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Eastern Hellfire (14th Feb 23 at 3:20am UTC)Quote Reply
The smiling expression on Chen Zhen's face was just right, without any flaws, and of course, there was no response to the names they reported. Yes, the Zhou family in Runan. The surname Zhou emphasized once again that it was the Zhou family of Runan, not the Zhou family of any other place. Never heard of it. Chen Zhen shrugged his shoulders and had the slightest idea of the name of the United States and Europe. But I know a man named Zhou Hongming. According to him, he is also from the Zhou family in Runan. Just when Zhou's face was sunny and he wanted to say something, Chen Zhen suddenly reported a name that few people in a particular circle did not know, and none of the people surnamed Zhou did not know. This man is now 55 years old and has settled in the United States since he was a child. He is the president of the Chinese American Business Association and has numerous businesses. Of course, from his name, we can see that this man must also be a great power, but also a great power among great powers. He, he's my uncle! When I was young, I went to his house to play. Mr. Zhou never blushed when he lied. He didn't go abroad until a few years ago. He went to France. How could I have seen him? Zhou Hongming,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, as one of the few top figures in the Zhou family, is naturally the idol of his idols. He thought that Zhou Hongming's name was known by many people, and it was not unusual for Chen Zhen to know it. If he casually carried out such a famous person, Zhou Da's son would not believe that Chen Zhen would really know him. Oh Chen Zhen was suddenly enlightened. I didn't even know that Zhou Hongming had a nephew in China. It was said that the last time he returned to China was two years ago. Shouldn't you be in France at the time of Ange? Chen Zhen looked puzzled. Of course it's in France. Of course he doesn't have the address of my uncle's house in France. He may tell you. Zhou's face has changed color slightly, but his good lying quality will make him basically show no flaws. I see. Chen Zhen nodded heavily. At this point,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, everyone basically lets each other know what they have in their hearts. Having said so much about my family, I still don't know which famous company Mr. Chen Zhen is working for now? If we have a chance to sit together and have a cup of coffee and chat, maybe there will be the possibility of cooperation in the future. Chen Zhen's name is naturally Zhang Yifei has already said to him, so he does not intend to ask Chen Zhen superfluously. I don't have a job right now. Chen Zhen is very teacher's answer. My God, how is that possible? Do you know what brand of clothes you are wearing? The man surnamed Zhou asked in a fuss. I do not know Chen Zhen once again answered very honestly. Look at the red maple leaf logo on your collar. This is the oldest tailor shop in France. The president of France used to make clothes in that place! This suit has to go through more than a thousand processes to complete! You don't even know? Is this a fake? Oh, please forgive me for being rude. I'm just a little surprised. Zhou pretended to be surprised, hurt others and apologized to others, reflecting the image of an elegant but somewhat bold young man vividly. No, it doesn't matter. I really don't know who made this dress. It's like you French eat foie gras. I never find out which goose the foie gras I eat comes from, and I don't want to know the name of its owner. That doesn't make sense to me. Chen Zhen's expression remained unchanged and he answered. Chen Zhen and Zhang Yifei brought this Zhou Gongzi said everything was seen in the eyes of Zhang Xingsheng. This so-called Zhou Childe is an absolute playboy, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Glucono Delta Lactone, and he does not have any real ability, beat around the Bush touched a name of the Zhou family in Runan, unfortunately he is not a good material, but a mouth is very good to use, almost no one can earn any cheap from him, and this person has now become a French citizen, with an aristocratic wife. Zhang Xingwei did not think Chen Zhen could do anything to him, after all, he was already a foreigner. Just then, Zhang Xingwei saw an old friend he had not seen for a long time. The chief technician of Zhang Dafu Jewelry in Hong Kong has a lot of money.
· Busy people · ~ Chapter 17 Surname Zhou ~ That Zhou Childe is Tang Yu's classmate, nature is also Miao Hong's classmate, the difference is, Miao Hong's family is very good, and that surname Zhou is aristocratic origin, so the relationship between them has been ambiguous, especially after the death of Tang's parents, this ambiguity is more obvious. It was not until later that Zhou went to France and married a local French aristocrat who was said to be very famous. Miao Hong and Zhang Yifei fell in love with each other. They met again because of their business relationship. The relationship was naturally unusual. Hearing that the woman they had abandoned before wanted to go to heaven, Zhou instinctively felt that his face was covered with ashes. Seemingly inadvertently, several people came to Chen Zhen's side. Light rain? It's really you! I haven't seen you for a few years, and the charm is getting harder and harder to resist. Remembering our past days, every day is a good memory. The Zhou Childe seemed to meet by chance, and his tone was filled with incredible surprise. Of course, his route was cleverly blocked by Chen Zhen. It's rude to say so, but I don't miss you at all. There was a rare contempt in Tang Yu's eyes, a complete contempt for people that rarely appeared on her face. She hugged Chen Zhen's arm tightly. In terms of personality alone, compared with Chen Zhen in Tang Yu's mind, Zhou Gongzi is like a beggar and the Federal Reserve is bigger than the size of a safe. That means your life is very happy now, so I am relieved. At that time, you were so sad that I was very worried. When it comes to thick skin, it is estimated that if this person says he is the second, no one dares to say he is the first. Tang Yu almost pointed to his nose and said such serious words that he seemed to be talking about something other than himself. Without any feeling, he defused his disadvantage with his unusually clever mouth. Didn't you wake up? Tang Yu laughed, although he had always known that he was shameless,Thyroid Powder Factory, but did not expect to be so shameless, at that time it was true that he was fascinated by him too seriously, even he did not find the essence of such shameless.
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