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I am the only immortal (8th Dec 22 at 2:32am UTC)Quote Reply
When the nine heavenly kings were stunned, the body of the sea dragon was smashed and flew up, and after several flips in the air, it landed heavily on the ground and spurted a big mouthful of blood. The sea dragon was very Pure Brightness in his mind at this time, and he simply admired his master. The two seemingly powerful sticks actually had a very strong return force, which did not cause any harm to him at all. As for the mouthful of blood he spat out, he was quick-witted and used the magic power he had just recovered to force it out, and he cooperated with the master perfectly. Master Hailong smiled and said, "It seems that my grandson's stick is much better than yours!"! Fifteen of you can't help my disciple. I beat him and he vomited blood. How's it going? Now he can pass the test. The heavenly kings cursed in their hearts. How could they not see the tricks of Master Hailong with their cultivation? Any one of them can easily solve the sea dragon. Previously, when the sea dragon fought against the Heavenly Plunder, most of the power of the nine heavenly kings was to restrain the destructive power of the Heavenly Plunder to the human world. But what can they do in the face of Master Hailong's quoting out of context? Lei Tianjun frowned and said, "Holy Buddha, this seems to be against the rules.". I see.. Master Hailong interrupted, "What fits?". Don't tell me, Sun. What I hate most is the rules. If you are not convinced, you can try me. I'll listen to you if anyone can take my two sticks. As he spoke,heavy duty plastic pallet, his whole body was full of power. He did not know what to feel out of his body with his hand and put it to his mouth. Suddenly, eight people who were exactly the same as him appeared. Nine figures at the same time in the face of the nine heavenly kings unexpectedly seem to want to fight against them with their own strength. The nine heavenly kings all seemed to be afraid. Heavenly Lord, who was unknown at the head, turned to the Buddha who lit the lamp and said, "Buddha, this thing really makes us embarrassed for you to see.." The lamp-burning Buddha smiled and said,wholesale plastic pallet, "You all know the temper of the holy Buddha. I can't afford to offend him. Just do as he says.". When I go back, I will naturally explain to the immortal emperor that I will not embarrass you. On that day, you sighed and said, "Since Buddha said so, so be it.". But never again, I hope the holy Buddha will not interfere with our mission again. As soon as Master Hailong got better, he said, "I'm such a silly disciple. If I had a few more, I wouldn't be tired to death.". Don't worry, the Lord of Heaven won't bother you again. Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, always keeps his word. I will not forget your benefits today if I have a chance in the future. Embarrassed, plastic pallet box ,drum spill containment, the lamp-burning Buddha coughed a few times and said, "Wukong, don't forget your identity. You are no longer the Great Sage Equaling Heaven. You are the Holy Buddha Wukong." The sea dragon stared at Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven in the sky? Fight against Saint Buddha Wukong? What an overbearing title, but he prefers the first one, which sounds more powerful. His heart is full of excitement now, can he have such a master in the future in the fairy world? With a sigh, Lei Tianqun and all the heavenly kings looked at each other. Nine people stretched out their right hands at the same time. Lei Tianjun said, "Hailong, you have gone through more than 1300 years of practice. After the examination of the heavenly world, I will allow you to enter the heavenly world as an immortal in the name of Lei Tianjun.". From then on, he jumped out of the three realms and did not have the ability to travel through any realm in the five elements. Turned his head to look at Sun Wukong and then said, "When you are willing, you can enter the fairy world and be introduced by the Nine Heavenly Kings." Then nine rays of light of different colors shot out from the right palm of the nine heavenly kings, and the powerful spirit of the fairy shot directly into the body of the sea dragon. The sea dragon only felt a shock to his whole body, and all kinds of visions emerged in his mind in an instant. The earth in his body grew rapidly under the nourishment of the extremely powerful spirit of the fairy. It seemed that his magic power was restored to its best state in an instant. His body was constantly expanding, and he clearly felt as if he was constantly changing. He had not really experienced it, and he would never understand the feeling when he ascended to immortality. Everything in his body was no longer so real. His whole body seemed to have become an air mass. Although his magic power was constantly growing, there was no sense of fullness. The sea dragon breathed in a big mouth, inhaling the pure spirit of the fairy in his body, and exhaling it was indeed in his body. The turbid air of the mortal world. The purple scales on his body had all shed off, and a layer of golden brilliance enveloped his body. His forehead was so hot that he couldn't see it, but he knew there was a golden symbol.
The symbol, like the sun mark on his chest, shrank, only the surrounding symbols were removed and the color became gold. It was as if there was an extra eye on the forehead, and the golden light shone, adding a bit of power to the sea dragon. Feeling the power of his whole body flowing like a warm breeze, his body flew up unconsciously. A colorful cloud of light set off his body, and a pale blue robe covered his naked body. The nine heavenly kings bowed at the same time. He said to Sun Wukong and the lamp-burning Buddha, "We have reached our mission to return to heaven." Said nine people one after another looked at the sea dragon after this to fly away. Before leaving, Lei Tianjun told Hailong Dao, "Although you can travel through the three realms, the fairy world stipulates that you can't come to other realms without special circumstances.". And you are a new immortal who has ascended to the immortal world, and you need to appear before the immortal emperor as soon as possible to get the title. At this time, the sea dragon felt calm in his heart and bowed down and said, "Thank you for the guidance of the eldest brother of the meteorite thunder. My younger brother will surely ascend the fairy world as soon as possible." The thunder felt the strange eyes of other heavenly kings and sighed helplessly that nine people had disappeared in the sky. Watching the nine heavenly kings of the celestial world leave the sea dragon,wholesale plastic pallet, he quickly knelt down on the ground and said respectfully to Sun Wukong and the Buddha who burned the lamp, "See Master, see Buddha who burned the lamp." 。
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