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Three generations of guardians (8th Feb 23 at 5:06am UTC)Quote Reply
"He's locked up. I locked him up in Chunlengju and punished him for ten days not to drink Lingquan or suck nectar, so that he could reflect on himself." "If you starve him, he will hate the asters even more, and he will have an excuse not to take good care of them." I can't think of any other way. "Fairy, this man just hates asters somehow. Why don't you let him change his job? Maybe he'll work harder." "Change jobs?!" The Flower Fairy shook her head and sighed. Ying and Aster have an unfinished fate. They were husband and wife in the last life. They were destined to have a lifetime of love. However, Aster was not favored by her husband all her life because of her ugly appearance. Although today ascends the immortal world, the aster is still tied to the husband's love, this insistence protects the love that should have been annihilated long ago. I let them accompany day and night, only hope that they will be separated as soon as possible, but who knows what will happen? Pomegranate Flower Fairy, you go to Chunlengju and bring Ying here. The pomegranate flower leads the life to go out to send the immortal residence. Fairy, since their love is not over, why not let them come down to earth, wait for the love to fade away, and then let them return to the fairy world, this arrangement is not convenient. The old man of Bodhi suggested. Let me talk to you before I make a decision. She lowered her eyebrows and thought. After a while, the pomegranate flower came to Ying. He stood with his hands down in front of the flower fairy. His eyes looked straight at the fairy's haughty expression. He did not feel that he was wrong at all. Ying, I heard the Bodhi old man say that you don't like asters very much. "I don't like to be fettered by nature. This aster can't be carried around with me. I naturally don't like it." He spoke plausibly. She's your responsibility. The Fairy of Hundred Flowers was kind to persuade him. Can I choose another responsibility? He asked, facing the fairy without fear. Not allowed "In that case, I have to continue to be punished." There is no compromise in his eyes. I want Or according to your old meaning. She turned to look at the Bodhi old man and looked back at Ying. I order you and Aster to come down to earth and be reincarnated at the same time, and then return to Penglai after three generations of love. At that time, I will no longer let Aster become your burden,stainless steel edge trim, what is your intention? Good! But I want what she owes me. Although he promised on his lips, his heart was unwilling. After all, he couldn't bear to be tied down by her for no reason and punished again and again. Pay off? Do you mean that she is watered by your sweet spring, but she is constantly making you suffer? This child, as long as he begs her, she will reconsider whether to punish him to come down to earth to suffer, but he is stubborn and refuses to bow his head. Yes "Well, I promise you,aluminum tile trim, after coming down to earth, Aster will suffer from hunger and flesh because of you. In addition, I want her to receive the grace of your irrigation and repay it with tears all her life.". What do you say? After listening, Ying nodded, did not speak any more, turned and walked out. The Flower Fairy sighed softly-Aster, this is your doom.. Love hurts people, how can you not know how to turn back after a lifetime of suffering, the more persistent the more painful ah! Alas. There are so many foolish women in the world. She led all the immortals to the Yongxu Forest. Outside the Yongxu Forest, a row of immortal plum blossoms were in full bloom. In the mortal world, it should be December when a hundred grains were not born. Flower fairy fairy hand a finger, in a flash, aster into a human Yingying stand up. She went up to the Flower Fairy and prostrated herself. Aster, I'll let you and Ying Xiantong come down to earth. What do you say? "But it's up to the fairy." She hung her head with tears in her eyes. Remembering his past life, because of his ugly appearance, china tile trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, he was insulted and laughed at in the world, and he was angry with her and hated her as a matter of course. She is willing to repay him in this life. I agreed to his terms. Did you ask me to agree to your terms? "I.." She turned her head and thought, "I want talent and beauty." Clever! The fairy praised her in her heart. Who in the world is not attracted by these superficial appearances? All right, I promise, you go! Ying has been down to earth for a long time. After receiving the instructions, Aster got up and walked slowly out of Yongxulin. Chapter 1 Snow is flying all over the sky, crystal clear snowflakes fall from the sky of Beijing, slowly accumulating a silvery world in the streets, thick snow makes it difficult for people to move, and the arrogant cold wind penetrates into people's marrow.
In this season, people choose to hide in the house, let a few walls block the winter raging, let a basin of warm fire, a pot of hot tea against the biting cold. Duankang Ziyu looked at the empty street with a stick, thinking that it was impossible to beg for food tonight. She was so cold that she bent up, so cold, so cold. Looking back at the way she came, she guessed that tonight she would return her soul to heaven. Accustomed to a privileged life, she did not even have the basic ability to live. She had studied piano, chess, calligraphy and painting for more than ten years. Once she broke away from the pillars she could depend on, these things could not help her survive. Left "there" for more than a month, used up all her body, the rest of the day she can only beg for a living, as a woman, too sad. A low house on the side of the street, the warm fire in the house attracted Ziyu's attention, and she involuntarily walked in the direction of the house, trying to snuggle up to the long-desired warmth. The childish voice in the room rang out: "Green ants, new fermented wine, red mud, small stove.". Can you drink a cup of snow when it comes late? Dad, did I recite it right? "It's great, both of them are the best." A kind voice came to her through the window lattice, and in front of her eyes, she seemed to see the father reaching out to touch the child's hair. Dad, I also know a poem. Sister Lin next door taught me. Listen to it. It's hard to send a book to a wild goose. "Wild geese are exhausted, books are hard to send, and dreams are too many to worry about.". I wish to follow the shadow of the lonely moon and shine on the Fubo camp. Purple language murmured with the little girl's voice, read out the song "boudoir complaint". That year, when she was ten years old, she heard the poem for the first time. It was a period of unknown love between men and women, but listening to this poem, her heart still vaguely flashed a trace of touching. The winter of that year came very early, just after the Frost's Descent, the snow fell, and the sudden cold air made the plum blossoms in the garden bloom earlier. Ziyu's little face, which was red with cold, was exposed outside her cotton-padded jacket,tile trim manufacturers, and her two big eyes were rolling. Little bunny, where are you? The clear and childish voice spread from "Xie yuan" and "Liu Ge" all the way to "Qing Lou", and the anxious mood was revealed through the sound of questions.
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