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Black Crow White Crow By Ear Ya (8th Feb 23 at 3:26am UTC)Quote Reply
Rong Jin reached out to eat the remaining half of his popsicle, ran to the refrigerator and turned it over, took out a cup of vanilla ice cream and gave it to him as a reward. Xie Lichen then stared at Rong Jin and continued to pack up his things. He went over and said, "No task recently?"? Have a good time. "Colo seems to be buying a new research Institute. No one is free. Let's fix it for half a month." Rong Jin answered vaguely with a popsicle in his mouth, while tossing his camera, "I heard that the scenery over there is good, go to take pictures!" "I guess you don't have time to take pictures." Xie Lichen scooped up the ice cream and said slowly. Why Rong Jin frowned, "you are filming, I have nothing to do, not to say that you can move freely?" "Oh." Xie Lichen laughed twice, "Wende wants to accompany me to go to other places in the morning, so he can't go with me here, and my assistant just asked for leave, so." Jin Jin, dead rabbit, you are finished, be my temporary assistant! "Why?" Rong Jin protested that the assistant had to do a lot of things! "I won't take you if I don't do it!" Xie Lichen grinned, with the face of a small man. Rong Jin is angry, but also the task in the body, to protect the safety of Xie Lichen this rookie at any time and anywhere! Xie Lichen sees Rong Jin eat shriveled, proudly holding a spoon to look at him, Rong Jin stared at him for a while, reached out to grab his ice cream, the heart said, give you a fart to eat! Xie Lichen immediately lost his face, and the prize was confiscated before it was hot! The stingy rabbit has a good temper recently. In the afternoon, they packed up their things to catch the plane. When Rong Jin boarded the plane, he took out a big bag from his suitcase and put it at hand. Xie Lichen did not understand,Chinese spa manufacturer, "what is this?" Rong Jin glanced at him. "Umbrella bag." Xie Lichen opened his mouth, "Rabbit, you don't have to curse us so much, do you?" "Prevent trouble before it happens!" Rong Jin sat down in his seat and saw someone waving to them in front of him. Looking up, I saw Shaoyi sitting not far in front of them, beside Rui Xiaoqing is also smiling, He Dong is dozing off, everyone seems to be in a good mood. Does everyone take the same flight? Rong Jin is curious. It's not strange. Is it a charter flight for the crew? Xie Lichen said casually. Is it a charter flight? Then why didn't you say so? I'll bring more things. Rong Jin reached out and grabbed a piece of chocolate that Xie Lichen had just got. Xie Lichen sighed, "Rabbit, you have been grabbing food with me all day today!"! Don't forget, you'll be my assistant when you get on the plane! Rong Jin ate his chocolate indifferently. "Do you have any opinion?"? Then you fire me. Xie Lichen can't do anything about him. His rabbit has been spoiled by him recently. Soon, the plane took off, and it was not very far to the destination. Rong Jin contacted Sarah on the way. It was said that the whole center was busy with the construction of the Institute, so the task was temporarily suspended. What Institute? Xie Lichen was a little curious and asked Rong Jin in a low voice. Rong Jin looked around and no one noticed, endless pool swim spa ,jacuzzi bath spa, so he typed a few words on the display screen for him to see-special ability. Oh, XMAN! ". Xie Lichen sighed with emotion. Rong Jinbai said, "X size, where is it so magical?" "What do they study?" Xie Lichen is very interested, "are they all children with special abilities?" "Not only children, but also adults." Rong Jin looked at Xie Lichen. "Actually, you don't know that most black crows have special abilities." Xie Lichen pointed at himself, "what about me?" Rong Jin did not speak. So I'm also the subject of the study? Xie Lichen asked with interest. Rong Jin did not answer and looked at him. Xie Lichen is drinking water, see his reaction, opened his mouth, "no." Me, too He spoke in a loud voice, which attracted the curious eyes of the people around him. Xie Lichen laughed twice, pretended to be all right and continued to read the newspaper, and asked Rong Jin, "So I'm going to be studied, too?"? Cut into pieces? Rong Jin looked at him. "If you want, it's enough to cut your head." Xie Lichen was stupefied, his face flashed a trace of nervousness, Rong Jin blinked in surprise, "stupid, of course it's a lie!" Xie Lichen smirks, he is also deceiving, the fool will believe. Rong Jin knew that he was acting again, and he was too lazy to get angry with him again.
He put away his notebook and read magazines, but he did care a little. Why did Colo rebuild the Institute? Rong Jin's inexplicable. Remembering a past event. Xie Lichen took a nap, and when he woke up, he felt that he was almost there, so he sat up and wanted to tease Rong Jin, but he saw him looking out of the window in a daze with a heavy heart. Hello Xie Lichen frightened Rong Jin, who suddenly came to his senses. What are you thinking? The plane is not going to fall. "No.." Think of something. Rong Jin frowned and glanced at Xie Lichen again, as if he were pondering something. At this time, the plane landed, and as soon as they got off the plane, everyone was shivering with cold. Xie Lichen quickly opened the suitcase to find a thick dress. But he really didn't expect it to be so cold here. After turning it over for a long time, he turned out an overcoat and threw it to Rong Jin first. Then he turned out a windbreaker and put it on. The thief was so graceful that he scolded his mother. He asked for leave from the crew to buy two down jackets first. Rong Jin put on his overcoat and asked Xie Lichen in a low voice, "Do you want a bulletproof vest?"? That one is also very warm, and there is a chemical protective suit, which is very windproof! Xie Lichen stared at him at the corners of his mouth, "you dare to take it out and try!" "Take mine. I've brought several." At this time, Shao Yi came over with a down jacket and handed it to Xie Lichen. "I saw the weather forecast yesterday and knew it was very cold here." Xie Lichen answered, "you are much more capable than my assistant!" As he spoke, he glanced at Rong Jin. Rong Jin looked at the sky and touched Xie Lichen's overcoat on his body. It was very warm. A thin one had amazing power. He couldn't help asking, "What kind of material is this? It's so warm." Xie Lichen laughed, "warm ah?" "Well!" Rong Jin smiled and nodded,best whirlpool tub, Xie Lichen also felt that the body was not cold, do not know whether the down jacket worked, or Rong Jin's smile worked. They took their luggage and checked in at the hotel first.
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