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Zhong Xianggong (8th Dec 22 at 2:36am UTC)Quote Reply
So Xiaoxiao couldn't help it. Smiling, his weak body went on the road. Zicheng heard the whole story and said little with a guilty face. Xiaoxiao sat in the carriage and took his hand. When he saw him looking at himself, he shook his head at him. I don't blame you. In fact, I have been busy opening a rice shop, and now I am busy looking for someone, ignoring the feelings of the demon. Although Youyao is very small, only more than eight months old, but he is very sensible, just like Youhan in those days, perhaps because I always compare him with Youhan, he will react so strongly. Zi Cheng held her hand tightly, distressed and self-reproached, if he had been strong, would everything not be like this? Let him protect her from now on. Xiaoxiao guessed what he was thinking and shook his head again. "This time, I'll protect you. Believe me, I can." "If Mengman Xilou is really them, how are you going to explain to him?" Thinking of the jealous Masao, Zicheng was somewhat powerless. Xiaoxiao was stupefied and frowned slightly to understand who the'he 'in Zicheng's mouth was referring to. Wasn't that the biological father of Youyao? Yeah, if she did see him, how would she tell him about the baby? Seeing Xiaoxiao lowered his head, Zicheng held her hand more vigorously, "just tell the truth, I believe he will understand you.". As long as you are well,plastic packaging tube, more important than anything else, the child can be wanted. Although it is settled now, but later when Shangguan Zijun asked about the child, Xiaoxiao did not tell the truth, so that Shangguan Zijun's anger almost burned the whole dream of the West Tower, of course, these are the last words. In the twinkling of an eye to the city, Ye Jiu looked at his master's body and wanted to find a place to rest first,plastic cosmetic tubes, but Xiaoxiao insisted on opposing that he must go to Mengman Xilou first, but it was only in the afternoon when they arrived at the city, and Mengman Xilou would open its doors at night. So the last three people found the simplest and most humble small restaurant to get off the bus, after Ye Jiu and Xiao Er said hello, after Xiaoxiao got off, under the leadership of Xiao Er, several people went upstairs to the elegant room. Ye Jiu ordered the waiter to serve some simple dishes. After the waiter faded, Xiaoxiao sat down with the help of Zi Cheng. At the moment when the curtain was put down in the private room, there was a moderate sound, which just reached everyone's ears. Sister Huang, is that you? | Netizen Ziyi Feifei hand hit, reproduced please specify | [All messed up] Although he had not seen him for more than a year, the voice, the person who called him like that, was only one person. Xiaoxiao steadied his messy steps and continued to walk into the private room without looking back, until Ye Jiu smoothly put down the curtain of the private room, polyfoil tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, as if nothing had happened. Xiao Xuanren blinked his eyes, which were full of drunkenness, and slowly cracked his mouth. His silent laughter slowly turned into insolent laughter, which spread throughout the teahouse. Then there was a sound of footsteps. He could hear that there were more than two people upstairs, and it looked very urgent. Master, you're drunk again. I recognized the voice of an old man. You go, go away, this prince did not drink too much. Xiao Xuanren's impatient anger slipped down the dishes on the table, and the crisp cracking sound of things was clearly heard by several people sitting in the elegant room. Why don't you guys help Wang Ye back? It was the old man's voice again. Hearing the noise outside slowly became quiet, Xiaoxiao sat in the private room and finally sighed. The sound just now really scared her out of a cold sweat. Fortunately, Xiao Xuanren drank too much and only regarded it as a drunken phantom. Otherwise, he really didn't know how to deal with it. Looking at Ye Jiu and Zi Cheng, he also took a deep breath. It seemed that he was frightened. The dishes sent by the waiter became completely tasteless at this time. In addition, he thought that Youyao might have been abducted and sold, and Xiaoxiao had no appetite. Looked at the sky, also not early, a line of people just checked out and went downstairs, got on the carriage and then slowly went to Mengman West Tower. The city has not been affected by the overnight extermination of Xiao Wangfu more than a year ago, or rather, perhaps few people will be thinking about it.
The hustle and bustle of people in the streets, and only in a capital as big as the city, would it be as lively at night as during the day? The cries of peddlers and the laughter of prostitutes poking their heads out of the windows of various flower houses made the night even more lively than during the day. Because there were a lot of people in the street, so the speed of the carriage was not too fast. She smiled through the window and enjoyed the bustling night scene quietly. She had been in ancient times for more than four years. It was the first time that she had looked at the street at night. She remembered that this was the life she wanted to pursue, but in the end she was really involved. The father who kept saying that he would protect her, It's a little funny to think that you can't protect yourself when you bring trouble to her. The carriage finally stopped, and before getting off, through the window, Xiaoxiao saw the decoration outside the Mengman West Building, a strange decoration of luxury and wealth, with a trace of modern flavor, so Xiaoxiao's excited heart, already unable to hold back, wanted to see the real owner behind the scenes of the brothel as soon as possible. Xiaoxiao took the veil handed by Zi Cheng, covered his cheeks, and then slowly got off with the help of Ye Jiu. After all, in this city and in the luxurious place of Mengman Xilou, I'm afraid the high officials and nobles in the city will come. In order not to cause necessary trouble now, it's necessary to wear the veil. As soon as she walked into Mengman Xilou, she was welcomed to a private room by the enthusiastic procuress. Of course, Xiaoxiao was not thrown out because she had changed into men's clothes when she was in the restaurant. So when three men, two of them with veils on their cheeks, walked into Mengman Xilou, the men who drank flower wine there were stunned and thought they were two of the three beauties, but later they saw that they were two men. Of course, these three people have been hiding behind the scenes of Shangguan Jinshu all see eyes, Shangguan Jinshu not only manages the whole dream of the size of the West Tower, but also every day will hide in the corner to observe the guests to dream of the West Tower. Today, as soon as these three men entered the door, they attracted all his attention, because the man who did not wear a veil was Ye Jiu,plastic laminated tube, and he knew him, that is to say, the two who wore a veil might also know each other. Could one of them be her.
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