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Recommend [Horror Reasoning] Death Poisonous Corps (8th Dec 22 at 2:40am UTC)Quote Reply
Xia Buer suddenly released a mental storm, the unprepared big flower was hit, the whole person suddenly flew backward. Knock him out! He has a parasite on him. Xia Buer shouted at the same time jumped on the rubble pile, jumped high and stabbed the big fool with a gun, which broke the rope in his hand. Who knows that when the big fool smashed into the corpse, hundreds of mummies actually all moved up, they fiercely grabbed the big fool, and some corpses also pulled out weapons, mercilessly inserted into the big fool. Run fast Xia Buer suddenly fell to the ground with a shot, and the heads of several mummies fell to the ground in an instant. The big fool who had been stabbed with a few knives screamed and tried his best to break open several corpses and fled down the altar. He almost stumbled back and fled. Angela and others rushed to help. Don't come here! This is a trap. Xia Buer brandished the fish king gun to chop crazily, hundreds of corpses not only all jumped up to attack him, and even turned into the appearance of Zhu Wudi and others to confuse him. Only then did the others realize that the remains on the altar were not corpses at all. They were all replicants. Only the big flower and the big fool were real people. But the big flower was also controlled by the parasite. Xia Buer just said that to confuse each other. Old Xia! Run, there's a bomb down there. Angela rushed over recklessly, chopped off the head of one of the replicants, and reached out to Rashibuji. Puff ~ Xia Buer suddenly turned around and stabbed her with a gun. The sharp head of the gun pierced her head. Angela knelt on the ground and asked incredulously,DIN screw plug, "Why?" Why "Go away!" Xia Buer kicked her to the ground, Angela pulled a few times to reveal the original shape, the same is a strange looking replicator, but it does not know until death, Xia Buer can foresee all the things that can kill him, even if only five seconds in advance is enough. Bang Bang Bang.. Everyone rushed to kill the replicators. The fighting power of the replicators was not even as good as that of the small jumping corpse. It was still fatal to be hit by big bore bullets. Hundreds of replicators were quickly slaughtered,alloy die casting, but their death was obviously very suffocating. They were seen through their identities as soon as they appeared. Hum ~ Xia Buer threw out the fish king gun and nailed the last replicator to the ground. The replicator turned into Chu Qin. He lay on the ground and roared in pain: "Who are you? Why do you know our identity?" Xia Buer went over and squatted in front of it and said, "I not only know your identity, but I also know your origin and your real name!" "You.." The replicator looked at him in horror, and after Xia Buer whispered a few words in his ear, the replicator immediately asked in a startled voice, "What?"? I We are monsters that have been made, no way, we are not monsters, we are the aborigines here! "If you're not monsters, how can you not control your desire to eat people." Xia Buer patted his face and said, "Your face belongs to my wife. I love this face very much, car radiator cap ,Stainless steel foundry, so I can't bear to see her die. I can give you a chance to tell me all the secrets of the parasite. I'll let you go and tell you how to get to the ground!" "I don't believe you, you're ruthless." The replicator shook his head hesitantly. Xia Buer immediately pulled out the fish king gun on his back. The replicator raised his head with a miserable snort and knelt on the ground and said, "Good!"! I believe you once, if you dare to lie to me. Angie! What are you doing? Xia Buer suddenly turned his head and looked to the rear. Angela was walking quickly to the stone pillar. She turned a deaf ear to his words, but the replicator shouted, "Don't let her pass. That pillar can't move!" Angie! Stop.. Xia Buer jumped up and rushed to Angela, but Angela ran away and rushed to the stone pillar crazily, then jumped up from the ground and kicked the big stone pillar high.
The stone pillar obviously did not go deep into the ground, but was kicked askew by Angela. Angela immediately retreated and tried to make up another foot, but a white shadow suddenly jumped over and threw her to the ground, but a grenade was thrown out of Angela's hand. Bang ~ " At the bottom of the stone pillar in the middle of the grenade, the dust was flying and collapsed to the ground at the same time, but Xia Buer jumped on Angela's back and stabbed her directly in the back, only to hear a strange cry of "creak", and Angela's back was soaked by black liquor in an instant. Ah Angela gave a cry of pain, and when Xia Buer slashed her clothes behind her, she saw a black "octopus" attached to her back, two tentacles deep into her neck, but much smaller than the parasite she had seen before. Old Xia! Run fast Xia Wangchuan suddenly screamed, only to see a large number of octopuses gushing out like a blowout under the collapsed stone pillars, and in the blink of an eye there was a large dark area, all of which were parasites. Chapter 1162 fire can't run away. As soon as the stone pillar fell, it was like stirring up a hornet's nest, and a large number of parasitic animals gushed out. They were different from the "little black monkeys" parasitic on the survivors. They all had a human-like body and head, but they had eight tentacles, and their flat state was not much bigger than squid. Fire quickly. Xia Buer smashed two grenades out, threw the half-unconscious Angela to the White Wolf King and ran away. Everyone hurriedly fired at the parasite, using both grenades and howitzers. All of a sudden, the whole grotto was blown up, rubble was falling from the top, small parasites were blown up everywhere, pools of strange blue blood were splashed all around, they found that the defense of parasites was not good, a grenade could kill them. Run! They can't be killed. The replicator suddenly rolled and crawled over and hid directly behind Xia Buer, followed by a bang, the hole in the ground was like a big fart,socket screw plug, the hole suddenly expanded a lot, not to mention, even spewed out more and bigger parasites.
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