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The Queen's new clothes (8th Feb 23 at 3:23am UTC)Quote Reply
Su Xi was a little surprised. It was said that Wei Kui was a polite, tolerant, and well-behaved person. But Su Xi felt that what the world said was wrong. As for what was wrong, she could not say. She always felt that Wei Kui was not so simple. There was a kind of cold and alienated breath on Xu Wei's body, which made her subconsciously think that he was not easy to approach, and he did look on coldly at himself several times, and now he actually took the initiative to care about his injuries, which surprised her. But Su Xi thought again, Wei Kui seems to have helped her paste the kite, although more than two years have passed, but she has not had time to thank him. Thinking of this, Su Xi did not think much about catching Wei Kui who was about to leave. With a slight lag in his footsteps, Wei Kui turned to look at her hand, which was holding his sleeve. Her fingers were slender, white and tender, and somehow reminded him of the tender bamboo shoots in spring. The nail powder is moist, trimmed very neatly, left a little, but not long, polished round and moist, with luster. "Wei Kui remembered that Kou Dan, which had just been dyed with impatiens juice, was immediately dwarfed by these hands." Cousin Tingzhou. Su Xi brewed half a ring, and finally figured out how to open his mouth. Wei Kui lifted his eyes and looked at Su Xi's eyes, meaning,whirlpool bathtub, what else? All of a sudden, Su Xi became nervous. His hand, which was holding his sleeve, tightened, as if he was afraid that he would leave like this. He stammered, "I don't know if you still remember that I lost my way in the bamboo forest of Longan Mountain two years ago. You saved me and helped me repair the kite.". I wanted to go to Prince Qi's mansion to thank you, but then something happened, so I didn't go. Later, when my grandfather was ill,outdoor whirlpool, I forgot about it. I wonder if it's too late to thank you again today? Cousin Tingzhou, thank you for your help last time. The little girl looked serious, as if she were reciting in class. For a moment, Wei Kui thought he had become a strict master, and he was amused for no reason. With a shallow smile on his lips, Wei Kui was not in a hurry to leave. "How do you know I made that kite?" He asked. Su Xi is in a daze, isn't it? When the servant brought it to her, she subconsciously thought that he had fixed it, or someone else? "Even if you didn't fix it," said Su Xi, "you helped.." Anyway, in her eyes, it doesn't matter who repaired it, as long as it was repaired. Wei Kui interrupted her and said, "If I did it, how will Cousin Xi thank me?" Su Xi was so confused by him that he couldn't figure out whether he had repaired it or not. "What does Cousin Tingzhou want?" He asked. Wei Kui bent his lips and said kindly, "I'll tell Cousin Xi when I'm ready." Then he strode away. Su Xi stood in place, always feeling that he had fallen into a trap, endless pool factory ,5 person hot tub, but after thinking about it, he should not have made any excessive demands, right? After all, her ability is limited. With this in mind, Su Xi felt much calmer. She picked up the small porcelain bottle on the table and sniffed it under her nose. She handed it to the wild goose and said, "Sister wild goose, please help me apply the medicine." After a while, after taking the medicine, Su Xi felt that her ankle was cool, much better than the pain just now. Back at the racecourse, the race between Wanping Wengzhu and Lv Huishu was over. Wanping Weng Lord and Lv Huishu than seven times, seven times lost to Lv Huishu half a horse body gap, such humiliation, how can Wanping Weng Lord stand. If once or twice half a horse body, seven times, that shows that Lv Huishu's level is far more than that, and can well control the gap between himself and Wanping Weng Zhu, has been retaining room. Wanping Wengzhu raised his whip and whipped his white velvet horse. The horse was frightened and began to run wildly. Wanping Weng Zhu took one look at Lv Huishu and snorted, "Don't think that if you win this time, I will be great. If you have the ability to compete with me again next time, if you lose, you will kneel down and climb around the racecourse." Lu Huishu, riding on her horse, picked her lips and said with a smile, "What if Lord Weng loses?" Wanping Wengzhu's face changed, and he soon recovered as usual. "Whatever you do," he said. The reason why Wanping Wengzhu dared to say such a thing was that no one would dare to do anything to her. After all, her mother was Princess Shouchang, the sister of the most respected mother in the world.
"All right," said Lv Huishu, "I remember what Lord Weng said." Then he pulled the reins and walked back. In this compartment, Su Xi was about to hold the carriage in the hands of the listening wild goose when he saw Lu Huishu coming on horseback and stopping steadily in front of her. Su Xi was stunned. She thought it was polite for her to say that she would apologize to herself later, but it was true. "Miss Lu," she said. Lv Huishu jumped off her horse and walked up to Su Xi with a smile on her face. With sharp eyes, she saw Su Xi standing in a strange posture. She quickly stopped smiling and asked, "Is Miss Su hurt?"? Did you hurt it when the horse was frightened just now? Su Xi didn't want to make a mountain out of a molehill. Anyway, it didn't hurt much. Besides, it wasn't Lu Huishu's fault. She chuckled and said, "It's just a twist. Just go back and lie down. Miss Lu doesn't have to take it to heart." Lv Huishu felt guilty after all. After groping for a long time, she took out a white glaze bottle and handed it to Su Xi. "This is my family's ointment, which is specially used to treat abrasions and injuries. You go back and remember to take the medicine. It should be fine soon. It won't leave any sequelae for you." Su Xi went on. Thank you, Miss Lu. "Why do you thank me?" Asked Lu Huishu? If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be hurt. But it's strange to say that the horse was fine on weekdays, and somehow it went crazy. Lv Huishu's horse has been taken to check, now there is no result, presumably should also be soon. Su Xi took one look at Wanping Wengzhu not far away, thought about it, and asked, "Why does Miss Lu want to compete with Wanping Wengzhu?" Su Xi knew the temperament of Lord Weng of Wanping. He was arrogant, unruly, domineering and arrogant, and could not tolerate others to say "no". In her previous life, Su Xi was criticized by Wanping Wengzhu. At that time, she happened to be thirteen years old. She went to the Luhua Garden of the Princess Mansion to be a guest. Because she was born round, Wanping Wengzhu humiliated her with extremely harsh words in front of everyone. She couldn't remember exactly what Lord Wanping had said,hot tub manufacturers, but it was hard to hear. Otherwise, she wouldn't still have a deep shadow over Luhua Garden. Even if the peony blossoms there were beautiful, she didn't want to step into it again.
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