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Star media helmsman (8th Feb 23 at 3:19am UTC)Quote Reply
"Hey, you two keep your voices down." The woman interrupted, "I think he obviously didn't come to the company step by step as soon as he entered the company. If others were so cold, they would have left long ago. It's really not a shame to be here to help without complaint!" "I think he has an ulterior motive." The man with glasses wanted to say something else, but when he heard that the woman was obviously not on his side, he immediately shut up. He is not to help Lin Weiran speak, pure is to eat people's mouth short, after all, Lin Weiran in the finance department'do odd jobs' but helped him a lot. But since Lin Weiran got the business of the creative department, he also felt that the young man seemed to be very unruly. In the office, relying on the good sound insulation effect here, Fang Zhihe threw a document on the table. Don't you Chinese know what it means to act according to the rules? The procedures of public welfare activities should go from the company administration. Why do you show off? Is it your tradition to be so undisciplined? Don't you know what happens when a company doesn't play by the rules? A series of questions, like the stack of flying documents, fell on Lin Weiran, really like a piece of paper, can not shake him. Look at him like this, Fang Zhihe is more angry in the heart, "ask you a question!"! Are you mute? Lin Weiran said flatly: "The first time I held an event, the company made a mistake in its declaration,brushed stainless steel sheet, so I thought it would be more appropriate to run by myself." "Where did you get so much?" Fang Zhihe pointed to Lin Weiran's nose and asked, "Do you know how much business there is here every day?"? Who else do you want to watch the whole time when you take some shit? Besides, how do you know it must be the company's declaration? Are the social workers all robots and can never make mistakes? "Your distrust of your colleagues in the company is the worst. If you don't follow the rules, you'll get out of the company!" After being called to this office, Lin Weiran was ready to face these psychological preparations, not to say that these words can be heard in the left ear and the right ear, Lin Weiran also needs to find the right time to make Fang Zhihe more angry in his heart. But such resistance is somewhat negative, Lin Weiran certainly knows. Out of the office,304 stainless steel wire, a full twenty minutes of reprimand so that all the eyes in the office are focused on him, waiting for Lin Weiran to leave without expression, the bustling discussion sounded again. Look at this guy. He's not ashamed at all. If someone gives him a document and asks him to copy it at this time, he promises that he will still look like I work very hard and I am eager to work! The gleeful man's vivid taunt made the curly-haired woman chuckle, and the trembling body of the flower branches was a beautiful sight, if not a little fat. If you ask me, he will leave sooner or later. How can he stay in the company if he offends Minister Fang? The man nods again and again, seem to agree quite, the look that wants Lin Weiran is also full of contempt. The glasses man behind them kept silent and seemed to acquiesce in the fact. Leaving the company, Lin Weiran took a bus to the city center. The cynicism of his colleagues and the insolent duties of his superiors did not seem to affect his mood. Arriving at the destination, after getting off the bus, Lin Weiran directly saw Gu Huan waiting for him. The guy raised a hand carrying a plastic bag, and the filling object inside was beer at a glance. Lin Weiran walked over with a smile on his face and caught a can of beer thrown by Gu Huan with agility. "How long have you been waiting?" He asked with a smile. "Not for a while." Gu Huan raised the beer can and touched Lin Weiran. At dusk, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,mirror stainless steel sheet, the pedestrians around were in a hurry, and no one noticed the two men standing in front of the bank drinking. The cold beer took away some of the heat and allowed them to relax. How about Fang Zhihe? "What else can he do? Hwang In-sung can't ask me to leave Shinhan Advertising, so he can only bark a few times." Gu Huan is more interested in staring at Lin Weiran, "even if barking, don't you get angry?" Lin Weiran shook his head calmly and said, "What's the use of being angry?"? He is a company executive, and I am a company employee. It is natural for him to make me angry. It is heresy for me to make him angry.
Although he has done a lot of perverse things recently, it just makes him uncomfortable at most, so it's more reliable to have a normal heart. "Pretend, and you will continue to pretend with me!" When there were only two people, Gu Huan and Lin Weiran used Chinese when they talked, perhaps so that their mother tongue would not become unfamiliar, and at this time they also talked a lot more. To say that you, Lin Weiran, can swallow your pride and comfort yourself with negative thoughts, I am the first one who doesn't believe it. Lin Weiran chuckled and squinted at Gu Huan. "Hey, if you're always so smart, our friends can't do it." Gu Huan sneered, "Ha, who cares about you!" Lin Weiran chuckled, narrowed his eyes and looked at the department store not far away, saying, "I had a meal with Fang Zhihe these days, and I found a very interesting thing.". This guy likes to use tools when he eats anything, even if it's uncomfortable. Gu Huan murmured, "I don't want to get my hands dirty." Lin Weiran gulped down the beer in the can and said, "What's more, he likes to eat raw squid. He only wipes his hands with a napkin when he gets dirty carelessly, and he doesn't wash his hands after the meal." "Delicious but unwilling to dirty their hands, even if they are dirty, they can not wipe clean." Gu Huan finally said all the words, also drank the beer in the can, and asked, "Do you need my help?" Lin Weiran shook his head and said, "No, I can do it myself." The two men walked into the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China behind them, which was the branch of the firm in Korea. Near the end of the day, there were no guests here. Lin Weiran and Gu Huan took the number and went to two windows, handed out their bank cards, and formally welcomed their payday. After some simple operations, the bank clerk asked, "How much do you want to withdraw?" "Help me transfer fifteen thousand yuan to another account, thank you." "Do you need a text message?" "No, I'll call myself." After completing the formalities,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, Lin Weiran took out his cell phone and dialed a number. Mom, I sent the money, and I should get it tomorrow. 。
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