend for two years. At first, her boyfriend was extremely gentle to her. However, after the relationship was established, her boyfriend became more and more jealous. Every day, he questioned the girl about where she had gone, who she was with, and whether she was a man or a woman. Finally, it was so serious that her boyfriend had a violent tendency. She wanted to leave, but she was threatened by her boyfriend. Ji Gefei was thinking at that time that this man was so stupid. Now it was his turn, but he felt that his situation was much better. Ji Gefei loves Jiang Xingyao so much, how can he be willing to beat her and scold her? His own fault is just to install a locator on the girl, touching her personal bottom line. To a large extent, he has a strong desire to control his lover. To a small extent, he is worried about the safety of his lover. It is not so bad that he must be separated and finally die of old age. His greatest strength is to correct his mistakes. But this is also good, Jiang Xingyao knows his obsession with her,warehousing storage solutions, and then want to consider separation will think more than three points. He is not afraid of anything, the only despair is that there is no longer this person around, and then watch her laugh in the arms of other men.
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