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Luo Lin (8th Dec 22 at 2:39am UTC)Quote Reply
Strongly condemn the diehard partisans who hold the pink and do not vote! Let the pink be more powerful! Chapter 382 Ye's family affairs. Aunt Ye never knew how to be a good wife of a big family. The momentum of the Ye family is too prominent. Even though she is also the daughter of a wealthy family, when compared with the Ye family, she can't help feeling ashamed of herself. She loved her husband with trepidation and did not want to lose her present happiness, so she forced herself to listen to criticism from the outside world and try to hone herself to do her best. Others say she is not beautiful enough, she is beauty and fitness, others say she has no connotation, she learns talent, finance, others say she is petty, she learns makeup, dress matching, all etiquette, how to make friends in all directions.. Others say what she is not good, she will change what, just to try to be a daughter-in-law worthy of the Ye family in the eyes of the world. However, the family background can not be changed. No matter how much she has done, the origin of a small family is still a fact. Look down on her mother's family, is not tantamount to denying her?! So Aunt Ye gritted her teeth and wanted her family to become a new aristocrat like herself. At least, don't lose your husband's face. In the process of catering to other people's eyes, she slowly forgot what her original happiness should be like. With a loving husband. With a clever son, wealth, status and power, this should be her happiness, right! She did not understand, she was at a loss, but she did not dare to stop, she tried to make herself and her family a higher status,Iron Nail Making Machine, more wealth. Make greater efforts to cultivate the children of the mother's family into noble children like the Ye family, and try to get involved in many things to gain the recognition or fear of others. Because she needs to believe that she has become as respected and looked up to as her husband, and that she is qualified to be the hostess of the Ye family! During this time, her energy was taken for granted, and even her own life was neglected. Although she occasionally sees her son's alienated eyes and her husband's disappointed wry smile, she also reflects on whether she has done something wrong. But such an idea is only for a moment, and then she will "improve" herself and her family with more enthusiasm and craziness, so that she can forget her hesitation.. Because she can't stop, she can't think. She was afraid that when she suddenly woke up, she would find that she had missed the real happiness long ago. Who are you to say I don't deserve it?! Aunt Ye burst into tears and lost all her manners. Looking at Ye's father, she was wronged like a child. Father Ye sighed deeply, and his hand on his side moved slightly, as if he wanted to touch the woman who had nothing to do with him. But at that moment, the dancer's angry low roar suddenly came out and interrupted his movements. What do you want again?! A group of air suddenly twisted, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail machine supplier, the dancer's familiar figure appeared eerily from the open space where there was nothing, and as he approached at a high speed, he gritted his teeth and glared at Aunt Ye and her party. On one side, he drew the dagger in his hand without mercy. The so-called dancer is not because he loves dancing, but because when the dancer is really angry and tries to assassinate a person, he uses all the potential to stimulate the body deployment and super-high speed, so that his body is smart and strange, impossible to guard against. It's like a dance, a dangerous, thrilling, killing dance. I don't know how many online games the name has accompanied the dancer. There are not many people who can see the dancer get angry, and even fewer who can force him to do his best to kill. So many people don't know what the dancer's name means. People just think it's just a playboy's gimmick. But today, players on the battlefield are lucky enough to see this incredible scene. That high-speed across the shadow, the speed of the roar can even be compared to the instantaneous movement, the body changes, light and dexterous smoothly into the pile of soy sauce party in front of the city gate, and even did not collide with anyone. And the dagger in the dancer's hand is like a poisonous snake, with a tricky angle, stretching and shrinking flexibly and eerily in the crowd, a dark red light dancing in disorder, bringing up pieces of white light. It's less than half a minute.
In front of the city gate has become very empty, originally blocked the city gate was reduced by more than half, in addition to the two couples of the Ye family and a small group of people, the rest have returned to the resurrection point, including matchless. The dancer pulled away and jumped out of the battle, taking Lolo on the back of the white tiger out a few meters away to be on guard. Looking at the dancers who carefully stared at this side, the people who were shocked to hold their breath for half a minute remembered to breathe, and after counting the list of dead, everyone was speechless-all those who had passed level 40 were dead, leaving behind either meat feet or rookies.. Shit! Unexpectedly, there are still selective murders! "The young master is just a little far away from the city gate. In such a short time, you actually came to the door?!" Staring at the remaining people for a long time, he saw that the other side had no intention of starting. The dancer took Lolo's shoulder, and then slowly returned to his improper appearance. "Now you have two ways!" He said with a smile! One is to go away obediently, and the other is to let me kill him obediently. The time limit is one minute. Choose! "We didn't want to do it, we just wanted to see the heat." Uh, get to know the situation! The Soy Sauce Party, who felt that they had been wronged, was the first to protest: "We are all acquaintances, and we don't take you to kill people without asking clearly!" The dancer stared and said angrily, "Don't you know it's risky to watch the fun?"! Ya's practice to 40 such a high level before running to watch the fun, of course, I will be afraid! Killing them is also out of caution. Don't you know what it means to avoid suspicion?! “……” What are you afraid of! Everyone was in tears-his uncle! What we should be afraid of is whether they are good or not! Sister-in-law, are you all right?! Did they say anything to you?! Dancers don't care about other people,nail manufacturing machine, but turn around and care about Lolo around them. Don't worry. They didn't say anything to me, so I listened for a while and learned only one thing. Luo Luo Mo for a while, then depressed then said: "So that aunt is your mother ah?!" " 。
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